Chris Sabin wins TNA title at Destination X IMPACT


A new TNA champion was crowned yesterday on IMPACT as Chris Sabin defeated Bully Ray to win the big one just weeks after he vacated the X Division title for a shot at Bully Ray.

With Aces & Eights and Main Event Mafia surrounding the ring, a brawl was inevitable and both groups unloaded onto each other after Mr. Anderson slid a hammer to Bully Ray while the referee was down. Eventually the two groups fought all the way to backstage leaving Ray and Sabin alone once again.

With Sabin holding the hammer, Ray kicked him and went for a powerbomb however Sabin smashed Ray’s head with the hammer which he was still holding and covered him as the young Hebner referee counted the three count.

This is the second time that the title switched hands at Destination X after last year Austin Aries also successfully managed to win it after vacating the X Division title.

You can see the final few minutes of the match below.