Monday Night Raw TV report for 11/23/2015

Monday Night Raw TV Report for November 23rd, 2015 – “No ‘Tender Love, and Care’ Here!”

Introduction Segment: Video Promo

A still-picture and video recap of Survivor Series is shown, where Roman Reigns won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship for a few minutes, until Sheamus cashed in his Money In The Bank briefcase and became a four-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, as well as aligning himself with Triple H.

Segment #2: Welcoming and Arena Promo

Michael Cole greets us from Nashville and The Authority’s music plays. Triple H and Stephanie walk out, and both are happy because they have “their man” on there side, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus. HHH goes on about how Roman was given a chance to take the easy road and just join The Authority, but instead he didn’t and then Speared “The Game” at the end of Survivor Series. Triple H asks for Sheamus to come out, so he does.

Microphone in hand, the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion revels in his latest accomplishment; even the fans chanting “you look stupid” does not bother him. He goes on about telling the people that he “was one Brogue Kick away from becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion.” Sheamus holds the title high, continuing to brag and hugs Steph and HHH.

Roman Reigns interrupts and demands his automatic rematch; Steph denies his request since he attacked her spouse last night. Roman challenges Triple H and they stare-down while Stephanie backs away. “The Game” informs Reigns that he will get his rematch, when the C.O.O. decides, not tonight. From the corner, Rusev enters and superkicks Roman! Sheamus follows with a Brogue Kick, then he, Rusev, Steph, and HHH stand on the stage. Triple H announces that the WWE World Heavyweight Championship rematch will happen at the TLC show on December 13th. They will compete in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match. Meanwhile tonight, Roman will have to face Rusev!

Segment #3: Video Promo

Still-photos The Undertaker and Kane’s match with The Wyatt Family at Survivor Series is shown; “The Brothers Of Destruction” were supreme!

Up next, Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper will take on The Dudley Boyz!


Match #1: Tag-Team – The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von) VS. The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper) (with Wyatt Family members Braun Strowman and Erik Rowan)

Prior to the bell, a video is shown of Bray threatening vicious harm to The Dudleyz. Luke starts out and dominates for a bit until Bubba whips him and boots him. He tags in D-Von, and the “brothers” double-flapjack Luke. Bray pulls Harper out for a break.


Bray is now controlling over D-Von, harshly clotheslining him in the corner. He continues the punishment until he misses a running senton. D-Von makes the hot-tag and Bubba is all over Luke! He punches away then one-arm slams him, but is distracted by the rest of The Family and given a big clothesline! Harper covers for the victory!

Winners via Pinfall: The Wyatt Family

Post-match, Rowan, Strowman, and Wyatt continue the assault.


Segment #4: Video Promo

A compilation of the new video game, WWE 2K16, is aired.

Segment #5: Video Promo

Clips of The Undertaker’s career from the last twenty-five years, mixed in with JBL’s interviews with Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H, is featured.

Team B.A.D. make their entrance as Sasha Banks will be wrestling, next!


Match #2: Single – Sasha Banks (with Team B.A.D. partners Tamina and Naomi) VS. Becky Lynch

They lockup and throw each other, then engage again and Sasha gets the advantage. She pounds away then rubs Becky’s face into the canvas. Lynch pushes back, but is dropped by Sasha’s knees in the corner. She continues to use the ropes to punish Becky, then Tamina slaps Lynch as Banks got the referee’s attention.

Sasha clamps on a surfboard, but Lynch fights back. She hits a couple clotheslines then a calf-kick. She tosses Banks with a t-bone suplex. Sasha puts her down again, but Becky traps her in her Disarmer hold. B.A.D. distracts again, allowing Banks to roll-up and hook the tights for the 1 – 2 – 3!

Winner via Pinfall: Sasha Banks (with Team B.A.D. partners Tamina and Naomi)

Segment #6: Video Promo

Paige yells from backstage and appears on the Titantron. She argues with Cole over the finish of the Divas Championship match, where she debates Charlotte’s win because the Champ’s arm was under the ropes. Paige claims she is still the #1 Contender to the title.

The New Day will celebrate one year of teaming with a “Country Jamboree” and Tag-Team Championship Open Challenge, up next!


Segment #7: Arena Promo

Tag-Team Champion The New Day strut out, dressed in unicorn and cowboy hats. They are carrying toy stick horses and a trumpet. In the ring, they denounce having to be in Nashville because it is renowned for Country Music. Xavier Woods, Big E., and Kofi Kingston then challenge a team to take them on.

The Lucha Dragons answer, as do The Usos! All three teams get into it, but The New Day backs out when they realized they may be outnumbered.

It is just announced that Paige will get to challenge again for the Divas Title against Charlotte tonight!


Segment #8: Backstage Promo

Rene Young is with Divas Champion Charlotte. She wants her thoughts on Paige calling her a “cheater.” Charlotte says that she “respects” Paige, and it doesn’t matter overall what she insinuates; she is happy to face Paige again.

Match #3: Single – Mark Henry VS. Neville

Neville tries to circle around Henry, but Mark uses his strength to shove into the corner and give repeated headbutts in the corner. Neville soars off the top turnbuckle a bit later, but Henry catches him. He goes for the World’s Strongest Slam, but Neville hops out of it! He kicks Mark in the head, then twists off the top turnbuckle with the Red Arrow Splash to finish this!

Winner via Pinfall: Neville

Post-match, “The World’s Strongest Man” glares at Neville, then offers his hand in sportsmanship. Neville takes it as the two shake, and Henry tells him “I respect you.”

Segment #9: Video Promo

Stardust is going on as usual when Titus O’Neil walks in and scares him away.

Up next, Stardust and The Ascension face The Primetime Players and Goldust!


Match #4: Six-Man Tag-Team – Stardust and The Ascension (Konnor and Viktor) VS. Goldust and The Primetime Players (Darren Young and Titus O’Neil)

Goldust and Stardust gaze at each other, then Stardust makes the tag before even going at it with his real-life brother. Goldust and P.T.P. are governing for a bit until Stardust, Konnor, and Viktor take control for a while young gives Stardust boots out of the corner and leaps to Titus for the hot-tag

O’Neil cleans house then gives a big boot to Konnor. Goldust clotheslines Stardust over the ropes while Young takes out Viktor. Titus comes out on top after his Spinebuster on Konnor!

Winners Pinfall: Goldust and The Primetime Players

Zeb Colter and United State Champion Alberto Del Rio will be out after the break!


Segment #9: Arena Promo

United States Champion Alberto Del Rio and Zeb Colter go to ringside by the announcer’s table. They rip on the crowd for not joining up with them for MexAmerica. They declare “to hell with all of you people. The borders of MexAmerica are closed.” They continue to go on until Jack Swagger interjects.

On the stage, Jack shakes his head at his former manager, saying that Zeb used to believe in America. He wonders what has changed, calling him an “old, out-of-touch, bitter, hypocrite.” Alberto orders Swagger not to speak that way, but Jack stands up against him more and marches to the ring. After staring at each other, Del Rio shakes his head “no and backs away, while holding the U.S. Title in Jack’s face. Swagger proclaims “we the people” with the fans as Zeb and Alberto go to the back.


Match #5: Single for the Divas Championship – Paige (Challenger) VS. Charlotte (Champion)

Following formal introductions, an elbow-collar tie-up starts, then slapping ensues. Charlotte grounds Paige with a front-facelook, then tears at her left arm with an armbar. Paige breaks and runs away from Charlotte on the ring apron, but Charlotte throws her back in. she knees Paige a few times then struts like “The Nature Boy!”

Charlotte elbows Paige and slams her around the ring with the Figure-4 Necklock. She climbs the turnbuckle, but Paige yanks her off and stomps repeatedly in the corner. She trips Charlotte up and ties her in a bow-and-arrow chinlock. She places Charlotte between the top and middle ropes, then knees her again numerous times.

Paige mocks Charlotte with her version of the Figure-4 Necklock, wearing her down. She suplexes Charlotte into the ropes, then pulls her left leg against the bottom rope on the other side. She kicks Charlotte hard in the side of the face, but only gets two! She continues to focus on Charlotte’s legs, particularly with another suplex into the ropes.

The former “Diva Of Tomorrow” turns a tackle by Charlotte into a guillotine chokehold, then bends her right leg backward with a stretch. She applies pressure to Charlotte’s head too, but Charlotte gets up and somewhat dropkicks her!


Charlotte starts to make a comeback with chops and a rear chinlock with scissors! She goes for the Spear on Paige to the floor, but they kind of end up tumbling instead. Both try to get in the ring, but Paige holds Charlotte back and chucks her into the barricade. Mike Chioda, the referee counts to ten, and neither made it!

Winner: None due to Double Count-Out

Paige continues, hurling her onto the steel steps too and tossing her onto the commentator’s table. Paige tortures Charlotte with the P.T.O. on the table, then stomps a couple of times before two referees break her away.


It is announced that Jack Swagger will go against United States Champion Alberto Del Rio on Smackdown! this week!

Segment #10: Arena Promo

Heath Slater tries to entertain the fans with a rock n’ roll song, but “The Big Guy” stops it before he can play. Ryback approaches the stage and “feeds” on Heath, demolishing him with a spinebuster and the Shellshock Samoan Drop after getting smacked with the guitar, which only shattered across Ryback’s back and did no damage to him.


Match #6: Tag-Team – Tyler Breeze and Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens (with Summer Rae) VS. Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose

Tyler and Dolph wrestle around for a bit until Owens and Ambrose are tagged in, however Kevin switches back out; it is back to Dolph and Tyler. Ziggler is put to the canvas with a kick, and Owens and Breeze double-team Dolph in the corner.

Ziggler makes a comeback attempt, jumping onto Kevin and reaching for the tag, but instead dropkicking him. He crawls again for the high-five, then hurdles forward to Dean! He is in and takes out Tyler, especially with a running dive form the outside to the floor!

Back in the ring, Ambrose turns “Prince Pretty” around with a swinging neckbreaker, but is caught by Owens, allowing Breeze roll him up for two. “The Lunatic Fringe” manages to turn Tyler around into Dirty Deeds for the W while Owens looked on!

Winners via Pinfall; Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose


Segment #10: Video Promo

The same that opened Raw is recalled.

Rusev makes his entrance for his main-event against Roman Reigns, and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus joins him.


Match #7: Single – Rusev (with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus) VS. Roman Reigns

Roman slaps and punches Rusev right away but Rusev kicks him and grounds him with a front-facelock. Reigns sends Rusev off the ropes then clothesline him and uppercuts. He whips “The Bulgarian Brute” into the corner and tries a Samoan Drop, but Rusev wiggles out. Instead, Reigns gives Rusev a neckbreaker and punches away in the corner.

Rusev turns it around into kicks in the corner and pressures him against the middle rope. Rusev slams Reigns’ head against the turnbuckle, but eats a big boot in the middle of the ring! Rusev rolls to the outside, where he is chucked into the corner of the barrier! Roman looks at Sheamus, who is sitting by the announcers.


Rusev is still dominating, working over Reigns with a grounding rear chinlock. He throws him to the floor, where Sheamus attacks while Marty, the referee, was turned around. Back in the ring, Rusev stomps away and works over Roman more. Sheamus pulls at Reigns’ leg as he ran, but the referee decides to send the WWE World Heavyweight Champion to the back this time.

Rusev is furious and gets rolled-up for a near-fall, but Rusev puts Roman to the mat with a Samoan Drop. Both men are down, but soon get back up and slug away at each other. Reigns rockets off the ropes with a running flying forearm and clotheslines Rusev in the corner ten times, but meets a spinning-wheel kick right after! 1 – 2 – Roman raises his shoulder!

Rusev ascends the turnbuckle, but Reigns meet shim their and sets up for a suplex. Rusev punches him off and subsequently dives with a headbutt. 1 – 2 – Reigns kicks out again! “The Bulgarian Brute” signals to crush with The Accolade, but Roman battles out of it. He is stomped on a lot again but manages a Superman Punch for a close call!

Roman psyches himself but Rusev goes to the outside and kicks Reigns to break the momentum! He continues to thrown around the floor, and rammed against the announce table by his head. Rusev places Roman back in the ring, but is kneed as he tried to get in himself! Reigns hits another Superman Punch, which makes Rusev fall to the mat below! Roman follows with a Drive-By running front-dropkick, but King Barrett runs out and hits him with the Bullhammer, causing the DQ!

Winner via Disqualification: Roman Reigns

Post-match, Roman disposes of Barrett quickly, then slams Rusev’s back with a steel chair multiple times. He also hits Sheamus, who ran back out, and the two gawk at each other to close the show, Roman in the ring and the WWE World Heavyweight Champion from the stage.

End Of Raw.

Reporter’s Rumblings – By Moe Tapp

This was actually a pretty good Raw, coming off a very predictable Survivor Series. I did not watch the Network/Pay-Per-View, but was disappointed with the final results. More on that below, so let’s look at Raw and Survivor Series, combined!

Excellence: wrestling matches between The Dudleyz/Wyatts, Sasha/Becky, The Divas Championship, and Roman/Rusev!

I’m absolutely loving Paige’s new personality; I think I wrote about her before, but this is the attitude she should have for a heel and should’ve had the first time around she turned. The fans are actually together in their “hatred” of Paige, which is perfect to push her as the heel.

The New Day’s promo was hilarious (and I love country), and I like the prospect of Luchas VS. Usos VS. New Day for the Tag Titles!

Glad to see both Jack Swagger and Neville in new storylines; great that Swagger’s actually on TV and still a face (he’s actually getting over pretty well and his theme music is awesome!) and happy that Neville has moved on from the boring feud he had with Stardust.

Bogus: I’ll begin with the little ones before my major rant!

Slater/Ryback was a waste of time; should’ve not had that segment and given more time to another match….

The Tag bout with Ambrose/Ziggler/Owens/Breeze deserved so much more time (see above!). these guys can wrestle and I would’ve liked to see them longer, and I expected it.

Now onto the big story and my huge displeasure: the WWE World Heavyweight Championship scenario. As my Dad said two weeks ago when the tournament started, it became way too predictable. It was totally set up for Reigns/Ambrose and some sort of screw finish for the finals; I did not believe for one second that either of them would keep/capture the WWE Title clean. (Yes, I predicted Reigns to win, but I didn’t think fully and probably would’ve put another situation around that last week.)

I really hate that Sheamus took it; he has done nothing for the last two months since Night Of Champions, so there was absolutely no reason to even get hyped if he was going to cash in or not. It would’ve been a little better if they had played up the guessing game with him during the tournament, like they did back in September.

Another angle/twist, much better, would’ve been for Roman to start to play the “not-a-sell-out” emotion first, then completely turn and accept Triple H’s offer to be “his guy” and be given the WWE World Heavyweight Championship right then and there, not having the tournament at all. This would’ve been a great, more-unexpected surprise and intrigue.

The current way has been done too much and is monotonous. I now can’t wait for the Royal Rumble, as that’s the next true show (other than NXT: Takeovers!) that will offer some variance and guessing in who could be the next #1 wrestler. I hope they keep Sheamus/Reigns very physical though, as that is the one plus of this feud that they are both awesome at.

Until Smackdown!, Be Excellent Wrestling-Online Readers and Fans!

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