Monday Night Raw TV report for 10/05/2015

As today is another unfortunate anniversary, this one of the death of Brian Pillman in 1997, I will not give Raw a title, or intro/closing comments, but instead provide my thoughts on the late-great wrestler after the report.

Monday Night Raw TV Report for October 5th, 2015

Introduction Segment: Video Promo and Welcoming

Highlights from Raw last week, with Kane getting approval to still be Director Of Operations much to WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins’ dismay is shown. The regular Raw video plays and the pyro blasts in the TD Garden Arena. Michael Cole welcomes us to Boston, Massachusetts, as Byron Saxton announces that The Dudley Boyz will take on Seth Rollins and The Big Show!

Segment #2: Arena Promo

The music of “The Beast” plays and he walks out with his advocate, Paul Heyman. Still-images of Brock Lesnar’s match with The Big Show from last Saturday’s event at Madison Square Garden in New York are shown. Back in Boston, boisterous “Suplex City” chants ring out and delay their promo. Paul finally gets on the mike and pronounces himself as “the advocate of the ‘Slayer of the Giant,’ and the ‘Raw Beast of Boston’ Brock Lesnar!”

Heyman moves onto the next pay-per-view, Hell In A Cell, where is client will once again face The Undertaker in a Hell In A Cell match. Paul E. puts over “The Phenom” as a destructive force since 1990, but now he is meeting Lesnar in Hell In A Cell, a whole new environment, where Brock will be the destructive force. He shows the footage from WrestleMania XXX, where Brock defeated `Taker and broke his undefeated streak. Heyman declares that Undertaker wasn’t “man enough” to win cleanly at SummerSlam this year, and shows the finish of that match too. Paul says that Lesnar didn’t have to “low blow” “The Deadman” for a win; but at HIAC “one of you walks out the winner of the history of ‘Brock Lesnar VS. The Undertaker’ and one of you will not walk out of the cell at all. That is a statement!”

Before they can go on, The Big Show interrupts. He gives props to Brock for their bout at MSG, and wants to shake his hand, but Brock declines and walks off. Show doesn’t take kindly, putting his vote in for The Undertaker “to beat you again.” Lesnar hops the apron and overhead belly-to-belly suplexes show, then plants him with an F-5! Brock stands over, proud of his work.

Segment #3: Office Promo

Seth Rollins is with Stephanie McMahon, complaining that Show is now out of the Tag-Team match and it looks like he’ll have to wrestle The Dudleys on his own. McMahon orders him to “figure it out.”


Match #1: Six-Man Tag-Team – Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Randy Orton VS. The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, and Braun Strowman)

Harper and Reigns start off, but this breaks down quickly with Roman, Dean, and Randy tossing The Wyatt Family to the floor.


Ambrose is laying on the canvas, and Luke walking around him. Harper approaches cautiously, but is rolled-up with a small package for two! Braun is now in and controls over Dean, catching him off a slingshot crossbody! He slams “The Lunatic Fringe” hard, then switches with Bray. He also wears down Ambrose, as does Strowman when he’s tagged back in.


Bray’s in again and stomps on Dean, but misses a running senton splash. Strowman is slapped on his hand, but also misses a run, instead hitting the ring post. Ambrose manages the hot-tag to Orton, who cleans house on Harper. He drives him with the hanging-DDT, but is pulled out of the ring by Braun before he could go for an RKO! Reigns is in and Superman Punches Wyatt off the apron, then whales away on the floor! Braun holds him back, but Ambrose rockets through the ropes with a dive! Reigns hits Superman Punch on Strowman, then Dean jumps onto him, and he and Braun fall into the timekeeper’s area!

In the ring, Roman ducks a clothesline from Luke and sit-down pwerbombs him instead! He gears up, but Bray hits him with a forearm and Luke superkicks him! 1 – 2 – Randy stops it! Bray attempts a Sister Abigail on Orton, but “The Viper” counters and tries an RKO but Wyatt escapes. Randy gets the RKO on Harper, and Roman follows with a Spear and the cover for the victory!

Winners via Pinfall: Roman, Dean, and Randy

Post-match, Reigns yells at Bray “at Hell In A Cell, me and you are done, and I’m gonna be the one that wins it. Believe that!”

Later tonight, United States Champion John Cena will present another Open Challenge!


Match #2: Single – Neville VS. Sheamus

(Note: King Barrett is on commentary.) Prior to the contest, Sheamus rips the fans for not being an authentic Irish city. He says he should’ve been there mascot, then mocks Neville and compares him to a leprechaun. He calls Neville a “loser” and proclaims himself a “winner.”

Neville responds with a kick-to-the-gut and the bout is on! He gives Sheamus a flurry of punches and kicks in the corner, so much that the referee has to hold him back. Barrett goes to ringside, which allows Sheamus to hit the Brogue Kick for a quick finish!

Winner via Pinfall: Sheamus


Segment #4: Arena Promo

Kane is standing in the ring, with his left foot covered in a walking boot due to the damage Rollins had done last week. He announces that Rollins’ tag-team partner will be him, but the WWE World Heavyweight Champion objects. He marches down and tells Kane that “I’m not playing your little games; not tonight, not ever again!”

Kane retorts that it is all about “bringing out the best” in Rollins, however that he also “has to go through hell.” Seth wants to return the favor and also take Kane to hell, but both are now interrupted by Stephanie McMahon. She chastises Rollins for not being a “team player,” and books him to defend his WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Hell In The Cell against The Demon Kane! Also, she adds that Kane will team with Seth tonight, and that if The Demon doesn’t beat Rollins at HIAC, then The Director of Operations job will cease to exist!


Segment #5: Office Promo

Rollins is now nitpicking his situation COO Triple H. “The Game” doesn’t give him sympathy, and tells him to “do unto others…”

Match #3: Single – Natalya VS. Paige

They lockup then Natalya slugs away in the corner. Paige goes into a victory roll, but Natalya reverses into one of her own, then Paige reverses it back! Natalya dropkicks Paige to the floor, but Paige hits back with a big kick on the outside. Paige puts Natalya back in the ring, then locks on a leg scissors around Natalya’s waist. Natalya turns it around and punches hard but Paige clamps on a Guillotine Headlock and wears Natalya down, but Natalya soon picks her up. Paige falls on her in a crossbody position for two, then grapples Natalya in an Abdominal Stretch. Natalya reverses it into one of her own and pulls back on Paige’s free leg with a modified version. Paige elbows out of it, but misses a running knee-in-the-corner.

Natalya clotheslines Paige and gives her a Russian Legsweep. Paige knees back off the ropes but eats another big clothesline. 1 – 2 – Paige kicks out! Paige reverses a whip and drivers Natalya to the mat with her former finisher, the Paige-Turner, but again only gets two! Paige goes to slap Natalya, but Nattie ducks and slams her down, then hits a running front-dropkick to her face! Nattie covers but can’t take this! She carries Paige, but the former “Diva Of Tomorrow” slides out. Natalya catches her and ties her up in The Sharpshooter, but Paige wiggles to the ropes.

Paige jawbreaks Natalya with the middle rope and rolls her up for a near-fall, then runs at her with a kick. Natalya catches her and spins Paige around again in The Sharpshooter, and this time, she taps!

Winner via Submission: Natalya

Cole, John “Bradshaw” Layfield” and Saxton review the match between Ryback and Kevin Owens for the Intercontinental Championship from last week’s Smackdown!

Segment #6: Video Promo

Ryback declares “actions speak louder than words”

I.C. Champ Kevin Owens makes his entrance and will be in action, next!


Match #4: Single – Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens VS. Sin Cara (with Lucha Dragons partner Kalisto)

Owens completely governs this bout until he turns his attention to Kalisto on the outside. Cara makes a comeback, but it doesn’t go too far, as Kevin drives him down with the Pop-Up Powerbomb and gets the 1 – 2 – 3!

Winner via Pinfall: Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens

Post-match, Owens also assaults Kalisto and sets up for an apron powerbomb until Ryback charges out, chasing Kevin away.

Segment #7: Backstage Promo

Stephanie is on her cell phone when Tag-Team Champions The New Day walk up. They want to give some positive vibes to Ms. McMahon, but she is not in the mood; not even a trumpet will cheer her up. She then tells the trio they will meet The Dudley Boyz again at HIAC for the Tag-Team Titles.


Segment #8: Arena Promo

Superstars are on the stage, and Roman Reigns and John Cena are in the ring with some women who have survived/are surviving breast cancer. The WWE’s partnership with the Susan G. Komen Foundation is supported by everyone in the ring, and the fans in attendance who cheer respectively and encouragingly for all suffering from this disease.


Match #5: Tag-Team – Director of Operations Kane and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins VS. The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von)

Kane and Rollins argue to start, then Seth takes the brunt of the punishment by The Dudleys for the gist of this bout. Kane blindly tags Rollins and takes out D-Von. He and Seth start to actually be a tag-team and pick apart “the brothers.”


Kane and Rollins continue to manage until Kane’s ankle bothers him. Kane clutches his ankle and switches with Seth. An assistant rushes over to check on Kane then, suddenly, Rollins cuffs Kane to the ring post, preventing him to being taken to the back. Kane is knocked off the apron and the restraints break, so the ringside attendant helps him up the ramp; Kane looks back and smiles threateningly.

The Dudleyz make a comeback and go for a table, but Rollins dropkicks it into them. The referee calls for the bell.

Winners via Disqualification: The Dudley Boyz

Post-match, Seth takes his WWE World Heavyweight Championship and tries to leave, but Demon Kane hurries out. He boots Rollins in the ring, but turns around into a 3-D from The Dudleyz, due to what happened last week on Smackdown! where The Demon chokeslammed them.

The WWE World Heavyweight Champion sees an opportunity and sets up a table in the ring. He yells over a seemingly out-cold Kane, but The Demon grabs Rollins by the throat and chokeslams him through the table!


Match #6: Six-Diva Tag-Team – Team B.A.D. (Naomi, Tamina, and Sasha Banks) VS. Team Bella (Alicia Fox, and Brie and Nikki Bella)

Before this contest, both teams go at it verbally on who’s better. Naomi and Nikki begin, with Nikki giving Naomi a Lou Thesz Press. Naomi counters with her corner headscissors shake, then tags in Sasha. She slams Nikki’s head into the turnbuckle then kicks away. “The Boss” is elbowed by Nikki and taken over by Brie. She counters a double-boot out of the corner, then drops both her knees on Brie.


Fox and Naomi are going at it now, with Alicia twirling Naomi around with a backbreaker. Brie is back, bulldogging Naomi out of the corner. She works over Naomi and taunts Banks. She tags in her sister, but Naomi rolls Nikki up for a near-fall! Nikki goes back to work with a front-facelock, but Naomi twists out of it and gives Nikki a jawbreaker. Nikki hits back with a clothesline/spear for two, then charges her shoulder into Naomi’s gut in the corner. Alicia’s back and Northern-Light Suplexes Naomi for a quick two!

Team Bella continue to wear down Naomi until she moves from a running move by Alicia. She gets the much-needed and popular tag to Sasha, who acts like a “boss” all over Alicia. This breaks down, with Sasha locking in Fox with the Bank Statement Crossface and making her give up!

Winners via Submission: Team B.A.D.


Segment #9: Arena Promo

Summer Rae is in the ring and is pleased with her partnership with Rusev so much that she shows a video of their relationship. She then gets down on bended knee and proposes to him. Rusev accepts, but does not want it to be immediately. They walk away.


Match #7: Single for the United States Championship – John Cena (Champion) VS. ???

Big E begins strong with a powerful shoulder-block, then punches in the corner.


Langston is still in control, scoop-slamming Cena, but missing a running shoulder and connecting with the ring post instead. Cena runs at him but is slammed with one arm! Big splashes Cena on the apron and continues to dominate until he misses another run and tumbles over the rope after Cena tossed him! On the outside, Langston manages to whip Cena into the steel steps.

Cena begins a comeback with a couple shoulder-tackles and the spin-out powerbomb. He hits the Five-Knuckle Shuffle Fistdrop, but Kofi and Xavier hold onto Big and prevent an Attitude Adjustment attempt. Charles Robinson, the referee, makes the signal of throwing them out. shortly after this, Cena manages to plant Big E. with the A.A. and cover to receive the victory!

Winner via Pinfall and STILL United States Champion: John Cena

Post-match, The New Day jump back in the ring and attack Cena until Dolph Ziggler runs out and tries to help. The odds are not in his or Cena’s favour, as New Day continue the assault on the fan-favorites. The Dudley Boyz now try to help, but are also soon put to the mat. Tag-Team Champions The New Day have dominated Cena, Ziggler, and The Dudleys, and are standing tall and proud in the ring to close the show.

End Of Raw.

Reporter’s Rumblings

Eighteen years ago, pro-wrestling lost one of the greatest minds for the business, and a man who overcame many odds in his life, Brian Pillman. My first memory of Pillman was when he was doing the “prayer” and “praise” promo for an injured Bret Hart in 1997; immediately, I was hooked, not only to him, but to WWF. I had watched it on-and-off a little before, but my consistency really started after watching that segment. (I have since been watching right through.)

Brian had this uncanny ability to make you believe almost everything he was doing was absolutely real, and, for the most part, you could not tell what was storyline and what was life. Of course, this is both good and bad, but that’s another debate for later.

I have watched many of his matches, both from W.C.W. and WWF; I really loved both the “Flyin’” Brian character and the “Loose Cannon” persona; I believe he could’ve continued to go far in this business, especially in the “Attitude Era” as he absolutely summed up that moniker in his later career.

You are missed Brian, and may you continue to Rest In Peace.

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