Total Bellas S6 E2 episode recap: Bellas Break Free

The second episode of Total Bellas is filled with as much drama as the previous episode. This time, we see that Nikki and Brie are still dealing with life as two extremely pregnant people during a global pandemic.

I think, that the twins must be getting extremely bored, because they seem to be simply creating drama in order to make their lives more interesting.

First off, Nikki’s boyfriend, Artem, has taken up a new hobby, bicycling. Nikki seems to think that her fiancé cannot enjoy his new hobby alone, because she enlists her mother, Kathy, to be Artem’s new cycling partner. Perhaps, it hadn’t occurred to Nikki that Artem might have enjoyed his solitary cycling adventures. However, he seems to have no problem cycling with his future mother-in-law in tow.

In fact, he and Kathy enjoyed their bicycling adventure so much that Kathy invited Artem to join her on a hike, and for a round of golf. While gulping, Artem and Kathy sent the twins a video showing them enjoying drinks and informing the twins of their plans to play another round. In typical Bella fashion, Nikki and Brie became frustrated by the fact that they were not invited on the golfing adventure. Rather than suggesting that perhaps they would like to be invited next time, they proceeded to go and spy on Artem and Kathy while they were golfing. Does it disturb anyone else that these women are now responsible for the health and happiness of kids when they themselves often behave like children? Eventually, however, Brie and Nikki were discovered by Artem and Kathy and invited to join in the golfing fun.

Meanwhile, Brie continues her attempts to prep Nikki for all that could go wrong during her impending labor. In the process of preparing Nikki, Brie ended up scaring herself. She forced Nikki to watch the video of her labor with her daughter, Birdie. Brie had an extremely difficult labor with Birdie with her birth plan being a natural at home delivery…but she ended up having to have a C-section.

Re-watching her daughter’s birthing video reminded Brie of all they could go wrong during labor. She also made it worse for herself by insisting that she and Nicole participate in a meditation class. In class, the first task the were asked to do was to let go of a few fears that they might have, which Brie was incapable of doing. Her husband, Bryan, came to her rescue by letting her see the end of the video where their beautiful daughter was born. He reminded Brie that it didn’t matter whether or not Brie had a natural birth or a C-section as long as the end result was a healthy baby.

Meanwhile, Nicole was having difficulty letting go of another emotion, anger.

Nicole and her brother, JJ, aren’t seeing eye to eye at the present time. They had recently gotten in a huge debate about politics. In addition, they have an ongoing debate concerning Nicole’s relationship with their father.

JJ has chosen not to forgive their father or the wrongs done to them in their childhood, while both Nikki and Brie have chosen to rekindle their relationship with their dad. This combined with their political disagreement has caused JJ and Nikki not speak for a little while. Brie encouraged Nicole to make up with her brother before the birth of her son however Nicole continued to say that she didn’t want her son exposed to the kind of rudeness which her brother displayed.

All fans can hope is that there will eventually be a reconciliation between the two before the birth of both twin’s babies.

Dorsey Schroeck
Dorsey Schroeck is the Total Divas and Total Bellas reporter for Wrestling-Online. She also writes the T&D Indy Top 5 monthly article.

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