Additional details released from Jimmy Uso’s arrest in Pensacola


Jimmy Uso will have to appear in court on August 15 after getting released on a $1,000 bond yesterday following his DUI arrest in Pensacola, Florida.

According to WEAR-TV, the former Tag Team champion was driving in excess of 100 miles per hour on Interstate 10 and was swerving from left to right. After a deputy stopped Uso, he noticed that he had slow and slurred speech and had trouble holding up his license along with bloodshot eyes.

The deputy put Uso in his car after repeated attempts to get him out of his car to drive to another location for a test, and while he agreed the first time, Jimmy became agitated afterward and was confused about the whole situation while barely able to stand on his feet. When he became uncooperative and trying to shove his phone into the police officer’s face, he was arrested and taken to booking.

In the report it was noted that the officer had to roll down the windows of the car because Jimmy reeked of alcohol.