Eva Marie knocks out Carmella during NXT show in Nashville


Eva Marie is getting a lot of heat online as her match yesterday against Carmella during the NXT live event in Nashville ended up after she botched a move, knocking out her opponent with a kick to the head.

The referee threw the X hand sign as soon as the match went for the finish and photos taken during the incident show two referees and a WWE doctor attending to Carmella.  Eva Marie had the kind of heat that screams “get out of the ring” rather than heel heat as her popularity with the WWE fans continues to diminish.

The “All Red Everything” Diva is often referred by fans as the “All Botch Everything” due to her inability to wrestle. Fans on the balcony held up a sign that read, “If Eva Marie is here we riot,” and Eva went up on the ropes and posed in front of the section that was holding the sign. She is being trained by Brian Kendrick in Los Angeles, California.