New-look Bayley wins Smackdown Women’s title and turns heel


Charlotte Flair’s 10th title reign came to a quick end last night on Friday Night Smackdown as a new-look heel Bayley regained the Smackdown Women’s title just five days after losing it at Hell In A Cell.

Bayley, with a new short hair-do, destroyed the inflatable tube men – known as the Bayley Buddies – that have been part of her entrance since the NXT days. She also had a new theme song and after winning the match and main event, she told the crowd, “Hey bitches, screw all of you.”

Bayley has been a face all her WWE career and was dubbed as the female John Cena due to the connection she had with the younger fans. This is her fourth singles title reign having won the NXT Women’s title and Raw Women’s title once and the Smackdown Women’s title twice. She also had a short run as one half of the WWE Women’s Tag Team champions with Sasha Banks.