The New Day unveil the impressive WrestleMania 33 stage


WrestleMania hosts The New Day unveiled the impressive WrestleMania stage last night. Woods, Kofi, and Big E stood in the dark with their suits on and explained the fans what was about to happen.

“For the first time, we give you a ride with no height requirements, we give you a ride that anyone and everyone can enjoy,” said Kofi Kingston. “WWE Universe, the Universe, we proudly bring to you the very first look at WrestleMania,” screamed Big E!

And right on cue, the fireworks, music, and lights hit in sync to reveal the massive entrance ramp and stage that will surely wow the fans tomorrow.

The roller coaster loops have LED lights that go around to give it the feel that there’s something moving while the extra large ramp with the WrestleMania logo and the theme park-like entrance provide a different feel this year.

You can see the video below.