Total Bellas S3 E7 episode recap: Save The Date

One would think that Nikki Bella would be the happiest she has ever been during this season of Total Bellas. She is finally going to marry her long time boyfriend, John Cena, and, even better, he has finally agreed to be the father of her children despite having insisted for years that he did not want children.

However, the former Divas Champion seemed particularly glum while planning her wedding. There certainly has been a rush to plan things given the couple’s having called the wedding off once. However, a wedding is supposed to be the happiest time of a girl’s life. It seems as though Nikki was hoping that her fiancé would be around for most of the wedding planning decisions, but because John is so busy with his many business ventures, including acting in many blockbuster films and commercials as well as his wrestling obligations, he was unable to attend. Therefore, Nikki’s sister, Brie was left to become her own personal wedding planning assistant.

I find it a little bit strange that Nikki is complaining about not having John around to give his opinion, when only a couple episodes ago, she felt as though too many people were giving her advice about what to do on her special day. Further, I find it odd that Nikki didn’t realize that John wouldn’t be around. Didn’t she realize he was busy the whole time that they were in a relationship? Also, after John and Nicole called off the wedding the first time leaving them little time before their original wedding date to resume planning once they had reestablished their relationship, why didn’t they just change their wedding date?

That seems like a simpler solution to avoiding Nikki’s stress than the one that she came with which was to eliminate her 10 bridesmaids from her wedding. While I agree that 10 bridesmaids is a lot, I feel like Nikki may have hurt her friends’ feelings by asking them be bridesmaids and then basically rescinding the offer. However, it’s her wedding day so she can do whatever she wants.

Meanwhile, in addition to helping her sister choose a beautiful long-sleeved lace wedding dress, Brie was also choosing art to decorate her new San Diego home.

On an earlier episode of Total Bellas, Brie and her husband, Daniel Bryan, purchased a brand new house San Diego that came fully equipped with an entire guesthouse which Brie thought that her sister, Nicole, would be moving into after her breakup with John.

However, when Nicole and John got back together, the sisters decided to turn the empty guesthouse into the office for their lingerie company, Birdiebee. So, in order to make the office comfortable for them to move into Brie decided to find some antique items which she felt her husband would approve of, since he loves recycling. I’m not sure that buying $300 antique knickknacks counts as recycling, and apparently Daniel felt the same way as he seemed stunned when Brie showed him her purchases.

But Brie’s extravagant spending didn’t end at the antique store. Seeing all the art in her sister’s San Diego home made Brie feel as though her home needed art as well. However, rather than making her own art, Brie decided to visit an art gallery and commission a $30,000 custom designed painting for the house. She even paid for down payment of $10,000 without consulting her husband. I think that was definitely a bad move on Brie’s part, particularly considering Bryan’s negative feelings about extravagant spending.

However, Brie wasn’t the only Bella to try something extreme in this episode.

Nikki and Brie’s mom, Kathy, has been known to have anxiety issues, especially concerning other people driving her in cars. Therefore her son-in-law, Daniel, who also suffers with anxiety figured out a way to help her conquer her fear, by helping her conquer another larger fear, her fear of heights.

Bryan did this by taking Kathy for an indoor skydiving lesson in a skydiving simulator and joining her for the excursion. After both of them had taken turns and enjoyed the experience, Kathy said that she feels as though her fear of allowing people to drive her across bridges and other high places would definitely be lessened. Let’s hope Kathy tries conquering more fears, because watching her conquer her fears certainly make for excellent viewing on Total Bellas.

Dorsey Schroeck
Dorsey Schroeck
Dorsey Schroeck is the Total Divas and Total Bellas reporter for Wrestling-Online. She also writes the T&D Indy Top 5 monthly article.

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