Monday Night Raw TV report for 09/18/2017

We begin with a tribute to Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. RIP Nov 1, 1944 – Sep 17, 2017.

We are live from San Jose. This is our “go home Raw”, before No Mercy this Sunday live for LA.

We start with Kurt Angle, complete with “YOU SUCK” chants. He is previewing this Sunday’s No Mercy and starts talking John Cena vs Roman Reigns… then Braun vs Brock… and then he is interrupted by Miz (with the Miztourage but no Maryse) who is met with chorus of boos.

He is tired of being overlooked. Two PPVs in a row with no title defense. Kurt informs him that he has a plan for the number one contender with a match involving Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy vs Jason Jordan vs Elias. Miz questions why does Jordan get in? Why not the Miztourage? Miz takes shot at Kurt’s fatherhood and calls him deadbeat.

Out comes Jason Jordan. Jordan suggests adding Miztourage to match to make it fair. Kurt agrees and Miz talks about Kurt again which leads to Jordan clearing the ring. Our main event is set, 6-pack challenge for the number one contender to the IC title at No Mercy.

Back from the break and we see Jason Jordan angrily pacing backstage, Kurt tries to calm him down. Jordan is tired of hearing about the favoritism and says it will stop when he beats Miz down. Kurt wants him to focus on the match and get the win.


Match starts and Alexa immediately running and not a lot of action going on. Alexa circles, slaps Nia and attempts to leave…till she is interrupted by Sasha Banks. While distracted, Nia lays out Alexa and we go to commercial. When we come back, Alexa has the advantage. Nia catches Alexa off the top and turns it into a Samoan Drop…1 2 3 and Nia pins Alexa.


Sasha attacks Nia and Nia takes her out. Bayley music’s hit and she is out to big cheers. Sasha, Alexa and Bayley all take down Nia together… (for some reason Sasha music plays them out) Alexa then tries to make nice with Sasha and Bayley. Match was pretty short, Nia dominating showed that the only way to beat her will be the others working together.

Tribute to Bobby Heenan, tweets by Superstars paying their respects are shown. Video package of Brock v Braun then airs. (Cool clip of Paul E talking about Brock in 2002!)

We come back after commercials to Sheamus talking about nostalgia… but they live in the present and destroy nostalgia acts (ask Hardyz) and Seth and Dean will be next. Their friendship is a fraud and it will crack. “WE ARE THE BAR,” he says.

Rollins music and tag champs come out. When they get in the ring, Gallows and Anderson music plays…good brothers enter the ring call Rollins and Ambrose nerds (big pop from crowd) leading to Dean and Seth clearing the ring and we go to break.


Starting with Rollins and Sheamus, SheSaro with early advantage. Dean and Seth dominate the middle of the match, till Cesaro giant swings Dean into the outside barricade. Cesaro near fall on Dean. Seth Rollins buckle bomb on Cesaro, and a near fall which Sheamus breaks up. Dean takes out Cesaro, Gallows tags in, Magic Killer on Seth looking to steal match but Dean breaks up the count. Sheamus and Cesaro take Dean out and throw him into barricade, and we go to commercial.

After break, Sheamus and Cesaro dominate Rollins, wearing Seth down for a while. Sheamus distracts the ref and he misses a Dean tag in. Sheamus and Cesearo with 3D on Rollins, but Gallows breaks up the fall. Cesaro takes out Gallows and Anderson, Rollins is able to counter Cesaro with a DDT and make tag to Ambrose.

Tag champs clear the ring and both perform a suicide dive…twice to take out all 4 men… Rollins and Dean back in control as fans chant “this is awesome.” Gallows and Anderson counter… Sheamus blind tags in Ambrose, Seth dives to take out everyone, and Ambrose hits the Dirty Deeds on Anderson. Sheamus (who is legal) throws out Ambrose and gets the pin on Anderson.


Very good match. Even though Gallows and Anderson feel thrown in, they had a good showing. Sheamus and Cesaro continue to get better as a team.

Backstage, Miz and Miztourage talk about the main event. Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel both make it clear they will not take it easy on him if they win.

Up next we look at Cena vs Reigns

After break there is video package showing Cena in his FCW debut, and Roman in his NXT debut to now. Showing career parallels and the current feud, the video really shows how far ahead Cena is on the microphone… it’s not even close (even showed Cena saying “consider me like a drug test…you can’t pass me”)

In the back, Kurt Angle is on the phone and Goldust is in his office, in Goldust clothes… no face paint, saying he wants Bray again, not as Goldust, but as Dustin. They go back twenty years, and man to man, he wants Bray. Kurt agrees. Tonight Bray will never forget the name…Dustin Rhodes.

Curt Hawkins is in the ring… he is officially closing the star factory. In its place, the CURT HAWKINS HISTORY MACHINE. Tonight, his 114 match losing streak comes to an end (I can’t believe the actually acknowledge this on TV!) Who is gonna make history and break the streak? Apollo Crews (with Titus O’Neal) answers the call.


Back and forth early on Curt with a near fall. Hawkins hits spinebuster, near fall… will streak be broken? Hawkins rolls up Crews with tights, Crews kicks out again. Apollo takes advantage, spin-out powerbomb and gets the pin. Hawkins streak now at 115.


Better match than expected, I feel for Hawkins, but everyone has his role, he’s embracing his, and at least he’s on TV, guys with much better records and rarely seen.

After the break, we can an interview with Brock (with Paul) and Braun. Tthey are in separate places. Paul Heyman says Braun will be victimized. Braun says he’s the monster and the only one capable of putting Brock down for Good. Braun says he will walk into Suplex City and stomp it down. Paul says the beast is awakened, and is ready to take Braun Strowman to Suplex City all night long and will beat him within an inch of his life. Heyman talking up Brock, and Brock cuts Paul off. Thanks Braun for backing him into a corner and challenging him, because that’s when he’s at his best and ends the interview with “SUPLEX CITY BITCH”

Brock doesn’t talk often, so it was good to see, shows that he truly feels Braun is a credible threat. After the break, a recap of the earlier action with the women. It is announced that Baylee is added to Women’s title match at No Mercy, now a fatal 5-way.

Roman is out next. Lots of boos for Roman. Says Cena is a good talker, but says Cena says “Stupid $#!T.” He says he doesn’t have to talk, his actions speak for him. Again calls Cena a bitch, and calls him a hypocrite, shows video of Cena calling out The Rock for being a part timer. Roman asks if they should bring Cena out?? But John’s not here, he’s a liar, he’s all talk, and that’s why Cena’s getting beat by another Samoan. “John see you next week, Superstar!”

Backstage Renee Young interviews The Hardyz, The Hardyz say may the best Hardy Win.

Cut to Bray Wyatt entrance, him and Dustin Rhodes will be next.


Dustin starts strong. Good back and forth until Goldust eventually hits the Golden Globes, but Bray is able to counter with Sister Abigail.


Music is interrupted by Finn Balor on TitanTron, hyping their match, saying the Man is more dangerous then the Demon.

More tweets about Bobby Heenan from members of the WWE Universe. Now video tribute to “The Brain” airs.

Note: Growing up, Heenan was the ultimate heel, he was the voice of the “bad guys.” He really made me believe that with his help, someone may be able to actually beat Hulk Hogan. There will never be another Brain. RIP to the best manager the business has ever seen, and one of the best commentators as well.

After the break Enzo comes out (big pop as usual). He is number one contender for Cruiserweight title this Sunday…Says he will beat Neville this weekend and then Braun Strowman’s music plays. He runs out and crushes Enzo, throws him into the ring and proceeds to squash him (to “thank you Strowman” chants). Braun delivers a massive chokeslam, and powerslam to Enzo. As Braun is leaving Neville cautiously comes out stays clear of Braun. Neville is here to pick the bones. He comes to an already prone Enzo, and hits “RED ARROW.” He gets on the mic and says, “HOW YOU DOIN?!?!? HAHAHA.” His music plays as we go to break, Neville in action next.

Charly is in the training area with Enzo, Enzo says he will take the title at No Mercy. Gran Metallic has entered the ring to face Neville.


Early back and forth, Neville gets advantage on outside, and rips away Metallic’s mask (his face could clearly be seen). Metallic tries to take advantage and hits a beautiful tope suicida (step up flipping suicide dive). Back in the ring, Metallic attempts a moonsault, gets blocked by Neville and Neville is able to put in the “Rings of Saturn” to get the submission win.


Up next, six-pack challenge to determine number one contender for IC title at No Mercy. Elias is in the ring with his guitar. His song hits on Jordan for being daddy’s boy, before he is interrupted by the Hardyz.


Bell rings, everyone pairs off till only Matt and Jeff are left in the ring. Jeff attempts to roll up Matt, and Matt kicks out as we go to break. Back from the break, all six men are in the ring, no clear leader at this point. After some more back and forth, we end up with a tower of doom (Miztourage superplexing Jason Jordan while Hardyz powerbomb them). Elias tries to steal a win but it’s quickly broken up. Matt Hardy hits a side effect on Jeff and goes for the cover but it is broken up by Bo Dallas.

The Miztourage have taken control of the match, but Jason Jordan refuses to stay down. He takes out The Miztourage and hits the rolling northern lights suplex into a bridge for an attempted cover on Axel but Bo Dallas breaks up the pin. On the outside, Miz takes Jordan out throwing him into and over the barricade. In the ring, Matt hits the Twist of Fate on Dallas and goes for the pin but Elias breaks up the cover. Elias with Drift Away to Matt, but Jeff breaks up the cover. Jeff clears the ring, and hits Twist of Fate on Axel and lands a Swanton Bomb, but the Miz breaks up the count.

Jeff Hardy gets rid of The Miz, and gets taken out by Axel. While distracted, Jason Jordan comes up from behind and lands his side suplex to Neck breaker for the 1-2-3!


After the match, Miz tries to cheap shot Jordan but is met with a pair of belly-to-belly suplexes. The Miztourage gets the upper hand and they beat down Jordan setting him up for the Skull Crushing Finale from The Miz. He gets a mic and tells Jordan after No Mercy, he will still be “champ,” Kurt will still be a “terrible father,” and Jordan will still “be a bastard!” Miz music hits as Raw ends with Miztourage standing over Jordan.

NOTES: After not being defended at Summerslam it was nice to see The Miz end the go home raw standing tall.

Overall, a decent last Raw before the PPV, noticeably missing were Brock Lesnar (appeared, via satellite) and John Cena. The rest of the RAW roster stepped up and the six-pack challenge match was entertaining (albeit a bit predictable)

The women’s title match seems to just keep adding and adding more and more competitors hopefully they will have the time to show what they can do at the PPV.

The Good Brothers continue to show how good they are and hopefully after No Mercy they aren’t just forgotten about. Next week we will have all the fallout from No Mercy, and we will answer a couple questions: Whose yard is it really? And was “the Monster” able to conquer “The Beast”?

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