Cody and Brandi Rhodes sound off on the returning Starrcade


The resurrection of Starrcade as a – currently – non-televised live event on November 25 has sparked a reaction from the Rhodes family, particular Cody and his wife Brandi. The Starrcade event was the brainchild of WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes.

In a tweet addressed to Michael PS Hayes, Cody Rhodes said that if he was afraid that the regular non-televised event won’t sell because it falls on Thanksgiving weekend and they want one of his dad’s events, “at least book Goldy,” he wrote, referring to his brother Goldust.

Meanwhile, Cody’s wife and former Raw ring announcer Brandi Rhodes had a harsher tone. “Starrcade was created and delivered by Dusty Rhodes. WWE didn’t want to do it while he was here. Now they want to do it and not give credit?” The tweet did not go down well with fans who wondered what credit he should get and to wait before speaking since it was just announced.

“Say what you want. I stated a fact. If you can’t handle it go to hell. I’m not going to shut up because the truth’s uncomfortable,” Brandi fired back.

Meanwhile, Michael PS Hayes responded to Cody’s request with a tweet of his own, telling him that he’s right and they should have Goldust on the show. He then had a proposition for Cody. “By the way, what are you doing that night? Wanna team with your brother?”