Tegan Nox returns to the ring a year after breaking her leg


Tegan Nox, the artist formerly known as Nixon Newell on the independent scene, returned to the ring at a non-televised NXT live event yesterday in Orlando a year after breaking her leg at the 2018 Mae Young Classic tournament.

Nox suffered the injury when she went for a dive and landed badly in her quarter-final match against Rhea Ripley. When she tried to stand up, her leg basically gave out and the referee then stopped the match and declared her opponent the winner. Medical personnel attended to Nox, who was crying and in pain.

She completely tore her ACL and both meniscus, tore the MCL and LCL, suffered from bone contusions and a fractured her left tibia. Nox was also supposed to be part of the 2017 Mae Young Classic tournament but tore her ACL before the start of the tournament.

The 24-year-old from Wales signed a deal with WWE in April 2017 but serious injuries kept her away from the ring for most of these past two years.