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Bayley grateful she got to attend Mercedes Mone’s AEW debut


Speaking to UK-based Digital Spy, Bayley said that getting to witness Mercedes Mone’s AEW debut was “incredible” and is grateful that she, Naomi, and Tamina were able to be there for her.

“Mercedes is the best. I wouldn’t be here without her,” Bayley said about her best friend. “She’s done so much for me, even after she was done with WWE, she’s been there for me in my big moments. So I know I need to be there for her continuously throughout the years.”

Bayley said that she was happy Mercedes made her debut on a Wednesday when it’s one of their few days off so she and her friends could attend.

“It was really special to see her celebrate that with her family and her friends and people she started wrestling with and see her welcomed by a new family,” Bayley said. ” It’s bittersweet, but I’m very, very, very proud of her and just so grateful we got to be there.”

Bayley was even pictured taking photos of Mone from her suite at the TD Garden and despite wearing wigs and masks to conceal their identity going in, the trio didn’t hide much in their suite.

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