Fifth Diva on face team for WrestleMania match is Eva Marie


The fifth Diva on the face team was revealed last night on Raw and despite being on the good girls team she got booed out of the building. The Diva ended up being Eva Marie, an individual who WWE fans hated from the very beginning for her lack of wrestling ability and WWE thought it was great to introduce her back on Raw in Brooklyn.

As all the nine Divas brawled in and around the ring with Lana standing tall, Eva Marie’s song kicked in to loud boos from the crowd. Eva Marie attacked Lana and then Lana quickly exited the ring as Eva Marie celebrated on her own while her team mates seemed like they didn’t want to trust her.

The 10-Diva tag match at WrestleMania now consists of Lana, Tamina, Naomi, Emma, and Summer Rae vs Brie Bella, Natalya, Paige, Alicia Fox, and Eva Marie.