Vince McMahon welcomes back Warrior on Twitter


WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon welcomed back the Ultimate Warrior with a message on his Twitter account, a few days after Warrior was announced as a playable character in the upcoming WWE video game WWE 2K14.

“I want to personally welcome Ultimate Warrior back to @WWE,” McMahon wrote, adding a link to the WWE.COM story of Warrior’s involvement with the game.

The relationship between Warrior and WWE has been rocky for several years starting all the way from SummerSlam 91, with rumors being that Warrior wanted a large sum of money to walk out for his match with Hogan against Slaughter, Sheik, and Adnan in the main event.

That ended up being his last appearance with the company until his surprise return at WrestleMania VIII where he came out to save Hogan from Sid Justice and Papa Shango.

His return lasted around six months and he was fired for not showing up at multiple events.

Lawsuits and other legal battles between the two parties in the following years continued to push both Warrior and the WWE further apart and the company didn’t help the situation when it released a Warrior DVD mainly to poke fun at him.

While there is no direct deal between WWE and the Warrior, his involvement with the game is seen by many as the first of many things to come. Warrior’s licensing deal for the WWE 2K14 game was done with 2K Sports and McMahon signed off on his addition to the game.