Monday Night Raw TV report for 11/28/2016

Written by Charlie Wilkerson

The opening of the show from Charlotte was a recap of last week where Kevin Owens wrestled Seth Rollins, with highlights such as the balcony dive, the power bomb on the side of the ring, and the Jericho attack from the audience.


The Highlight Reel started out the show with Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho insulting Americans for celebrating Thanksgiving and they refer to themselves as a superior breed of humans…Canadians.

Kevin Owens said that Seth Rollins wasn’t medically cleared to compete tonight due to the power bomb on the apron last week and then Roman Reigns’ music kicked it as Reigns came down to the ring.

Roman Reigns said that Kevin Owens was a joke to be called the Universal champion and Owens was just “a guy” who needed a lot of help for everything. Chris Jericho made sure to let Roman Reigns know that anyone who makes fun of his best friend Kevin Owens gets…
Kevin Owens cuts him off and told Chris Jericho to shut up and told Reigns he did not have the right to talk to him that way cause he’s the Universal champion.

Reigns challenges Owens for a match and if he wins, he’ll get another shot at the Universal title at Roadblock. Owens accepts.

After the break, Jericho and Owens are seen arguing and Kevin tells Chris he doesn’t want him to help him anymore and Chris Jericho lets him know that he’s no longer his best friend.


Strowman hits a running bodyslam and easily takes out R-Truth.  After the match, Goldust confronts Braun. Sami Zayn comes to the ring to interfere and then Strowman destroys Sami Zayn. Mick Foley comes out and stops Strowman from destroying Sami.

After the break, we see the continuation of Sami Zayn and Mick Foley arguing over Foley giving Sami special treatment.

Backstage, Dana Brooke interrupted Charlotte in her dressing room. Charlotte says she’s going to end the rivalry between her and Sasha Banks tonight and told Dana to go plan a celebration party.

Tony Neese pins Cedric Alexander with the pump handle slam after interference from Drew Gulak.

We return from a break and we see Chris Jericho with his suitcase getting ready to leave the arena in his limousine and the driver makes him drop his list. Someone yells to Y2J, “did I make the list?” and he turns around and it’s Seth Rollins. Rollins beats up on Chris Jericho in the garage and then hits the pedigree on the roof of a car. This is last we see of Y2J tonight.

CHARLOTTE vs SASHA BANKS – Women’s title match

Next we have the Raw Women’s title match between Charlotte and Sasha Banks. Charlotte was accompanied by Dana Brooks
The match ended quickly with a double count out and Charlotte was noticeably very, very happy and the ring announcer makes the announcement that Charlotte retains the title because of a count out.

Mick Foley’s music was queued and he came out and announces that later in the show that they would have another match and that it would be a no disqualification, falls count anywhere match. Charlotte was definitely not happy.


The rematch between Rusev and Enzo Amore takes place, Enzo is accompanied by Big Cass and Rusev is accompanied by Lana. Enzo Amore and Big Cass start the pre-match with their usual shenanigans which was quite funny. The highlight was about what Lana and Rusev had for Thanksgiving dinner, and Enzo said Lana was fantasizing about him stuffing her turkey, which got a large pop from the audience.

The bell rung and the match lasted about 10 seconds and Rusev was immediately disqualified.


Next is a cruiserweight match with Rich Swann versus Noam Dar.
Brian Kendrick joined the team on commentary. Swann pins Noam Dar with a kick to the head and afterward Corey Graves interviews Swann about the 205 Live show.

Next segment showed Sheamus and Cesaro in a bar in Charlotte and they’re both chatting about that they are so glad that they don’t have to tag team together anymore. Some locals are rude to them and Cesaro tells Sheamus to ignore the locals and then one of the locals burps in Cesaro’s face and then they both kick everybody’s butt.


The stipulation is if Roman defeats Kevin, he gets another shot at the Universal title at Roadblock. The match was a typical Roman Reigns match with the superman punches, spears, etc… The match ended with Roman Reigns pinning Kevin Owens after two Superman punches and a spear. With this win he now has another title shot at the Universal title championship.

After the commercial break they attempted to interview Kevin Owens and then he talks about Chris Jericho still being his best friend and said the interviewer is a mindless robot and should have brought him a water.

Michael Cole does a one on one interview in the studio with Paul Heyman about Brock Lesnar’s loss to Bill Goldberg. Heyman says they took Goldberg lightly. They thought this would be the easiest payday of Brock’s career. Heyman says Goldberg’s spear to Lesnar broke his ribs. Heyman says Lesnar is embarrassed by the loss.
Heyman announces if Goldberg is in the Royal Rumble match, then Brock Lesnar will be in the Royal Rumble match as well.


The New Day come out and they throw Booty O’s at Corey Graves as they are heading to the ring! A big spot had Big E spear Karl Anderson through the ropes to the floor (looked like Big E might have hurt himself). Xavier Woods made the pin on Karl Anderson by pulling his tights.

CHARLOTTE vs SASHA BANKS – Women’s title match
They fought on the ramp, Charlotte did a moonsault off of the announcers table onto Sasha Banks. Bank also had a kendo stick which she used numerous times during the match. The finale was interesting as Sasha Banks forced Charlotte to submit to the bank statement as she had Charlotte stuck in the guard rail on the steps in the audience. This was a no DQ, falls-count anywhere match so it counted.

After the match, Ric Flair came out to raise Sasha Banks’ arm and hug her in the ring! This got a huge pop from the Charlotte audience.


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