Sky says it had nothing to do with failed WWE Network launch in UK


UPDATE: Sky has issued a correction saying the new deal with WWE commences in January 2015 and not as previously reported.

The failed launch of the WWE Network in the United Kingdom is still the big talk of the week on social media especially those living in the region.

Both WWE and Sky, who are rumored to have “blocked” the launch, are getting their fair share of abuse from fans especially since this is the second time that WWE failed in giving UK fans the WWE Network.

Reaching out to our Sky sources, we were told off the record that the decision on late Monday night to pull the Network was “purely a WWE decision” and Sky had nothing to do with what happened. The company had no comments when it comes to possible negotiations of carrying the Network as a traditional TV channel.

When asked about the new 5 year TV deal with WWE which was announced in January of this year, a Sky Public Relations person said that the deal goes in effect in January 2015 and when pressed if the WWE Network was offered as part of the discussions, we were told that the general company policy is that they do not discuss contract details and could not offer an answer.