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Total Bellas S4 E7 episode recap: When A Good Girl’s Gone Bad


Episode seven of the fourth season of Total Bellas began right where the previous episode left off. Nikki Bella was on a date set up by her sister Brie with Bachelorette alumni, Peter. The couple seemed to be having a great time having ridden a gondola as well as sampled wine from Nicole’s wine label, and had a fireside dinner.

Peter must’ve thought that the date was going pretty well, because he leaned in to give Nicole a kiss, even after Nicole had expressed that she hadn’t kissed a man other than her ex-fiancé, WWE Superstar, John Cena in six years. Any romantic notions that Peter may have had were quickly put to rest as Nicole shrieked “No!”.

Peter quickly found that it would be the better part of valor to apologize and move on. However, he still seemed to hold out hope that Nicole would choose to go out on a date with him again, because he sent her black licorice, her favorite candy, soon afterward. So, perhaps there will be love in Nicole’s future after all.

Meanwhile, Nicole’s sister, Brie, was dealing with some drama of her own, as usual.

Anyone who has paid attention to episodes of Total Bellas and its sister show, Total Divas, in recent years knows that Brie’s husband is extremely environmentally conscious. He even went so far as to suggest that their daughter, Birdie, wear cloth diapers thereby cutting down on the family’s use of non-biodegradable products.

However, it seems that lately since becoming parents the couple’s consumption of plastics and cardboard has increased dramatically causing the environmentally-concerned Bryan to almost double his amount of anxiety. He was upset by the fact that, while grocery shopping, Brie chose to grab a package of pre-sliced watermelon rather than buying a large melon and cutting it into slices herself. He also seemed disproportionately upset at Brie’s efforts to purchase frozen dinners in cardboard boxes. While I understand that Daniel is extremely concerned with how his actions will effect the future of this planet, I also feel that he was being a little too harsh on Brie especially considering their hectic schedules, and parenting responsibilities.

Brie allayed Bryan’s fears by having the whole family participate in a beach cleanup of their community of San Diego. Hopefully, this will allay the champion’s fears about about not setting a good example for his daughter. However, Bryan wasn’t the only one dealing with major stress in this episode, Brie had her own issues to stress over as well.

Both of the Bella Twins were asked to participate in the first ever women only pay-per-view, Evolution. After Brie accidentally injured fellow Superstar Liv Morgan, it seems that the powers that be at WWE had second thoughts about placing her in such a prominent position. Instead, they gave the main event spot to her sister, Nicole, and demoted Brie to a spot as Nicole’s valet. This understandably upset Brie because a valet’s position is something usually reserved for less experienced wrestlers.

Furthermore, it must have been incredibly embarrassing for Brie to be forced to essentially be her sister’s cheerleader instead of wrestling with her. However, Nicole didn’t seem to understand Brie’s distress. So, Brie decided to teach Nicole a lesson. She enlisted the help of her stepfather, John Laurinaitis to play a prank on Nicole by announcing to her that the main event plans had been changed and Brie would now have the spotlight. Nicole became incensed, that is until Brie let her in on the joke. Nicole eventually understood but wasn’t too pleased with her sister’s deception. Even though the sisterly pranks are sometimes mean, they sure make for excellent drama on Total Bellas.

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