John Cena misses Raw, Mysterio backstage for talks


John Cena was not at Raw last night and before the show started it was announced that the company would be offering refunds to those who wanted due to Cena not being there.

This is a common practice in WWE when their top advertised star doesn’t appear. Refunds are always offered and fans are allowed to stay and watch the show anyway. The majority of fans do not take the refund even though they are usually given around 30 minutes to go and collect their money.

While Cena was not there, one person who has been out of action for a while, Rey Mysterio, was there. Mysterio was flown in to talk with management as the two sides have not been on the same page for months now.

Mysterio’s contract with WWE expired while he was injured but WWE opted to exercise their clause to extend the contract for the duration that he has been injured.