Total Bellas S4 E9 episode recap: Women Take Center Stage

The ninth episode of this season of Total Bellas, the events in the Bellas’ lives leading up to the very first WWE all women’s pay-per-view, Evolution. Much of the drama in this season stemmed from the fact that Nicole was chosen to compete in the main event of Evolution, while her twin sister, Brie, was chosen to be her valet.

Also, since Brie made her most recent comeback after giving birth to her daughter, she has received hateful backlash from members of the WWE universe after injuring fellow WWE Superstar Liv Morgan. The mistake even earned Brie a new nickname, Botched Bella. Brie was already insecure about her ability to return to the ring after giving birth, and causing Liv’s injury only made her self-confidence plummet.

Furthermore, going from being a main event superstar to being a valet is seen as a very big demotion in WWE. So, being given the valet position would cause Brie’s already eroding confidence to drop down even further. Meanwhile, Nicole was on top of the world after being asked to main event Evolution although she was always the underdog against Ronda Rousey in betting odds in online casinos like Casino US.

I guess that Nicole didn’t feel right about being so overjoyed while her sister was down in the dumps, because she added to her already-busy Evolution schedule by organizing a pep rally for fans of the Bella Twins, also known as the Bella Army.

While Brie was initially unenthusiastic while Nicole planned the pep rally, once the day of the pep rally arrived and Brie saw how many fans were there to cheer on the Bella Twins, her confidence seemed to soar again. She even made a speech at the rally thanking fans for all their support throughout her wrestling career.

The upcoming Evolution pay-per-view wasn’t the only thing that made Brie nervous, though. She spent much of this episode having anxiety about the fact that she and her husband, Daniel Bryan, are discussing trying to get pregnant with their second child. Brie already suffers from major “mom guilt” when she is forced to leave her daughter for wrestling obligations or for other obligations having to do with her wine and lingerie companies. So, it is no surprise that Brie would have anxiety about taking away more time from her daughter and devoting it to her new baby. At the same time, however, I feel as though having a second child isn’t something that anyone is required to do. If the prospect of having a second baby is already stressing Brie out, when she isn’t even pregnant yet, what will happen when the new little one actually arrives? Maybe Brie and Daniel should only have one child, or maybe Brie should speak to someone about her anxiety issues before she and Bryan seriously begin trying to add to their family.

I personally don’t think the way that Brie handled her anxieties this time was the best way. She and her sister-in-law Lauren went out for a mom’s night out. While I’m not saying that moms shouldn’t drink or party, I would think that someone who has been so concerned with her sister’s public image of late wouldn’t want to be seen taking tequila shots at a bar while her husband and daughter waited at home.

However, if the Bellas continue to have wild nights out, it should only make episodes of Total Bellas that much more exciting.

Dorsey Schroeck
Dorsey Schroeck
Dorsey Schroeck is the Total Divas and Total Bellas reporter for Wrestling-Online. She also writes the T&D Indy Top 5 monthly article.

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