Secondary market tickets for WM weekend events get super expensive


While over 84,000 tickets have been sold for WrestleMania, not every ticket has an actual owner as many ticket scalpers bought in bulk in hopes of making a good sum when reselling these tickets.

In WrestleMania’s case, there is enough supply for the demand but NXT this time was the hottest ticket in town. is reselling hundreds of Mania weekend tickets from fans for a hefty addition to face value.

The cheapest NXT tickets are $299 each and go up to $1,000. Hall of Fame tickets start at $34 and go up to $500 with suites at the American Airlines Center going for $2,800. The cheapest WrestleMania tickets are $25 for standing room only and go up to $20,000 for a suite inside AT&T Stadium. A floor seat for the show is selling for $10,000. Monday Night Raw tickets are going from $89 the cheapest to $2,000 the most expensive.

Fans who did not purchase tickets yet are advised to be aware of scams especially tickets that are sent via PDF in e-mails. These tickets could have been re-sold already and if someone goes in with that ticket before you, you will be denied entry.