Several scenes from Fighting With My Family movie shot after Raw


The big scene filmed for the movie Fighting With My Family last night on Raw saw Thea Trinidad playing the role of AJ Lee and Florence Pugh as Paige, while Tessa Blanchard was on standby as the stunt double for Pugh to film the wrestling moves.

Trinidad, in full AJ Lee accent and mannerisms, cut the same promo that AJ did the night after WrestleMania XXX and then Pugh came out as Paige. Pugh also had her own TitanTron as Paige playing during her entrance.

When the two finished their verbal exchanges and some other spots, Tessa Blanchard jumped in to film the wrestling moves and the wider shots. The fans mostly co-operated with the filming, except for chanting for CM Punk during the match and chanting “ten” every time the referee counted.

You can see three videos shot from Raw by fans who stayed around for the filming below.