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Monday Night Raw TV report for 10/16/2023


Arena: Paycom Center
City: Oklahoma City, OK

Out to the ring first is Sami Zayn who is wearing a Kevin Owens’ shirt. Owens was drafted this past Friday to Smackdown. Sami welcomes everyone to the season premiere of Monday Night Raw. He said it feels weird coming out by himself after Kevin was moved to Smackdown. Although disappointed he knows Kevin is going to do big things on Smackdown and he is going to show he too is a world champion caliber wrestler. He is struggling with the fact Kevin was drafted to Smackdown after Jey Uso came to Raw.

Sami says he doesn’t know what is next, but the last year of his career was the very best. He is interrupted by the Judgment Day. Balor says the Judgment Day should be the ones kicking off the season premiere of Monday Night Raw. Priest said he would be happy to get rid of Sami and the tag team champions and even Drew McIntyre.

Rhea tells Sami he is looking lost and back in the day they would try to recruit him to show him the way, but they have a different plan for him they want to get rid of him. As they go to the ring, Jey Uso comes out with a chair in hand to help Sami. The Judgment Day backed down and left the ring.

Jey catches up to Sami and asks if he was ok and if they were good. Sami says it shouldn’t be you having my back, it should be Kevin. Everything is going good for you, you got the titles, you got a friend, and I don’t have either of those. Jey said he didn’t know he felt like that, and Sami called him back and apologized and said he has had a bad week and Jey hugged him.

Ricochet VS. Shinsuke Nakamura in a Falls Count Anywhere Match

Ricochet goes after Shinsuke during his entrance into the ring and the match gets under way. Fight continued backstage, back through the crowd with Ricochet doing a shooting star press off the entrance way. In the end it was Nakamura who kicked Ricochet off the top rope through a table set up outside and a Kinshasa kick and Nakamura pins Ricochet on the outside.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

Tegan Nox, Kayden Carter, and Katana Chance are talking with Nikki Cross sitting on the cases when Chelsea Green and Piper Niven come in and Tegan threatened to hit Chelsea causing Chelsea and Piper to leave quickly.

Piper Niven VS. Natalya

Piper hits Natalya with her crossbody block and pins Natalya.

Winner: Piper Niven

After the match, Chelsea Green comes in her and Piper beat down Natalya until Tegan Nox comes in to save Natalya.

In the back we have Finn Balor and Damian Priest. Priest tells Balor he wanted JD beat up last week then after what McIntyre did, he felt a little bad. Rhea comes in and says she handled Drew, they need to focus on the tag titles and they asked her if she is focused on her match with Shayna tonight and she says she is going to remind everyone who runs this division.

Out next is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth “Freakin” Rollins. Seth calls Drew to come to the ring and join him for the season premiere of Monday Night Rollins. Rollins questions Drew about his conversation with Rhea Ripley last week in the background of the Ricochet interview. Drew said what we talked about was none of your business. Drew tells Seth to worry about him taking that title from him and Seth tells him no one is taking this title from him, especially Drew.

Drew said he doesn’t need help and his failures have been the Bloodline interfering and Seth tells him to get over the Bloodline. Drew said he stepped up during the pandemic. He said he cannot get over it so quickly when he was screwed over so many times by the Bloodline. Seth says he knows how hard it is to get back to the top of the mountain and he is going to beat Drew at Crown Jewel and it will be the best thing to happen to him because he will have no one to blame but himself.

They show Logan Paul after his boxing match calling out Rey Mysterio for the United States Championship. Rey was on a talk show and said he is always open for a challenge. Logan Paul will be on Smackdown this week to address his challenge.

Ludwig Kaiser VS. Johnny Gargano

Gargano goes for a pin, but Vinci poked him in the eyes and Gargano goes outside after Vinci, Vinci rolls in the ring to get away from Gargano. Gargano follows but Kaiser kicks Gargano in the head as Vinci rolls back out of the ring. Kaiser hits his version of the DDT and pins Gargano.

Winner: Ludwig Kaiser

Becky Lynch is walking backstage when she encounters Indi Hartwell and Candace LeRae. Indi asked Becky when she is going to face the woman who never lost the NXT Women’s championship. Becky says you are right you never lost the title and I always wanted to fight you so I will go to Adam Pearce and get the match made official. As Becky walks away, she runs right into Rhea Ripley, no words were spoken just a brief stare down then Rhea walked away.

Drew McIntyre talked to Sami Zayn, and he talked to him about leaving the Bloodline and he appreciates him for stepping up. But he disagrees with Sami accepting Jey Uso and Sami said he is not getting into his business, but he knows for a fact how hard it is putting the Bloodline behind him. Drew told Sami he doesn’t know what he feels because Sami has never been a world champion and felt that pressure and the way he is going will never be a world champion. Sami says if you want to see what level I am at why don’t you find out for yourself, in the ring next week. Drew says he never backs down from a challenge.

Rhea Ripley VS. Shayna Baszler

While both women are down in the ring Nia Jax stormed to the ring, but she was stopped by Raquel Rodriguez. Zoey Stark came out and hammered down on Jax and then Raquel tosses her aside. Stark gets in the ring and Rhea picks her up and throws her on Shayna. Rhea then offered Jax to get in the ring, but Jax misses her and Stark hits Jax with a super kick.

Winner: No contest

Becky Lynch is talking to Adam Pearce, and he agreed and said if Shawn Michaels agrees it will be Indi Hartwell vs Becky Lynch next week. Becky turns around and Jade Cargill was there, and Becky just smiled and walked away.

Jackie Redmond interviewed the Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso.

Gunther VS. Bronson Reed for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Great match with multiple kick outs, Gunther in the end was able to hit a powerbomb and retained the championship.

Winner and Still WWE Intercontinental Champion: Gunther

Jackie Redmond interviewed The Miz. As Miz complains about not being on the show earlier, Nia Jax comes in and takes the microphone and says everyone has hit her with their best shot and she hasn’t hit anyone with her best shot yet and she is still standing and slams the microphone back into the Miz’s chest.

Adam Pearce was on the phone and Rhea Ripley comes in and says either you get this women’s division in order or I will and Pearce says this is the season premiere and we are going to do things differently you are not going to come in here and tell me how to do things so at Crown Jewel you will defend your title against Nia, Zoey, Raquel and Shayna in a fatal five way match.

After Rhea storms out, Jinder Mahal, Veer and Sanga walked in, and Jinder asked to talk, and Adam says let’s talk.

Alpha Academy working out and Tozawa was working out with them, and Gable said they have decided to go after the tag titles and The New Day comes in and Gable said next week it will be Alpha Academy VS. the New Day.

Gunther walked up to Kaiser and said we did great tonight, but Vinci didn’t do his job. Gargano was walking around back here. Next week after the match against Gargano, he better see him stretchered out. He put Kaiser in charge of that.

Main Event Jey Uso & The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes VS. The Judgement Day (Finn Balor & Damian Priest) for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships

Dominik Mysterio comes out during the match and interfered a few times and Sami Zayn comes out and takes out Dominik. Priest throws Cody through the announce table from a Razor’s Edge. As Jey gets things going his way Jimmy Uso comes out and hits Jey with a superkick and rolls Jey in the ring and Balor hits Coupe de Grace and gets the win.

Winners and New Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions: The Judgement Day Finn Balor & Damian Priest

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