Security awareness and transport info for Amway Center and CWS


Fans attending any of the events in downtown Orlando should be aware of their surroundings since both the Amway Center and the Camping World Stadium, especially the stadium, are not in the nicest parts of the city.

While taxis will be available at the Amway Center following the end of each show held there, getting transportation out of the Camping World Stadium will be extremely difficult due to the sheer number of people attending WrestleMania. Taxis at the Amway Center are available at W. Church St. under the bridge.

If you’re going to the Camping World Stadium and don’t have transport booked for the way back, do not walk around the neighborhood alone. Try to walk in large groups and avoid any shady looking areas. If it looks dangerous at first glance…it probably is!

If you have booked a bus, all buses for WrestleMania will be staged at Colyer Street, known as Lot 8 for parking. The City of Orlando will offer free shuttle service on event day with pick ups at Hughey Ave. at Pine St. and South St. at Division Ave. Shuttle buses will run to and from the stadium throughout the day from 11:30AM until until 90 minutes after the event.

For those traveling by taxi, pick up and drop off areas will be off-site on Church St. between Hughey Ave. and Garland Ave. and on-site on W. Central Blvd. and S. Rio Grande Ave.

Stay safe and enjoy the shows!