Monday Night Raw TV Report for 12/15/2014

Just over 27 hours ago, WWE’s last Pay-Per-View of 2014 went off the air. Once again, as I did not watch the show, there are many questions for tonight’s Raw: who remained champion(s) and who became champion(s)? Do we have a new #1 Contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, or did John Cena manage to hold onto to the coveted position? Were there any surprises in forms of returns or debuts? And….which I really hope, was Bray Wyatt VS. Dean Ambrose the main-event, as it sure deserved to be?

All this will be found out now, so read on!

Monday Night Raw Report for December 15th, 2014 – “The New Guy?”

Introduction Segment: Arena Promo

A familiar count-down begins as we are live in the arena right off the bat! The man who won the Slammy for “Extreme Moment Of The Year” and who will be running Raw tonight walks out to a huge ovation; Chris Jericho is in the house!

“Welcome to ‘Raw Is Jericho!’” he begins, then puts over the fans for making him “Extreme Moment Of The Year.” He is quite popular, as loud “Y2J” chants ring out. However, one person that is not popular to him is Fandango, who stole his Slammy Award last week. Jericho orders him to return his Slammy back, but instead he gets Paul Heyman!

The advocate for WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar slowly walks to the ring introducing himself and announces that he is a “Jericholic.” However, Heyman insists that he fits better in the role of Raw General Manager more than Jericho. He also is upset that Jericho got the “Extreme Moment Of The Year” award when it should’ve been him, as he invented “extreme” with Extreme Championship Wrestling.

Chris makes fun of Heyman, but Paul E. is not laughing. He wants to talk about how Seth Rollins did not unseat John Cena as #1 Contender (there’s result and disappointment one from Tables, Ladders, and Chairs.) Rollins joins the conversation and talks about the result to his match from last night. Seth reiterates that he’s been “hosed” twice now, at Survivor Series by Sting, and last night by Roman Reigns. He wants a rematch, but not tonight.

Before he can go further, John Cena marches out and doesn’t put up with Rollins’ statements. “You still haven’t learned what it’s like to be a man. Because a man does not whine, and complain, and make excuses for defeat. A man simply picks himself up, dusts himself off, and continues to fight,” he tells Seth. Cena tells us that he will defeat Brock Lesnar again at the Royal Rumble for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, facing Heyman. He turns back to Rollins and accepts challenge, but needs Jericho to officially book it. “Y2J” happily does it, and adds a Steel Cage to surround them.

Seth is irate with this decision, and starts to rip apart Jericho verbally. Paul E. remains in the corner laughing, until Rollins insinuates that Jericho can’t beat Heyman. This gives Chris an idea, deciding to put himself in a match tonight with the advocate. He then asks the fans to vote on what particular bout he and Paul E. will be in, so Heyman can “never, e-e-ever be the same again.” Jericho walks off happy while Heyman is puzzled and Rollins is ticked.


Match #1: Tag-Team – The Big Show and Luke Harper VS. Erik Rowan and Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler

(Note: Yes, Ziggler won his 4th I.C. Title at TLC) Show and Ziggler begin, with Big chucking Dolph into the corner. Dolph fights back with slugs and a high-dropkick, but Show gains control catching Dolph with a flapjack. He toys with Ziggler for a bit, then gives him a shoulder block and hurls him into the corner barricade.


Former I.C. Champ Harper now dominating Dolph, giving him a harsh uppercut. Both he and Show take turns messing with Ziggler for a while until Dolph struggles but gets the hot-tag to Rowan. “Big Red” goes after Harper with clotheslines, a corner splash, and a full-nelson slam. Luke gets the tag, but Erik takes Show down with a kick. Harper does the same to Rowan, but then Dolph comes in and takes out Luke. Rowan turns around into a Knockout Punch by Show to get the victory!

Winners via Pinfall: The Big Show and Luke Harper

Segment #2: Backstage Promo

Rosa and Fandango are up close and personal with each other, when Chris Jericho walks up to them. He threatens that he will get his Slammy back later tonight.


It is announced that both Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt will be on Super Smackdown! Live tomorrow night, following their brutal TLC match at TLC

Segment #3: Backstage Promo

Rene Young is with The New Day. Xavier Woods talks about positivity and wanting to “unleash the PH.D,” while Kingston declares they “ain’t afraid of the dark,” and Big E. says they will “feel the power of The New Day.”

The Bella Twins, which features Nikki still as the Divas Champion, make their entrance for a tag-team contest next!


Match #2: Tag-Team – The Bella Twins (Divas Champion Nikki and Brie) VS. Alicia Fox and Natalya (with Tyson Kidd)

Nikki starts out with Alicia, but first knocks Natalya off the apron. She then gives Fox a hard spinebuster, and switchers with her sister. Brie clamps on a grounding rear chinlock to Fox, wearing her down. Natalya gets the hot-tag and quickly locks in the Sharpshooter, forcing Brie to tap-out!

Winners via Pinfall: Alicia Fox and Natalya

Up next, Chris Jericho will host his “Highlight Reel” Segment with United States Champion Rusev and Lana!


It is announced that Roman Reigns will wrestle for the first time since September on Super Smackdown Live!

Segment #4: Arena Promo

Jericho is in the ring, which is now donned with a black carpet and his Highlight Reel television screen. He takes a couple shots at both Lana and Rusev, then invites them to come out. Lana tries to get ahead of Jericho, not wanting him to make his “juvenile” jokes. Jericho does so anyway and gets under their skin when he insinuates they are a couple. “Rusev and Lana sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. First comes love…” He labels the couple as “the U.S. Champ and the communist tramp.”

Rusev stands up for Lana and warns Jericho he will just “crush you now.” Jericho accepts, only giving it someone from the locker room instead who wants to take him on. “Feed Me More” blares the speakers as Ryback charges out. He stares down Rusev, who then backs away and leaves to a chorus of boos.


Segment #5: Video Promo

Another Ascension video airs, which features Conor O’Brian and Rick Victor from NXT. (These guys were awesome there, so hopefully they go over well on the main shows!)

Match #3: Tag-Team – The New Day ( Xavier Woods and Big E.) (with The New Day partner Kofi Kingston) VS. Gold and Stardust

Xavier and Goldust begin, with Woods getting the best of Goldust at first. He tags in Big E. who whips Woods into Goldust. Stardust is now in, but is caught off the middle turnbuckle by Big E, who delivers a couple rib-breakers to Stardust, then has Xavier kick him as he goes to the corner. Woods snapmares Stardust then gives him a low-front-dropkick. Big E. helps Woods splash Stardust for a two, then Xavier continues to work over Stardust with a wrist/arm lock. New Day chase Gold/Stardust out of the ring.


Big E. is still controlling Stardust, ramming his shoulder into him in the corner. He appears to try for the Big Ending, but Stardust slides out and tags his half-brother. Both Goldust and Stardust take control. Goldust knees Big E. repeatedly, and then catches him out of a run with a spinebuster. 1 – 2 – Big E. kicks out! Stardust is back in and stomps away, then holds him in a grounding front-facelock. Big E. eventually fires back with a big clothesline, then slaps Xavier’s hand for the hot-tag. He is all over both Stardust and Goldust with fast moves. He sends both Gold and Stardust to the outside, then uses Big E. to launch himself with a somersault over the ropes! Big E. holds up Goldust as Woods rockets from the top turnbuckle to deliver “The Midnight Hour” and finish this one!

Winners via Pinfall: The New Day (Xavier Woods and Big E.) (with The New Day partner Kofi Kingston)


Segment #6: Backstage Promo

Rene Young interviews Tag-Team Champions The Miz and Damien Mizdow about their feud with The Usos. Miz insists that Jimmy Uso will only be around Naomi, his wife, when she is on movie sets and that’s the one time he will feel like an “A-Lister.”

Segment #7: Backstage Promo

Adam Rose is walking with his Party Posse. They will put on “the biggest after-party in history!” A man who is not your typical “party animal” walks up and tells Adam that his match is next against himself. That man is “The Big Red Machine,” Kane!


Match #4: Single – Adam Rose (with his Party Posse) VS. Kane

“The Big Red Machine” quickly polishes off Rose with a chokeslam, even after The Bunny interfered.

Winner via Pinfall: Kane

Post-match, Kane Tombstones The Bunny this time for good measure.


Match #5: Single – Chris Jericho VS. Paul Heyman

Prior to the bout, Heyman walks out and cuts a promo. He wants to pay off Jericho what he owes him, $200, and have a “pass” from this match. Chris doesn’t go for it, and shows the app to determine this match a Streetfight!

Heyman reveals one more trick: “Br-ooo-ck Lesn-aaa-rrrr!” The WWE World Heavyweight Champion returns and stares down Jericho. He fends off a Codebreaker attempt and gives him a big F-5! Heyman holds up Lesnar’s hands then the two walk to the back.

Winner: No Contest

After a promo for the Royal Rumble and announcer’s comments, Fandango and Rosa are in the ring. He will be talking, next!


Segment #8: Arena Promo

Fandango is in the ring with Rosa, and proclaims that “Raw Is Jericho is now ‘Raw Was Jericho.’” He is quickly interrupted by the return of another superstar, Roman Reigns! He walks to the ring quickly through the crowd, then takes out Fandango with a harsh punch and a Spear! “The Superstar Of The Year (2014)” picks up the microphone and goes to talk before being interrupted by The Big Show.

While Show is on the stage, Reigns warns him that “I’m going to hit ya in the mouth,” if he meets him in the ring. show accepts the subtle challenge, and wants to “put him back on the injured reserved list.” Reigns quickly Superman Punches him, but it has little effect, as Show is still standing and throws the steel stairs around.


Match #6: Single – Tag-Team Champion The Miz (with Tag-Team Champion Damien Mizdow) VS. Jimmy Uso (with brother/partner Jey Uso) (Non-Title)

Miz slides out of the ring a couple of times at first, then is caught by Jimmy with a tilt-a-whirl scoop-slam. It is shown that Naomi is watching backstage. Jimmy chops away on Miz in the corner, then sweeps him up and punches away. Miz turns the tide, using the top rope to jawbreak Jimmy. He leaps off the top turnbuckle, but is hit with an uppercut, giving Jimmy the advantage again. Miz regains control and kicks Jimmy in the head off the apron. He then shoves his own partner, Mizdow, out of the way. Miz works over Jimmy with a grounding front-facelock and bridge. Jimmy elbows out of it, but can’t connect with a Samoan Drop. Instead, he is driven down with a back/neckbreaker combo.

Jimmy regains momentum, clotheslining Miz over the ropes, then soaring himself with a body-splash! He follows with a crossbody from the top turnbuckle for two! Jimmy gives Miz a Samoan Drop, which Mizdow comes in and imitates. As the referee is rolling Mizdow out, Jey socks Miz off the ropes, allowing Jimmy to hit a superkick then a Superfly Splash from the top turnbuckle for the 1 – 2 – 3!

Winner via Pinfall: Jimmy Uso (with brother/partner Jey Uso)


Segment #9: Backstage Promo

Even though he lost, The Miz is still trying to convince Naomi to join the acting business. He then asks her to be on MizTV Tuesday night on Main Event. He lets her know that it is big, so do not let Jimmy know that she is taking his offer.

Segment #10: Backstage Promo

Rene Young is with Seth Rollins, Joey Mercury, and Jamie Noble. Again, he is not pleased with the decision to face John Cena in a Steel Cage. He says because of the wild decision-making, no one is safe around Raw. Rollins promotes that The Authority must be back to get back decent control of the company. “I am going to teach John Cena a lesson that he will not soon forget.”

The cage begins to lower and the main-event is up next!


Match #7: Single (Steel Cage Rules) – Seth Rollins (with Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble) VS. John Cena

Right away, Rollins tries to escape but Cena yanks him back in the cage/ring. Seth quickly gains domination, using the cage walls to work over Cena. He is quickly sling-shotted into those walls however, but begins to climb. Cena rams his head off the mesh, then rockets him across with a bulldog! 1 – 2 – Rollins kicks out! Both Rollins and Cena try to escape but to no avail. Both try to use the door to leave, and struggle with each other. John pulls Rollins back in, then whips him into the corner. Seth almost gets this after an elbow and blockbuster neckbreaker from the middle turnbuckle! Rollins powerbombs Cena into the corner but still can’t put him away!


Rollins is still in control until Cena makes a big comeback! He counters a punch with a few of his own, then uses the ropes for a couple shoulder block tackles! Cena turns him around with a spin-out powerbomb, but Rollins kicks him in the head when he tried the 5-Knuckle Shuffle. Cena hits it again, and an Attitude Adjustment for a close two! He goes for the door, but Noble blocks him. Cena shoves Jamie off, but is grabbed back into the cage/ring by Rollins. Cena drops Rollins with a top-rope legdrop! 1 – 2 – Rollins gets his shoulder up!

They both trade climbs until Cena attempts the A.A. Rollins wiggles out, then dives off the top rope with a knee-to-the-face! 1 – 2- Cena rolls his shoulder up! Seth taunts and yells at Cena, “this is what you wanted!” He tosses him hard into the cage again, then measures him. This time, Cena reverses a whip and sends Rollins face-first into the mesh wall! Again, Cena goes to walk out the door but Mercury slams it shut on his head! Rollins covers but only manages a near-fall!

Rollins leaps over, but is caught in the STF! He crawls and kicks off Cena, then is almost out the door until Cena holds onto his legs. Both Mercury and Noble try to tug Rollins out, but Cena uses his strength to drag him back in. Noble tosses the Money In The Bank briefcase into the ring before the referee shuts the door.

Rollins picks up the briefcase, swinging at Cena! He misses and instead eats a clothesline! Both men slug back-and-forth until Rollins lands on his feet after another A.A. attempt. He grabs the briefcase and rams it into Cena’s head, but amazingly, only for two!

Seth manage to almost get out of the cage, but Cena pulls him back in a giant Attitude Adjustment from the top turnbuckle! Both men are down and are crawling toward the door. Just now, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar’s music plays. He and Paul Heyman walk down, with Lesnar entering the cage. He surveys both men, then decides on Cena by German-suplexing him three-times! Rollins gets up and realizes the opportunity. Heyman walks in and extends his hand, which Rollins shakes! He is then left alone with Cena, and gives him a Curb-Stomp. Rollins picks up his briefcase and approaches the door, then slowly walks out of it to get the victory!

Winner via Pinfall: Seth Rollins (with Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble)

Rollins is held up on the stage by Mercury and Noble to close the show.

End Of Raw.

Reporter’s Rumblings – By Moe Tapp

This was another pretty-decent Raw; even though it took a while to fill in the gaps from T.L.C., the show did flow pretty smooth and I really enjoyed the main-event! Onto the analysis:

Excellence: Great matches between Ziggler/Rowan/Luke/Big, Bellas/Alicia/Natalya, The New Day/Goldust/Stardust, and Rollins/Cena.

Loved Jericho’s promo with Lana/Rusev as it was back to his good ole comedy routine, with two people than can get the heel heat easy by not feeding/playing into it. Still liking The Miz/Mizdow’s and Usos feud; getting a little more interesting each week! Same with The New Day.

Like the potential new feud of Reigns and Show. Really happy that Reigns is back too; totally like his “Big Daddy Cool 2.0” mixed with “I don’t give a darn and will go through anyone to get to the top as quickly as possible” personalities.

The main-event was an awesome one, well-wrestled and told! It also sets up an intriguing point to the Royal Rumble with Seth winning over Cena and also having the Money In The Bank briefcase.

Bogus: I thought it took too long to get to a result of the T.L.C. Pay-Per-View for those of us who didn’t know what happened already. The promo that was cut really could’ve been done in the middle of the show, or next segment, and they should’ve had Cena/Rollins/Ambrose/Wyatt out to talk about their T.L.C. bout.

Not interested in Adam Rose and Posse anymore; I really hope Kane chokeslamming/tombstoning them is the end of the gimmick and they will be refreshed. Same with “the new” Fandango; warn out his welcome already.

Some key people were missing, notably A.J. and Jack Swagger, coming off hot-feuds from the PPV. This was not good!

While I’m looking forward to The Ascension’s debut, they really need to have a better build. The only highlight of their video is the tagline “Welcome To The Wasteland.” The rest just doesn’t work and they need to redo it fast, because they can be a great tag-team!

Overall, this was a pretty good Raw; looking forward to next weeks! Until then, as always, Be Excellent Wrestling-Online Readers and Wrestling Fans!


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