Paige back at the WWE Performance Center


WWE Superstar Paige returned to the WWE Performance Center to resume training following neck surgery.

“Went to see an old friend today. Good to be back there,” Paige wrote in an Instagram post along with a photo of the WWE PC. She also used the hashtag #RoadBackToMyHouse.

Paige has been out of action for 13 months so far, getting suspended twice for Wellness Program violations and then taking time off to go under the knife. In the meantime, she kept getting in the news for all the wrong reasons, first after her collection of private photos and videos made their way online and then because of her many arguments with her fiancee Alberto El Patron.

Paige should thank her lucky stars that WWE is producing a movie on her family along with The Rock’s Seven Buck Productions because otherwise she would have been pink slipped a long time ago considering her actions and behavior. The airport incident with El Patron could have resulted in her getting fired anyway after Orlando police found enough evidence to prosecute her for domestic violence, however El Patron decided not to press charges.