Monday Night Raw TV Report for 09/29/2014

Once again, Raw is in my favorite American city, Chicago! The home of “Da Bears” usually presents a lot of action, intrigue, and surprise; so will tonight continue that path?

Since I wrote two weeks ago, we have a bunch of new champions courtesy of Night Of Champions; Dolph Ziggler, A.J. Lee, and The Dust Brothers are all once-again title-holders. Who will step up next to challenge each?

Dean Ambrose made a big return and has been tormenting Seth Rollins; what will he do tonight to continue the aggravation? Or will Seth get one-up on Ambrose?

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman were missing in action last week; will either be in attendance tonight?

All this and much more, so read on!

Monday Night Raw Report TV Report for September 29th, 2014 – “The Last Laugh”

Introduction Segment: Video Promo

Recap of last week’s encounters involving Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are shown.

Segment #2: Arena Promo

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon make their way to the ring. Immediately, C.M. Punk chants begin, to which Stephanie wonders why people cheer for “quitters.” She goes on a tirade about different types of people who quit, and steal, also referring to Dean Ambrose.

Before they can go further, the advocate for the WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman interrupts. He claims that both he and Lesnar feel “disrespected” after Seth Rollins tried to cash in his Money In The Bank contract at Night Of Champions. Lesnar sent Paul E. “to Chicago, of all places,” to find out what’s going on.

Seth Rollins now comes out to respond. He refutes the accusations that Heyman made about The Authority sending Rollins to cash in. Seth says he was “just trying to make the most of my opportunity at Night Of Champions.” Rollins backs the notion that “none of us wanted to see John Cena become WWE Champion.” Instead, Seth proclaims that he wants to face “the best,” and calls Lesnar “the best.” He apologies to Heyman if he was offended by the actions. “If it ever happens again, you won’t be dealing with Paul Heyman; you’ll be dealing with Brock Lesnar,” Paul E. retorts.

Heyman goes to leave when “The Game” tells him that he “enjoyed our conversation.” Meanwhile, Seth wants to deal with Dean Ambrose, who stole his Money In The Bank briefcase. Rollins wants Ambrose to face them, and heavily threatens to do more harm.

Dean appears on the Titantron, informing Rollins to come get the briefcase. The Authority begin to walk up the ramp when John Cena’s music suddenly hits. He runs out and blasts Rollins, then goes to the ring as The Authority stands on the stage.


Segment #3: Office Promo

Stephanie, Rollins, and Triple H are discussing Dean Amrose and the M.IT.B. briefcase with agents (and former wrestlers) Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury. He orders both of them to get the briefcase back.

Match #1: Triple-Threat for the Intercontinental Championship – Cesaro (Challenger) VS. Dolph Ziggler (Champion) VS. The Miz (with Damien Mizdow) (Challenger)

Both Miz and Cesaro double-team Ziggler right off the bat, kicking him in the corner. Cesaro turns on Miz, gutwrench-suplexing him. Miz rolls up Dolph for a two-count, but Dolph comes back with a couple of chops. He shoves Miz into Cesaro, who gives Miz a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Dolph is hurled over the ropes while Miz and Cesaro go at it. Ziggler comes back in and nails a high-dropkick on Cesaro as “The King Of Swing” held Miz high.


All three trade different roll-ups for near-falls, then Dolph hits a jumping-double-DDT on both! Damien distracts Dolph, allowing Miz to roll-up for another close call! Dolph leaps off the second rope, but Miz catches him and tries the Figure-4 but Dolph pushes off. Cesaro slugs Miz, but is caught by Dolph who slingshots Cesaro’s head into Miz’s crotch! (Unique!) Ziggler sweeps up Miz and locks on the Figure-4, but Cesaro breaks it up with a double-stomp on Dolph.

Cesaro uppercuts a jumping Miz, but Ziggler comes back in and hits a superkick on Cesaro. He covers Miz for the hard-earned victory and retains his championship!

Winner via Pinfall and STILL Intercontinental Champion: Dolph Ziggler

Segment #3: Backstage Promo

Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury are on the search for Dean Ambrose, asking Adam Rose and his Posse, Big E., and The Great Khali. They come up empty, and continue their quest.


Segment #4: Video Promo

A very creepy Wyatt Family video airs, focusing on how Bray found and “rebuilt” Luke Harper.

Segment #5: Office Promo

Stephanie orders Mercury and Noble to find the briefcase or they’re “fired!” Damien and Miz complain about not getting a fair match with Dolph for the I.C. Title; Triple H doesn’t want to hear any of it and books Sandow to take on Sheamus later tonight.

Match #2: Single – Layla (with Summer Rae) VS. Rosa Mendes (with Natalya and Tyson Kidd)

The main focus is the problems between Natalya and Tyson; during the actual match, Rosa’s hair extensions come apart, then she is finished off after a neckbreaker.

Winner via Pinfall: Layla (with Summer Rae)

Dean Ambrose is shown walking backstage with the briefcase.


Segment #6: Arena Promo

Dean Ambrose now makes his way to the ring, pulling out a table from under the ring. He has the briefcase and large duffle bag with him too. He places the briefcase on the table, then announces that this will be a “Dean Ambrose Clearance Sale.” He pulls items out of the duffel bag, which are official WWE Merchandise. Joey and Jamie march to the ring but Ambrose outwits them to back off. He then just chucks all the merchandise to the fans until Seth Rollins, Mercury, and Noble approach. They bring security to take away Ambrose.

After making fun of the security team, Ambrose backs away and lets Seth go for the briefcase. Rollins opens the briefcase, which (predictably) sprays green goo all over him. Dean is up in the crowd and appears shocked. Rollins is irate while Ambrose smiles and laughs.

It is announced that Hulk Hogan will be appearing tonight, with a “message for the WWE Universe.”


Segment #7: Office Promo

Rollins is complaining to The Authority, so Triple H lets him off the hook. Despite objections from Randy Orton, “The Game” makes him and Kane to face Ambrose and Cena later tonight.

Match #3: Single – “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry VS. “The Inspirational” Bo Dallas

Prior to the bout, Henry apologies to the fans for his failed mission to conquer Rusev; Bo tries to give him an “inspirational” speech. This match is all Henry until he misses a corner-springboard splash. Dallas capitalizes with the Running Bo-Dog and the 1 – 2 – 3!

Winner via Pinfall: “The Inspirational” Bo Dallas


Segment #8: Backstage Promo

Rene Young comes up to the latest victor, Bo Dallas, and he is ecstatic with his win. That is until Henry assaults him from behind, wheeling a large metal box into Bo.

Segment #9: Video Promo

Tag-Team Champion Stardust is staring into a globe. He is quite happy when Tag-Team Champion partner Goldust appears. He tells his brother that they “have attained the Cosmic Key,” citing the Tag-Team Championship.

Brie Bella makes her entrance for the next bout.


Nikki Bella appears on stage and berates her sister for all that has happened since Daniel Bryan got injured. She is please to announces that Brie will be in a Two-On-One match, and brings out her opponents.

Match #4: Two-On-One – Brie Bella VS. Cameron and Eva Marie

Eva Marie and Cameron control this bout, until Cameron accidently knocks Eva Marie off the apron. Brie takes advantage and rolls-up Cameron to take this one!

Winner via Pinfall: Brie Bella

Post-match, Brie celebrates with “yes chants” while Nikki storms off.


Match #5: Tag-Team – Los Matadores (Fernando and Diego) (with El Torito) VS. Slater Gator (Heath Slater and Titus O’Neil) (with The Gator [Hornswoggle])

(Note: Adam Rose and his Posse are on commentary.) This pointless one is over after a Matadore is pulled off the top rope among many distractions by The Gator and El Torito. Slater comes out on top!

Winners via Pinfall: Slater-Gator (Heath Slater and Titus O’Neil) (with The Gator [Hornswoggle])

Post-match, Adam Rose and his Posse attack Slater-Gator, with The Bunny splashing Slater from the top rope.

Up next, Rusev will be out to respond to Big Show knocking him out on Smackdown!


Segment #10: Arena Promo

Justin Roberts welcomes “The Super Athlete” Rusev and “The Ravishing Russian” Lana. Russian is spoken first by Lana, then shows still-images of the match Rusev and Big Show had last week on Smackdown! She tries to play the empathy card, but Show interjects and walks out all smiles.

Show calls everything Lana and Rusev have been preaching “a bunch of crap.” He then displays video of their Smackdown! match. Rusev replies, threatening to “jam my fist down your throat.” Big’s had enough and wants to fight. He gets in the ring, but Rusev backs away. Show mocks doing something to the Russian Flag, then actually grabs a hold and yanks it off its rafter holder.

Segment #11: Backstage Promo

Rene Young welcomes John Cena; he is happy to be in Chi-town and teaming with Dean Ambrose. However, Cena insinuates that they both want Rollins and may go after each other to get to him. Ambrose walks in and declares dibs on Seth. “Nobody takes food off my plate, not even you.”


Match #6: Single – Divas Champion A.J. Lee VS. Alicia Fox (with Paige) (Non-Title)

Alicia pushes A.J. down to begin, but Lee counters a whip with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Fox tumbles to the outside, where Paige checks on her. A.J. follows up with a dive off the turnbuckle to Alicia and Paige, but Paige distracts her, allowing Fox to pick up the W!

Winner via Pinfall: Alicia Fox (with Paige)

Post-match, both Paige and Alicia attack A.J., with Paige driving her down with the RamPaige (Guillotine DDT) and Alicia throwing Mountain Dew cans at her. Paige holds the Divas Title high and then drapes it over an unconscious A.J.

Segment #12: Video Promo

The same weird Wyatt Family video from earlier airs.

United States Champion Sheamus’ music plays. The big Irishman walks to the ring for his next contest.


Match #7: Single – United States Champion Sheamus VS. Damien Mizdow (with The Miz)

(Note: The Miz is on commentary.)

Sheamus goes to wrestle Damien a few times, but Mizdow blocks and does not want his “money-maker” to be hit. Sheamus tries for 10 Beats Of The Bowron, but Mizdow counters into a jawbreaker using the ropes. Sheamus fires back and hurls Damien across the ring a couple of times. Mizdow kicks at Sheamus’ knee then plants him with a DDT. He clamps on a rear grounding chinlock, then gives him a knee-to-the-gut. Damien repeatedly kicks and knees Sheamus in the corner. He measures Sheamus in the corner, but the U.S. Champ meets him halfway with an axe-handle slug! Sheamus now manages to hammer away with 10 Beats Of The Bowron, then chucks Damien into Miz. In the ring, Sheamus finishes this one after a Brogue Kick!

Up next, “The Hulkster” makes his return!

Segment #13: Arena Promo

Justin Roberts welcomes Hulk Hogan, who comes out and tells us about WWE’s tag-team (yes, pun-intended) with the Susan G. Komen Foundation for a cure for breast cancer. Hogan puts over the survivors of breast cancer, calling them real heroes.

Segment #14: Office Promo

Both Kane and Orton are grumbling about having to deal with Seth Rollins’ issues, and neither could care about the briefcase. Stephanie walks in and tries to fire them up, but Kane wonders if it is only her that thinks they can’t get the job done.

Up next, Ambrose and Cena take on Orton and Kane!


It is announced that Roman Reigns will be interviewed to give an update on his health issues, which will keep him out of action for months. Also, The Big Show VS. Rusev will take place!

Match #8: Tag-Team – Dean Ambrose and John Cena VS. Kane and “The Viper” Randy Orton

Cena and Orton start out among loud “let’s go Cena/Cena sucks” chants. Orton punches and kicks away in the corner, but Cena reverses an Irish Whip into a facecrusher. Kane now in, and falls on Cena as John tried for an A.A.


Orton is back in control, methodically taking apart Cena. Kane gets tagged and hits a running boot for two. Cena powers out of a wrist lock, but is planted with a sidewalk slam. Both heels continue to work over Cena for a while. Orton tries the slingshot DDT, but John reverses and tosses “The Viper” over the ropes! Cena makes his way and gets the hot-tag to Dean!

Ambrose takes out both Kane and Orton, flying over the ropes on Kane and diving through on Orton! He drives Orton down with Dirty Deeds, but as he covers, Seth Rollins runs in and causes the dq!

Winners via Disqualification: Dean Ambrose and John Cena

Post-match,, Ambrose continues to attack all three. Cena comes back in and hammers away on Rollins until Ambrose splashes both Rollins and Cena. He is pulled off Rollins by Cena, then Dean does the same to John! Ambrose picks up the briefcase, but turns around into an R.K.O.! Kane chokeslams Dean, then Orton and Kane hold Ambrose over the briefcase as Rollins Curb-Stomps him into it. Cena tries to make another comeback, but is quickly R.K.O’ed. Rollins hits another Curb-Stomp on Cena, yelling “you want to mess with us, that’s how you end up!”

The Authority stands tall amid chants of “thank you Rollins!” to close the show.

End of Raw.

Reporter’s Rumblings – By Moe Tapp

I thought this was on ok Raw; it had some pretty good matches and a few good promos, but I must admit I was expecting more/something special since it was in Chicago, and usually one of those two things take place in the Second City. Onto the analysis:

Excellence: Opening promo; everyone involved was great, particularly Heyman (as usual) and Rollins. Triple-Threat for the I.C. Championship; very well-wrestled match and these three (four if you include Damien Mizdow) have great chemistry. Am happy that Dolph has the title again and he deserves a long run.

Dean Ambrose is the man right now with all he does; both in-ring wrestling ability/expressions/story-telling, and promos. Truly has a lot of charisma and it shines through even more each week.

Very intriguing (and eerie) Wyatt Family videos; I wonder if they are repackaging them a bit with a new look. It was interesting that it was only about Luke Harper and no mention of Erik Rowan, although he did appear in the montage.

Loving the feud between Big Show and Rusev; nice to see Show back on the angry, yet funny, side and being a butt-kicking giant again! As well, same with Mark Henry and Bo Dallas!

As always, great that WWE is paring up with Susan G. Komen Foundation for a worthy cause! Way-to-go, and here’s hoping they create lots of awareness!

Bogus: There were way too many promos for The Authority tonight; they could’ve done without a couple of them.

While it was nice to see the Divas get more airtime, their matches were way too short and somewhat pointless. As much as I love them both, Paige/A.J. needs to end and both move on to different feuds. Same with Brie/Nikki – Nikki’s promo, while fiery, was nothing that wasn’t said already.

Was hoping that a new team (either on the current roster or brought up from NXT) would be introduced tonight to be new challengers for the Tag-Team Championship; but instead we got a promo from The Dust Brothers (which was good in its own right), so I was disappointed with that.

It really sucks that Roman Reigns will be gone for a few months since he was building extreme momentum to be a main-event player for a long while; here’s wishing him a speedy recovery.

The main-event (other than Ambrose) was nothing new, and I’m really tired of Cena and Orton mixing it up.

All-in-all, Raw seemed average-to-low average tonight, so here’s hoping they step it up next week! Until then, as always, Be Excellent Wrestling-Online Readers and Wrestling Fans!

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