Smackdown TV report for 10/01/2015

Thursday Night Smackdown TV Report for October 1st, 2015 – “(Beaten) Six-Ways From Thursday”

Introduction Segment: Video Promo and Arena Promo

Monday Night Raw is recapped, featuring Kane’s evaluation and the subsequent assault by WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, along with “The Demon’s” return and decimation of Rollins.

Rich Brennan welcomes us to Albany and the WWE World Heavyweight Champion’s music plays immediately. Seth Rollins protests Kane still being the Director Of Operations when he knows well enough that “The Demon” is Kane. He demands that “The Big Red Monster” come out and acknowledge this.

Kane obliges, in his corporate attire and hopping out on crutches. Seth accuses him of having a split personality and tells him that he needs “psychiatric help.” Kane reverses the allegation and says that since Rollins has been having a few bad days himself, then he will team up with a happy-go-lucky Tag-Team Champions The New Day in a Six-Man Tag to go against The Dudley Boyz and “The Demon” himself. Rollins will only take the match if Kane agrees to be at ringside; the Director Of Operations joyfully agrees!

Team Bella make their entrance and will be wrestling next!


Match #1: Six-Diva Tag-Team – Team Bella (Brie and Nikki Bella, and Alicia Fox) VS. Team B.AD.. (Sasha Banks, Naomi, and Tamina)

Prior to the bout, Team B.A.D. cut a promo about the whole debate on who began the Divas Revolution.

Brie and Sasha begin with shoves back-and-forth. Brie slaps Banks, then Sasha sweeps her up and punches away. She rams her head into the turnbuckle, but Brie reverses and does the same, then sweeps the leg. She also kicks away, much like her husband Daniel Bryan, but is caught in a roll-up for two! Sasha puts Brie in the corner, and her and Naomi double-team with a rear-end splash.

Tamina is tagged in and double-clotheslines Brie and Alicia, then Nikki comes in and faces off with Tamina. She uses her power with a clothesline and a Samoan Drop, then climbs the turnbuckle. Alicia and Brie pull Nikki out of the ring, but Naomi and Sasha hit Brie and Alicia to the floor.


Nikki and Naomi are wrestling, when this breaks down quickly. On the outside, Nikki puts Naomi back in the ring and wears her down with a grounding reverse chinlock. Alicia now does the same, with a surfboard stretch, but Naomi battles out. Both give each other a clothesline and crawl for the hot-tags. It’s Sasha and Nikki, both going at it. Sasha manages to lock Nikki in the Bank Statement, forcing her to tap!

Winners via Submission: Team B.A.D.


Segment #2: Backstage Promo

Rollins is walking when he is met by a clapping New Day. The Tag-Team Champions try to convince the WWE World Heavyweight Champion that clapping is great and will be better for him. He tries it and it actually works, so all four clap their way off screen. Kane appears and also seems happy.

Segment #3: Backstage Promo

Jojo greets Divas Champion Charlotte and Becky Lynch. They take a look back at their match from Raw, where Paige joined them and then left. They wonder what has happened since the Divas Revolution started in the summer. Paige then walks in; Becky and Charlotte tell her she needs to make a decision on who’s team she is on. They walk away, and Paige turns around into Natalya. She warns Paige that Paige not better “disrespect” her anymore.


Match #2: Single for the Intercontinental Championship – Ryback (Challenger) VS. Kevin Owens (Champion)

Kevin rolls to the floor and Ryback follows, but Owens gets back in the ring and hammers away. Ryback catches him off the ropes with a scoop-slam, then suplexes him and holds him up for a few seconds. The challenger repeatedly shoulder-rams the I.C. Champ in the corner, but Owens counters. He runs off the ropes but is put to the mat with a Lou Thesz press. Ryback runs at Kevin in the corner, but Owens moves and Ryback hits the ring post shoulder-first; Owens takes advantage.


Kevin is still in control, elbowing Ryback, then senton-splashing him on the canvas. He works him over for a bit, then they both slug away. Owens whips Ryback into the corner and mocks his catchphrase “feed me more;” this allows Ryback to comeback with a flurry. Owens hits back with a kick square-to-the-face, but only gets two! Ryback counters with a spinebuster and gears up for the Meathook Clothesline! He picks him up for the Shellshock, but Owens holds onto the ropes and both go to the outside. They give each other a clothesline and the referee starts the count. Ryback gets back in the ring, and Owens just about does, but second-guesses and decides to stay out, forcing himself to be counted out to keep his I.C. Title

Winner via Count-Out: Ryback

Post-match, Ryback does not take kindly to Kevin’s methods, and drops him with a Shellshock in the ring.


Segment #4: Video Promo

The Big Show and Brock Lesnar’s rivalry is re-aired.

Match #3: Six-Man Tag-Team – The Lucha Dragons (Kalisto and Sin Cara) and Neville VS. The Ascension (Konnor and Viktor) and Stardust

Viktor and Cara are first, with Viktor taking Sin down with a wasitlock slam. He goes to powerbomb Cara, but is reversed into a hurricanrana. Stardust is tagged in and Cara flies over him too, then switches with Neville and they double-team him. Both teams end up on the outside and face-off.


Neville is in the ring with Viktor, but is slammed down hard from the second turnbuckle. Stardust and The Ascension pick apart Neville until Kalisto is tagged in. He counters a reverse-suplex by Stardust into a DDT for a near-fall! Cara soars through the ropes on The Ascension. Konnor tags in but is put to the mat with Kalisto’s flip-over reverse DDT for the 1 – 2 – 3!

Winners via Pinfall: The Lucha Dragons and Neville

The announcer’s recap Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns’ match from Monday, and Wyatt will be out next to talk about Reigns.


Segment #5: Arena Promo

The Wyatt Family strolls to the ring. Bray recounts Monday’s battle with Roman and concludes “anyone but you.” Reigns answers, walking through the crowd and facing off with Bray in the ring. Braun and Luke surround Reigns, but all Roman does is say three words: “Hell In A Cell!” He walks off and glares back at the trio.


Match #4: Six-Man Tag-Team – Tag-Team Champions The New Day (Kofi Kingston, and Big E.) (with Tag-Team Champion New Day partner Xavier Woods) and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins VS. The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von) and “The Demon” Kane

(Note: Director Of Operations Kane is sitting at ringside.) Kofi and D-Von start, then Kofi quickly tags in Big E. D-Von is cornered quickly and triple-teamed. New Day and Rollins control this bout for a bit.


Seth and New Day are still dominating until Rollins decides to dive through the ropes and hits Kane. A ringside attendant rushes over and helps Kane to the back. Rollins follows and orders Kane to get back in the chair by the table, but Kane looks back and smiles wickedly then continues to backstage.

The Dudleys make a comeback and shortly after, “Demon” Kane appears! He goes after Rollins, but the WWE World Heavyweight Champion escapes through the fans. Back in the squared circle, Kofi gets 3-D’ed and covers by Bubba Ray for the victory!

Winners via Pinfall: The Dudley Boyz and “The Demon” Kane

Post-match, “Demon” goes after everyone and puts all the other wrestlers except Rollins to the mat with a big boot, Chokeslams, and a Tombstone. He holds the WWE World Heavyweight Title high again and sets his corner pyro off, while Seth looks on from the ramp and yells “that’s my title” to close the show.

End Of Smackdown!

Reporter’s Rumblings

This was a pretty-good Smackdown! Lots of great wrestling, and some decent promos/setups. Onto the analysis:

Excellence: all the matches – loved the action and they were well-put together for the most part. Promos by Rollins/Kane/New Day/Bray/Roman. The whole segment with The Wyatt Family and Reigns was very well-done and suspenseful; they played it out very well, and I actually thought that Roman was going to shake Bray’s hand and/or join The Family.

Kevin Owens doing the little things in matches that add so much more – yelling at/mocking Ryback, calling him names, and deciding to get counted out to save his title and not care about winning a match. This shows how seasoned and smart he is to tell a story in the ring.

Loving the story between Rollins and Kane(s). They are telling it very well, and my Dad brought up the idea of doing a Triple-Threat at Hell In The Cell with Rollins and Kane(s). Same with anything The New Day is involved with – they can do everything right!

Bogus: while I did like the in-ring wrestling, I thought there were too many Six-Person tags; I would’ve liked more singles instead.

Again, the match itself was good with the Divas, but I felt their interview with Jojo fell a little flat.

All-in-all, I enjoyed Smackdown! again this week. Let’s hope they keep it up next week! Until Raw, Be Excellent Wrestling-Online Readers and Fans!

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