The Rock plays catchphrase before Raw goes on air and is interrupted by Vince McMahon


Not only did The Rock appear after Raw went off the air, but the People’s champion also appeared on stage prior to the show going live.

The Rock explained what he’s there for and how everyone will be in the movie when they film the big scene of Paige winning the Divas title for the first time after Raw goes off the air. He told the crowd that he’s going to be backstage watching Raw, cheering for everyone the crowd cheers for, and booing for everyone the crowd boos for… including Roman Reigns! He also informed the fans that he would not be appearing live on Raw.

Rock checked his phone and he said that he had 4 minutes left before Raw goes on air live on USA Network so he was gonna close out with the greatest catchphrase in professional wrestling.

“Whatcha gonna do,” Rock said, as the crowd laughed. “Ooooh yeah! Dig it.” Wrong catchphrase again. “Too be the man…woooo…you gotta beat the man!” Wrong again. “And that’s the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so.” Nope.

And then, he did his trademark catchphrase. “If ya smell what The Rock is cooking!” That worked…except that Vince McMahon’s theme song kicked in. Rock walked to the back and out he came with the boss. The two shook hands and then Vince did his catchphrase. “You’reeeeee fired!”

You can see the full segment below.