Two more Mania matches bumped to the two hour Kickoff show


Two more WrestleMania matches were bumped to the Kickoff show which means that a total of four matches will take place during the two hour event prior to WrestleMania.

The United States title match between Kalisto and Ryback had to make way for other – seemingly more important – matters during the pay-per-view and it was bumped to the first hour of the show which airs only on the WWE Network and the WWE social media platforms.

The second hour of the Kickoff show will air on USA Network as well as the WWE Network and social media platforms and will have the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal as well as the 10 Diva tag team match between The Total Divas vs B.A.D. & Blonde.

This is the biggest Kickoff show ever for WWE and the first time that four matches have been showcased on the two hour special.