The Hardy Boyz vacate the Smackdown Tag Team titles due to Jeff’s injury


Matt and Jeff Hardy vacated the Smackdown Tag Team titles during Smackdown Live because Jeff Hardy is injured and the duo will not be able to defend the titles.

Appearing together in the ring, the multi-time tag champs said that Jeff was injured after the attack by Lars Sullivan. In reality, Jeff was injured at a non-televised event around 10 days ago and now requires surgery on his right knee.

Jeff said that he will be out for a long time but vowed that their journey is not over yet.

Sullivan once again hit the ring to attack the Hardy Boyz but R-Truth made the save before Lars could attack Jeff. Matt was not so lucky though and even Truth ended up getting a smackdown himself.

The Hardy Boyz won the Smackdown Tag Team titles three weeks ago on the show after WrestleMania, defeating The Usos.