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Roman’s empire falls as The Usos take down the Tribal Chief


The empire of Roman Reigns has fallen after The Usos turned on him last night on Smackdown, ending The Bloodline faction as we know it.

Jey had to make his decision on the show – a decision which had two options: stay in the Bloodline or side with his brother Jimmy. Reigns told him that he is being groomed to be the next Tribal Chief but he’s not there yet and Jey said that if he’s in the Bloodline, then Heyman has to go. Reigns answered that when Jey is Tribal Chief, he can pick his own wiseman but until then, he’s the boss.

After some dissension with his brother Jimmy, who was also standing in the ring, Jey said that Jimmy was out. That got a smile from Reigns, but his smile soon turned as Jey said, “I’m out too!”

With that, he turned around and super kicked Reigns to a big ovation from the crowd. The brothers followed with another super kick to their little brother Solo and with Reigns slowly getting up – and complaining – he was also met with a double superkick, laying him out completely.

The Usos then stood in the middle of the ring, pointing their index finger to the sky as fans continued going bananas.

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