Vince McMahon already hinting at new WrestleMania record


Vince McMahon is already hinting that the WrestleMania III record of 93,173 fans will be shattered this coming Sunday at WrestleMania 32.

The boss put up a tweet with a shot of the Pontiac Silverdome and a shot of the AT&T Stadium next to it. “New Record: This Sunday at @ATTStadium?” questioned McMahon. The news that WWE will announce a new record is not exactly new news and it was a given that WWE either way would break the record.

The 93,173 is not a real number in the sense that WWE sold around 78,000 tickets for WrestleMania III and then inflated the number. SummerSlam 92 at Wembley Stadium actually holds the record with around 84,000 tickets sold but for obvious reasons it was never inflated to a point where the attendance for that show passed that of WrestleMania III.

WWE has sold well in excess of 85,000 tickets for WrestleMania this Sunday, making it the biggest – legit – record in company history and grossing more than last year’s WrestleMania in terms of gate money. This year, more tickets carried a cheaper price so the gate money might not be much more than last year compared to the number of people at the show.

The question now is how far WWE will take this new record. Will it be just enough to break the 93,173 number or will they go over the 100,000 elusive figure?