One of the biggest brawls in WWE history with all three brands closes Smackdown


One of the biggest brawls in WWE history took place last night on Smackdown as practically the whole WWE roster got out, split in three brands, for a good old fashioned melee.

The whole thing started after Seth Rollins’ theme song interrupted Roman Reigns following the six-man tag match that closed the show. Rollins and the Raw roster came through the crowd and the two former Shield members then started punching each other as the rest attacked Shorty G and Ali.

With many surrounding the ring, Braun Strowman’s music hit and the Smackdown roster came out. Strowman ran everybody down like a truck full speed ahead, also nearly taking out one of his own.

But then, cameras cut away to the entrance of the arena where Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and the Road Dogg led the NXT roster in a military jeep, similar to what they did in 1998 with WCW. With both the Raw and Smackdown crew waiting for them to come out, the crowd exploded as a barrage of NXT Superstars ran down the ring as Triple H gave the order to attack.

This was a perfect way to kick off the Survivor Series weekend and continue the exposure of NXT to a much wider audience.