NXT in Nashville tonight, Balor goes to TNA head office


WWE’s NXT brand is in Nashville today for a non-televised live event at the War Memorial Auditorium, the first time that NXT has gone to the state of Tennessee.

The show is not sold out yet however very few limited tickets remain to see all the favorite NXT Superstars and Divas including Finn Balor, Bayley, Samoa Joe, Tyler Breeze, Enzo Amore, Cass, Carmella, and others.

Speaking of NXT champion Finn Balor, he uploaded a photo on his Twitter account today doing the DX crotch chop right in front of the TNA head office with the TNA sign on top of him. The only thing that accompanied the photo was, “#NXTNashville.” Somehow that photo managed to remain up and was not told to pull it down since WWE does not even acknowledge TNA. You can check it out below.