More details published on WWE’s contract with Amway Center


Spectrum News 13 in Orlando has shed more light on the contract that WWE has with the Amway Center for their two-and-a-half month residency which started two weeks ago.

As originally reported, the deal runs through October 31 but WWE can opt to extend – or cut short – the contract with a two-week notice. There are no events planned at the Amway through the end of 2020 so WWE could technically have it as their base until December 31.

Apart from a base lease, WWE is paying $12,500 extra for Sunday shows, $10,000 extra for Monday and another $10,000 for Friday shows, $7,500 for days where WWE works inside the venue, and an additional $2,500 for the rest of the days when the venue is just sitting idle. The base lease seems to be around $200,000.

WWE also has to pay police, paramedics, security, and use of parking lot during their residency.amm