Two rings confirmed for the return of WarGames at NXT Takeover


The NXT Takeover: WarGames WWE Network event will indeed have two rings, as WWE will be keeping the NWA/WCW tradition.

The two rings will mean that less floor tickets will be available with the sections directly across the two rings suffering the most according to the seating chart.

This will be the first WarGames match in 17 long years, with the last one taking place on an episode of WCW Monday Nitro in September 2000. Previously, the match has been the main event of WCW Fall Brawl for six years.

A total of 31 WarGames matches have been held in the NWA/WCW era, with the first one taking place at The Great American Bash in July 1987. That match featured The Road Warriors, Nikita Koloff, Dusty Rhodes, and Paul Ellering taking on The Four Horsemen and JJ Dillon.

Interesting enough, Paul Ellering is now managing The Authors Of Pain who are part of this WarGames revival. Ellering took part in a total of seven WarGames matches during his NWA/WCW career.