Forbes publishes list of WWE’s top 10 earners yesterday published a list of WWE’s biggest earners based on their base salary, merchandise, and other information.

In first place is John Cena who last year is estimated to have received $9.5 million. Coming in second is Brock Lesnar at $6 million for his part time deal. Third place belongs to Triple H at $2.8 million which includes his corporate salary as well. Randy Orton is fourth at $2.7 million and Seth Rollins is fifth with $2.6 million.

The bottom part of the top ten sees Roman Reigns at $2.1 million in sixth, The Undertaker at $2 million in seventh place, eighth place is The Big Show at $1.5 million, ninth is Kane with $1.3 million, and tenth is Dean Ambrose with $1.1 million.

Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker definitely received the most compared to what they actually work for during the year. John Cena has the highest base salary among the whole WWE roster and is the one who sells the most merchandise which is why he sits in the top spot.