Smackdown TV report for 06/16/2023

Arena: Rupp Arena at Central Bank Center
City: Lexington, KY

A recap of Jey Uso and Paul Heyman’s interaction from last week is shown, then Kayla Braxton is waiting in the back for an SUV to pull in. Solo Sikoa gets out and opens the back door to let Roman Reigns out of the car. Kayla tried to get a comment on Jey Uso’s status in the Bloodline and Paul Heyman stops, looks at her and sighs and walks away.

Gauntlet match to determine the Number #1 contenders to the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championships.

The Street Profits VS. Sheamus & Ridge Holland

Sheamus hits Dawkins with a Brogue Kick for the win.

Winners: Sheamus & Ridge Holland

Sheamus & Ridge Holland VS. The Good Brothers

Sheamus hit Anderson with a Brogue Kick for another win.

Winners: Sheamus & Ridge Holland

Sheamus & Ridge Holland VS. L.W.O. Cruz Del Toro & Juaquin Wilde

Ridge hit a move on Del Toro and got the win.

Winners: Sheamus & Ridge Holland

Sheamus & Ridge Holland VS. Hit Row

Top Dolla, no sooner gets in the ring and Sheamus hits him with a Brogue Kick and Ridge covers him for the win.

Winners: Sheamus & Ridge Holland

Sheamus & Ridge Holland VS. Pretty Deadly

Prince dropped down with a leg drop on Sheamus as Sheamus was pinning Wilson and it was Prince who was legal, and Wilson pinned Sheamus.

Winners of the Gauntlet match and New Number #1 contenders to face Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn for the WWE Undisputed tag team championships: Pretty Deadly.

As Pretty Deadly celebrate in the ring the Tag Team champions Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn come to the stage.

Zayn tells them they have been celebrating too long and need to get out of the ring. Kevin says it makes him want to go to the ring and punch them in their faces and as they get to the ring Pretty Deadly bails out of the ring.

In the back Paul Heyman tried to talk to Roman Reigns and asked if he has spoken to Jey and he said no. Roman says he should be reaching out to him.

Roman tells Paul to go talk to Jey NOW!!

Iyo Sky VS. Zelina Vega

As Iyo and Bayley argued, Zelina hits the 619 and pins her.

Winner: Zelina Vega

Bianca asks Adam Pearce about her rematch, and he says he cannot give her an answer at this time, and she said I went about my rematch the right way now I will have to do it my way.

Bayley and Iyo in the back talking and Shotzi comes in and complains Bayley cost her the chance to be in the Money in the Bank match and Bayley says you are not on Damage Control’s level and Shotzi says if your so sure why don’t you put your spot in the match on the line against me. Iyo accepts for Bayley and Shotzi goes to find Adam Pearce to make it official and Bayley smacks Iyo and says what did you do that for, and Iyo says I was just trying to help.

Grayson Waller with his Grayson Waller Effect with special Guest Charlotte Flair. Grayson asks her if she will become a 15-time world champion? Charlotte says 15, 16 times. She has Asuka’s number. Bianca Belair comes to the ring. Charlotte says she lost to Rhea and didn’t get a rematch, so they are both owed a rematch. Charlotte says she is a champion with or without the title. Bianca says she was the longest reigning champion in the modern era so put some respect on her name. Bianca said she will be at ringside for her match with Asuka and she will step to whomever wins.

Paul Heyman finds Jey Uso and says he is sorry he told the truth and Jimmy kicked him in the face last week. Jey tells Heyman he is sorry too because if I am in your still out and Heyman nods and walks away.

A.J. Styles & Mia Yim VS. Karrion Kross & Scarlett

Kross kept A.J. in a sleeper hold then hit him with the Kross hammer then a face first slam to get the win.

Winners: Karrion Kross & Scarlett

Paul Heyman back in the locker room and Roman just asks…well? Heyman stutters to say My Tribal Chief and Solo stepped to Heyman who runs away and Solo asked Roman if he wanted him to handle it and Roman says there is still plenty of time.

Kayla interviews Cameron Grimes but before the interview can really get going Baron Corbin walks in and attacks Grimes.

Rey Mysterio is out to the ring next. He says he is very proud to have reformed the L.W.O. and he says he is set to introduce the man who can with the Money in the Bank Mr. Santos Escobar.

Santos thanks Rey and tells him he loves him. He is fighting for everyone who has a dream. L.A. Knight comes out and interrupts Santos. Knight goes after Rey and Santos saves Rey and kicks Knight out of the ring a match is then announced for after the commercial break.

Santos Escobar VS. L.A. Knight

Knight rolled up Escobar and held the ropes, but Escobar was able to reverse Knight and hold him down for the pin.

Winner: Santos Escobar

Knight attacks Escobar after the match and Rey comes down for the save and chase Knight off.

Jey Uso’s decision is next.

As Jey is walking in the back he walks into Sami Zayn, they stare at each other Zayn nods, and both walk in different directions without speaking a word.

Roman Reigns is coming out to the ring first. Roman says are you in or are you out and Jey says you tell me Uce it’s either him or it’s me pointing at Heyman. Roman says when you’re the Tribal Chief you can pick anyone you want to be your wiseman. This is my wiseman. I was only meant to get us here to the top of the mountain, it’s your job to keep us here. You’re meant to lead just not yet. The problem isn’t the wiseman, it’s your brother. Just then Jimmy comes out and says the problem is not your brother Jey it’s our cousin.

He says he is grooming you but in reality, he is using you. Roman asked the wiseman when they named Jey the right-hand man who was the only one that had a problem with it. It wasn’t the wiseman, it was his suggestion. Jey then turns and stares and Jimmy and asks if that is true.

Jimmy admits it’s true. Jey said he would expect that from him but not from Jimmy. He said all he heard growing up was listen to him Joshua that’s your older brother. Jey said instead of competing with Roman he has been trying to keep up with Jimmy.

Jey said when Jimmy got hurt, he stepped up and main evented pay per views and that’s all because of him and said so your out and so am I and superkicked Roman. Then they double superkicked Solo.

Roman yells as he gets up and they double superkicked Roman as the Usos stand and raise their fingers as the ones.

Joe Adams
Joe Adams
Born, raised, and living in Pennsylvania, Joe has been a wrestling fan since the early 80's. He also likes the NFL, playing Madden Football on consoles, and camping. He is a proud father of four kids.

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