New WWE title coming for Raw Underground?

The new Raw Underground segments of the Monday night show have been received very well by fans. These segments offer clashes which look similar to MMA events, giving a different take to the usual action and something to look forward to.

The idea is simple, those creating the Raw show want something different to offer far in an attempt to improve ratings. These have gone down since the start of the pandemic, a time when those producing the show have had the challenge of no fans in attendance to work with.

If you want to know specifically who is behind this concept then it is probably best to look at the man who is presenting the action, Shane McMahon, a key piece in the WWE puzzle.

What has been noticeable so far is that the WWE Underground line up has included some already established stars, in order to quickly give fans something to latch onto. Dolph Ziggler and the Viking Raiders have taken part in the matches, alongside new names Arturo Ruas and Dabba-Kato.

This is seen as a platform to bring new fighters into the limelight, but with established names included too, fans are taking note. The original idea for this was given a mixed reaction by fans, though it has helped viewing figures which is the main reason for this being created in the first place.

With a few points added to the ratings figures, this innovative idea and the storylines that have stemmed from it appears to be working, for now.

Could WWE Bring a Raw Underground Title into Play?

The rumours suggest that Raw Underground is going to be worth watching over the coming weeks. The storylines are set to intensify and at the end of that, an official Raw Underground title is scheduled to be given to someone.

This could lead to the Underground matches becoming a feature of the main events in the future. It is these events that capture the imagination of fans and also where casual wrestling fans watch. These events also feature betting with selected bookmakers, so we could see new betting companies betting on WWE Raw Underground matches in the coming months.

It is expected that the belt would in some way replace the variety we have seen in the past. Most recently this was the WWE Hardcore Championship while before that it was known as the 24/7 Championship. When the title belt comes into force, it is likely that the belt will have a similar look and feel to these we have seen in the past.

With a belt brought into events, it would give the fighters something to work towards and give longevity to the matches, something that should keep fans on board and not see them move onto something else.

Over the coming weeks, keep your eye on the latest WWE news as we expect to see more from WWE Raw Underground.

At some point it seems likely we will see a title belt on offer for the competitors taking part in these fights.

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