Monday Night Raw TV Report for 08/26/2013

Tonight on Raw, how will the continuation of Daniel Bryan’s pursuit to the WWE Championship unfold? Is there a new “Regime/Evolution/Corporation/Alliance” between WWE Champion Randy Orton, Triple H, Vince & Stephanie McMahon, or was this just a one-shot deal to make sure Bryan didn’t keep the WWE Title for long?

WWE.com has announced two matches already, World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio will face his recent “thorn in the side” Rob Van Dam, and C.M. Punk will take on one of his rivals, Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel. I suspect these bouts will end in a way to lead for rematches at the next pay-per-view.

Speaking of which, with just under three weeks (scary to say that) to go, could we see the Night Of Champions card take significant shape?

And in one of my favorite angles right now, who will The Wyatt Family go after next? Or is Kane due to return and exact some harsh revenge from SummerSlam?

To find out all that goes down from Phoenix, Arizona, as always, read on!

Monday Night Raw Report for August 26th, 2013 – “Rewards And Warnings”

Introduction Segment: Arena Promo

The Shield (Tag-Team Champions Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins, and United States Champion Dean Ambrose) are standing in front of the ring. Triple H, the WWE C.O.O., now walks out to kick off Raw right away. Michael Cole welcomes us to Phoenix and speculates that The Shield are “The Game’s” personal security, and Jerry “The King” Lawler concurs.

HHH first takes us back only eight days ago, to SummerSlam, where Daniel Bryan won the WWE Championship from John Cena then was promptly defeated by Randy Orton with the help of Triple H. He calls this “just business. There was nothing personal about that at all. It was just business.”

He then brings us back seven days, to last Raw’s ending, where The Shield and Orton attacked Bryan. HHH does confess “that was personal.” He says that it was repercussions from Daniel insulting his wife, himself, and family from the beginning of last week’s Raw. “The Cerebral Assassin” wants to mend the fences and move on, and the choice is Bryan’s.

Triple H goes on to celebrate the ratings and social media that has boomed since Randy Orton became WWE Champion. He asks for “The Viper” to come on out, and he does, amid some cheers. Trips congratulations him on “breathing new life into the WWE Championship” and “aren’t afraid to grab that ‘brass ring’ and run with it.” He rewards the Champion with a gift – a brand new Cadillac Escalade.

Orton takes the microphone now and says that he is the “only man worthy of being called WWE Champion and ‘the face of WWE.'” Triple H tells him to go see his new ride, but someone else walks out and has a peek first. Daniel Bryan appears on stages to the delight of “yes” chants from the fans, and admires Orton’s new truck.

He also likes Randy’s wheels and calls it “well-deserved,” then goes onto give some “thank you’s.” His first is the WWE Universe, as “I’m not the biggest, I’m not the biggest, I’m not the prettiest, I mean clearly that’s ‘twinkle toes Orton’ in there. But despite me not being any of those things, you people have believed in me, you supported me; and you have no idea how much that means to me.”

Bryan then gives props to John Cena, for giving him “the opportunity to wrestle in the main-event of SummerSlam for the WWE Championship, because clearly, someone like Triple H would’ve never given me that opportunity. John, thank you.

Lastly, and most importantly, I would like to thank Triple H. I would like to thank Triple H for ending this charade, and finally showing your true colors at SummerSlam. Thank you to everybody, that ‘your view’ of what’s ‘best for business’ and what the WWE Champion should look like, is every bit as narrow-minded as Vince McMahon.”

Daniel compares and insinuates the drastic change in Triple H, who went from the butt-kicking man in jeans and a leather jacket, to a corporate butt-kisser. He threatens Orton, “at Night Of Champions, when I get my rematch for the WWE Championship, that ‘face’ is going to be re-arranged. And Triple H, your vision of the future, that’s going to get re-arranged too, because I will become the NEW WWE CHAMPION! YES, YES, YES!”

“The Game” mocks Bryan’s proclamations, calling them a “fantasy” and singing couple of lines from “When You Wish Upon A Star.” He tells Daniel that it does make a difference of who you are, and that he is not an “a-player.” According to him, he is a “b-player,” while Randy Orton is the “a-player.”

Triple H then books Bryan to face Tag-Team Champion Seth Rollins, and if he gets by him, he will then take on U.S. Champ Dean Ambrose, and if Bryan wins there, he will go at it with Tag-Team Champion Roman Reigns, all in a gauntlet match. Orton holds his WWE Title high as he and Daniel glare at each other.

Lawler, Cole, and John “Bradshaw” Layfield debate if that was “best for business,” then recap the fight between Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel and C.M. Punk from last week. Later tonight, they will be in a match, with the WWE Universe voting for one of three stipulations: Paul Heyman is banned from ringside, Heyman is the referee, or Heyman will “be forced to step into the ring with C.M. Punk” if he wins. (Gee, I wonder which is going to win/be rigged for!)


Match #1: Single – Cody Rhodes VS. Fandango (with Summer Rae)

(Note: “Mr. Money In The Bank/The Savior Of The Unwashed Masses” Damien Sandow is on commentary.) Rhodes takes Fandango down quickly with a drop-toe-hold, then hits him with an elbow and slams him with a front suplex. Fandango counters with a kick, but his music suddenly plays. The Miz, donned in Fandango’s attire, jumps out with Rosa Mendes and mocks his moves, distracting him and allowing Cody Rhodes to roll-up for the victory!

Winner via Pin Fall: Cody Rhodes

Post-match, Sandow gets involved and all four brawl until General Manager Brad Maddox comes out and makes this a tag-team match next!


Match #2: Tag-Team – Cody Rhodes and The Miz (with Rosa Mendes) VS. Fandango and “Mr. Money In The Bank/The Saviour Of The Unwashed Masses” Damien Sandow (with Summer Rae)

Sandow and Rhodes are going at it until Fandango switches in shortly. Fandango whips Cody into the corner, then tags in Damien. He clamps on a grounding hammerlock, which Rhodes battles out of, but then gets brought down with a Russian Legsweep for two!

Cody counters a run with a boot, then both men double-clothesline each other to the mat! Miz gets the hot tag and dives off the top with an axe handle and puts Sandow with a big boot and running knee. He does the same to Fandango, then sunset-flip rolls Sandow for a near-fall! Miz works over Damien’s left knee and attempts the Figure-4.

Fandango has decide to walk, which leaves Damien to lose against Miz and Rhodes following a Skull-Krushing Finale front Russian Legsweep!

Winners via Pin Fall: Cody Rhodes and The Miz (with Rosa Mendes)


Segment #2: Video Promo

The same introduction to Los Matadores, a “new” tag-team to the WWE airs.

Segment #3: Backstage Promo

Josh Matthews asks Christian about Triple H’s new direction for the WWE. Christian remembers the Attitude Era, where almost the exact same happened. WWE Champion Randy Orton interrupts and reminds Christian that history can repeat itself again, where Orton is the winner and Christian is the loser tonight. Christian quips, “I know that Triple H likes to play with sledgehammers, and it seems that, uh, he’s found himself a new tool.”

Cole plugs the new tout-system on the WWE App, which features Paul Heyman’s reaction to the voting of Axel’s match with Punk. C.M. Punk was also interviewed by Rene Young bout the same, and basically subtly invokes the WWE Universe to vote for the stipulation that will let him get a hold of Paul Heyman.

Segment #4: Locker Room Promo

Paul Heyman is with his client, Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel, and is “extremely” (yes, that pun was intended, especially since I’m re-reading “Hardcore History: The Extremely Unauthorized Story Of E.C.W.”) worried that his fate is in the hands of WWE Fans.

Axel calms him, assuring that he’s “got this.” He notes that Punk will want to brawl, which will cause him to possibly get counted out and/or disqualified. “He can not out-wrestle me. The situation is better than ‘perfect.’ You believe me, right Paul?” “Like my life depends on it,” Heyman retorts.


Match #3: Single – Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel (with Paul Heyman) VS. C.M. Punk (Non-Title) Stipulation: “If C.M. Punk wins, Paul Heyman will be forced to step into the ring with Punk.” (81%)

Lockup and side headlock from Punk, but Axel blocks a takedown. Punk returns with a shoulder block and side headlock takedown for a one-count, as Paul Heyman looks on from the stage. Punk gives another shoulder hit, then rolls up Axel for a quick to.

He attempts the Go To Sleep, but Curtis wiggles out and goes tot he outside. Punk follows, then runs up the ramp abruptly. Heyman scurries to the back as the I.C. Champ brings Punk back to the ring.

Paul has come back to top of the ramp as Axel takes control with a scoop slam. He locks on a rear chinlock, but Punk flips him over out of it and hits a corner knee. 1 – 2 – Axel kicks out! C.M. ascends the turnbuckle, but Axel moves to the outside to avoid. Punk follows with a dive out of nowhere and stares at a now-worried Heyman.


Both ducks blows until Axel delivers a clothesline from behind knocking Punk down for two! He hits a great dropkick, then slugs away at C.M.’s head, showing him to a smiling Heyman. Punk comes back with kicks and rolls through (thanks Cole!) with a springboard crossbody for a near fall!

Axel takes control back with a harsh kick and a couple of backdrops. He measures Punk, but is tossed off his neckbreaker finish with a spinning neckbreaker of Punk’s own. “The Straight-Edge Superstar” flies off the top rope with an elbow! 1 – 2 – Axel kicks out! Punk signals for the G.T.S. but Curtis gets out again and plants Punk with the spinning neckbreaker. 1 – 2 – Punk kicks out! Axel becomes fierce with punches, but delays too much and is finished with the G.T.S!

Winner via Pin Fall: C.M. Punk

Post-match, Punk revels at his chance to get Heyman, but Paul E. starts to back away. Referees force him back out, as does security when he tried again. Heyman repeats “it was all Brock’s idea” as Punk has him by the face. He gets him in the corner, but is downed with a low-blow by Axel. Huge “you suck” calls from the crowd, as Heyman pulls out a pair of handcuffs.

Curtis places Punk in them and holds him up for Paul to slap him repeatedly and taunts a compromised C.M. The “Second City Saint” counters with a high-kick to Curtis’ head, and sweeps Heyman down to the surprise of both, but Axel quickly comes back with a chair, ramming it into the back of Punk. Axel goes to the outside at the direction of Heyman and pulls out a kendo stick from under the ring. He jams it into Punk’s neck, then hands it over to Heyman. He winds up as Curtis tells him to “teach him a lesson, Paul.”

Axel holds Punk against the ropes as Heyman whacks C.M. with the weapon, yelling “I loved you. I martyred myself for you. I fathered you. I cared about you. You were everything to me.” Axel yanks Punk out of the ring and slams him against the announce table, yelling “you learn your lesson. I’m the Intercontinental Champion, he’s Paul Heyman. You learn your lesson!”

Heyman hops down and repeatedly smashes the kendo stick over a downed Punk. “I gave you my heart, you broke my heart. I loved you!” The referees and WWE Doctor Sampson put a stop to the beating before any more damage can be done. Heyman and Axel walk off, with Axel seemingly pleased at their work.


Match #4: Single – Natalya (with “The Funkadactyls” Naomi and Cameron) VS. Brie Bella (with Nikki Bella and Eva Marie)

Natalya carries Brie into the corner and kicks away, but misses a running shoulder. Brie kicks back and hits her with a springboard knee. She holds her in a chinlock, but Natalya counters with a spinning sidewalk slam, then grapples on The Sharpshooter. Brie crawls to the ropes and is pulled for the break by Nikki as Eva distracted the referee. Brie takes advantage with a sit-down facebuster for the 1 – 2 – 3!

Winner via Pin Fall: Brie Bella (with Nikki Bell and Eva Marie)

Post-match, Divas A.J. Lee walks out and recaps the latest episode of “Total Divas,” taking joy in their misfortunes displayed on the show. She calls them “cheap, interchangeable, expendable, useless women. Women who have turned to reality television because they just weren’t gifted enough to be actresses. And they just weren’t talented enough to be champion.”

A.J. praises her own accomplishments in the last year, saying that she has “saved your Divas division. I have shattered glass ceilings, I have broken down doors.” She goes on a tear, comparing her hard-working style and efforts to their spoon-fed paths. A “famous wrestling family”, sucking up to the “right people”, or “cute.”

“You are all worthless excuses for women, and you will never be able to touch me. And that is reality.” She drops the mike and skips around the stage.

Up next, Rob Van Dam will face World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio!


Match #5: Single for the #1 Contender Spot to the World Heavyweight Champion – Rob Van Dam (with Ricardo Rodriguez) VS. World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio (Non-Title)

Van Dam fast with kicks and shoulders in the corner, then a somersault into a monkey flip! He counters a forearm swing by hanging Del Rio on the top rope, kicking him, then jumping from the turnbuckle to kick him to the floor!


Del Rio now in control with a grounding reverse chinlock. Van Dam counters with a tilt-a-whirl kick for two, then Alberto tries to get the win with a German Suplex pin! He double-stomps on back of Rob, then climbs the turnbuckles. He jumps off but meets a kick from Van Dam!

They engage in a back-and-forth slugfest, then R.V.D. kicks him down and rolls over with Rolling Thunder for two! Van Dam kicks him again and gets a very close call after the split-legged moonsault! Van Dam springboard kicks Del Rio again and goes for the 5-Star Frogsplash, but Del Rio cuts him off and runs at him with the enziguri kick. 1 – 2 – R.V.D. kicks out!

Ricardo distracts Del Rio by chanting “Rob Van Dam” on the commentator’s table, then R.V.D. reverses a Cross Armbreaker attempt into a leg-roll-up for the victory!

Winner and #1 Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship: Rob Van Dam (with Ricardo Rodriguez)

Cole recaps John Cena leaving due to an elbow injury via video footage from last week’s Raw, as well as post-surgery photos.


Segment #5: Backstage Promo

Ryback pops in to bully Josh Matthews, by grabbing his face and shoving him to the floor. (Again, pointless.)

Cole recaps Axel and Heyman’s assault on C.M. Punk from earlier tonight.

Segment #6: Backstage Promo

Rene Young catches up with Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman. She asked if Paul Heyman was afraid when Punk defeated Axel. The I.C. Champion says that what happened was something that “C.M. Punk will never forget.”

Heyman says “I feel like a man right now. A man who put his prodigal son in place. My prodigal son C.M. Punk was humiliated. He was beaten by his own father-figure. And now, now my prodigal son C.M. Punk will learn that Paul Heyman is the last person he should ever come up against.” They walk off into a waiting car and drive away.

Christian makes his entrance for the next bout, following the break.


Match #6: Single – Christian VS. WWE Champion Randy Orton (Non-Title)

The two engage in an elbow/collar tie-up and Christian tries to quickly roll him up. Orton laughs it off and they lock up again. Orton with a side headlock, then comes off the ropes with a shoulder block. Orton kicks and headbutts Christian, but is tripped up into the ropes.

Christian hits a baseball slide, then slaps Orton on the outside. Back in the ring, Christian drops Randy with a reverse DDT for two! He goes to the top, but misses a dive and gets dropkicked down nicely by the WWE Champion.

Orton mount-punches Christian then stomps on him. He places him on the top rope then runs with a high knee lift (thanks again, Cole!), but pulls him back in the ring. Orton works over Christian’s left leg with stomps, then delivers a kneedrop on Christian’s face.

Christian fights out of a grounding rear chinlock, but Orton battles out of another reverse DDT position. Orton goes back to wearing Christian down with the grounding chinlock. They go back-and-forth with head hits, and Christian is shoved hard off the ropes out of a Tornado DDT setup!


“The Viper” still dominating with the chinlock hold, but Christian regains momentum with a double-boot-to-the-face. Orton fires back with punches and headbutts while Christian is perched on the turnbuckle, then brings him down with a second-rope suplex! Christian surprises Orton with a half-inside cradle for two, but is dropped with two clotheslines. Christian backs off an R.K.O., then delivers 10-punches in the corner. Christian uses the ropes to jawbreak Orton, then fly off the corner top rope with a crossbody for two!

More pinning combinations are tried by both, then Christian counters the slingshot-DDT with a Killswitch attempt, which is also countered. Christian brings Orton out of the corner with a Tornado DDT for a near fall! He hops over the ropes and slaps Orton, then tries to get back in and is caught with the slingshot DDT by “The Viper.”

The WWE Champion is zoning in for the R.K.O. but Christian drop him off! He goes for the spear, which Orton leapfrogs, but is speared as soon as he turns around! 1 – 2 = Randy kicks out!

Christian fires the crowd up, but is pushed into the turnbuckle. He tries another R.K.O., which is turned around into another Killswitch try. Orton shoves him into the corner, then gives Christian a thumb-to-the-eye and earns the W after an R.K.O.!

Winner via Pin Fall: WWE Champion Randy Orton

Post-match, Orton’s challenger Daniel Bryan appears on the Titantron, in front of the new Cadillac Escalade. (I think I know where this is going!) He takes a shot at Triple H’s earlier comments, saying “take it from a ‘b+’ competitor, that was an ‘a+’ match.”

He wonders if beating Randy would make him “the new face of the WWE.” Bryan backs away to reveal “yes” spray-painted all over his truck! (Okay, not exactly where I thought, but the car is tainted, so half-points!)


Segment #7: Backstage Promo

General Manager Brad Maddox, WWE C.O.O. Triple H, and WWE Champion Randy Orton are surveying the damage to the car. Triple H is ticked, calling both the vehicle and the WWE Title “my personal property.” He orders Maddox to bring anyone in the locker room to the stage, to witness Bryan’s match with The Shield.

He tells Maddox to inform the roster if they get involved in any way, shape, or form, then they will be “personally fired by me. Every single last one of them.” Orton declares that Bryan “is going to pay for this, he’s gonna pay.”

Match #7: Single – “The Big Deal” Titus O’Neil (with “Prime Time Players” partner “Mr. No Days Off” Darren Young) VS. “The Real American” Jack Swagger” (with “Real Americans” partners Antonio Cesaro and Zeb Colter)

Swagger is aggressive with knees in the corner and a running body splash. He brings him out with a clothesline. Swagger delivers a knee to Titus’ gut as he came off the ropes, then chokes him with the middle rope.

Titus muscles his way out of a hold and comes back with a shoulder block off the ropes. O’Neil tosses Swagger overhead, but is chopped down at the leg by Swagger. He clamps on the “Patriot Lock” Ankle Lock, but Titus pushes him off. Swagger counters with a double-boot and tries a pin with his feet on the ropes, but Young moves them. Swagger has words with Darren, then turns around into a high-spinebuster drop to give O’Neil the 1 – 2 – 3!

Winner via Pin Fall: “The Big Deal” Titus O’Neil (with “Prime Time Players” partner “Mr. No Days Off” Darren Young

Up next, The Wyatt Family will prophesize!


Segment #8: Video Promo

“And we went down to the river to pray. Studying about those good old days, and who shall wear a starry crown. Good Lord, show me the way.” Bray Wyatt, with Luke Harper and Erik Rowan behind him, talks about someone who led them with love and who wants The Wyatt Family to “get them before they get you.”

Bray says she said “they chose you.” Wyatt tells us that “her touch could save the world. Her kiss burns it to the ground.” “I love you, Sister Abigail. Down brothers, let’s go down. Down by the river to pray.” These creepy words were accompanied by mixed footage of matches and the previous forest promos when they were first coming to Raw; and all serenaded by eerie music.

Cole, Lawler, and Layfield are disturbed, then recall the events of earlier with Daniel Bryan, WWE Champion Randy Orton, and C.O.O. Triple H.

Segment #9: Office Promo

WWE Doctor Sampson is saying that “he” is refusing medical attention, then “he” barges in. It is C.M. Punk demanding a match with Paul Heyman where he can’t get away. Maddox agrees, giving him a two-on-one at Night Of Champions, versus Curtis Axel AND Paul Heyman. Maddox promises if Paul E. tries to back out, “you’ll never see him again.” Punk threatens that Maddox also may never been seen if Paul gets out too.

The roster make their way to the stage for the main-event.


Match #8: Gauntlet – Daniel Bryan VS. The Shield (Tag-Team Champions Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns, and United States Champion Dean Ambrose)

Seth Rollins is up first. Before this gets started, Rene Young asks Big Show and Dolph Ziggler about being in the 2-on-1 against The Shield. Neither say a word, and The Miz is questioned next, but doesn’t say much. Young speculates they are keeping quiet so they are not fired.

In the ring, Bryan is all over Rollins with kicks in the corner and a drop toe hold into a surfboard stretch! Bryan lets go and knees Rollins in the gut off the ropes, then clotheslines him to the floor. Ambrose and Reigns surround Bryan on the floor, which gives Seth the time to get up and ram him into the barricade. He rolls Bryan in the ring and covers for two.

Rollins stomps Daniel down in the corner, but Bryan comes back with punches, a flip-over out of the opposite corner, and a fast running clothesline. Bryan kicks away, but Seth ducks the last big swing kick, then uses the ropes to jawbreak Daniel. He dives off the top rope with knees, but Bryan rolls into a half-crab submission! Rollins manages to struggle to the ropes for a break, but is dropkicked outside soon after. Bryan follows with a suicide dive, which sends Rollins over the announce table!


Rollins is now in control, running at Bryan in the corner with a forearm smash. Seth mockingly slaps Daniel in the corner, but Bryan fires back with a running front dropkick as Rollins had is back to him! The fans are vehemently behind Bryan.

He counters a sunset attempt with two pinning combos, but only receives two on both. Rollins drives Bryan down with a turn-around reverse DDT/suplex drop! Rollins shoves him in the corner and hammers away. Seth sits Bryan atop the turnbuckle, but is shoved down. Bryan brings him back with a top-rope German Suplex! (Wow!) Daniel is warming up, and polishes Rollins off with a move. (Camera didn’t cut to it in time.)

Immediately, Ambrose is in and pounds away on Bryan. He scoops him up, but Bryan drops out and locks him in the “Yes Lock” submission! Reigns comes in to save, and the referee calls for the dq bell.

Winner via Disqualification: Daniel Bryan

“The Shield” gang up on Daniel Bryan while the superstars on the stage watch on. Reigns spears him down and they walk around the ring. Triple H’s music blares, and he looks at the wrestlers on the ramp. He then gives a nod to Ambrose, Rollins, and Reigns, who pick up Bryan and triple-powerbomb him.

Randy Orton now walks out, and the WWE Champion proceeds to the ring. Rollins and Ambrose are holding up Bryan, allowing Orton to grasp him and drop the R.K.O. He exits the ring, as the wrestlers on the ramp look infuriated. Triple H orders them to part, so he and Randy Orton can walk to the back. The WWE Champion looks back and smiles sadistically, as The Shield stand over a shaky Daniel Bryan to close the show.

End Of Raw.

Reporter’s Rumblings – By Moe Tapp

This Raw was another great offering and set up of the next card/pay-per-view. I thought the show flowed really smooth, and liked most everyone/everything on it, so let’s get to the analysis for the particulars!

Excellence: Opening promo – the interaction between Daniel Bryan, Triple H, and WWE Champ Randy Orton has been really good, and I love how they are booking Daniel to go “tit-for-tat” in the verbal confrontations. This what a strong challenger is supposed to be – matching his opponent(s) and making the people believe that he can win. It also looks like the re-hashing/transitioning the years-gone-by angle of boss grooming HIS preferred champion, this time passing it down a generation. Could be interesting. Along with this, I really did like the fact that Stephanie and Vince weren’t on the show. Nice to have a break from them and perhaps they will be gone for a while, letting HHH take the reigns? I am ok with that angle.

I liked General Manager Brad Maddox’s role more tonight – he seemed to have a little bit of control on the show this time, instead of just following blatant orders from McMahon/HHH. (Which I thought was pointless to have a G.M. in that case.) Absolutely LOVED the C.M. Punk/Paul Heyman/Curtis Axel match/storyline. I did think the beating went on a bit long, but Heyman’s added oratory when nailing Punk with the stick was what kicked it up a notch. As always, he really makes you believe in the storyline and think that their hatred is for real.

Divas Champion A.J. Lee was also fantastic with her promo. She really hit home good points about the rest of the Divas being based on looks or other ways they got their job. (except Natalya, I disagree with her because Nattie is an awesome wrestler in her own right, and probably has worked just as hard, despite being from the famous Hart Family). Is this a face-turn, now solo run for A.J. as well? (Lots of fans seemed happy with her speech.)

Great match between Christian and WWE Champ Orton, as well as Swagger/O’Neil. Would like to see The Real Americans and Prime Time Players, and The Usos start battle over the Tag-Team Titles though.

The Wyatt Family promo was excellently weird and chilling. These guys, especially Bray, can do no wrong. I do wonder if “Sister Abigail” is for real and will be a new, up-and-coming Diva, or just figment of his imagination that is controlling “The Family?” (If they do go with an actual women, it should not be NXT Women’s Champ Paige – while she has the look/skill for the part, she is definitely better on her own and to come up and reinvent/revolutionize the Divas Division.)

Bogus: While I still like the feud they have going on, I thought Cody Rhodes/Miz/Fandango/Sandow was bit rushed into and they could’ve had a better bout if given more time. Again, even though I really liked the Orton/Christian match, it seemed out of no where that Christian would get involved, and he also should not be losing! Why was Dolph Ziggler/Big Show/Mark Henry not used until the closing segment? They should’ve had a match ore been more significant, especially with Henry’s recent face-turn (again) and Big Show’s coming back!

I’m glad that Rob Van Dam is getting the World Title shot, however, I don’t think they should’ve had him face World Champion Alberto Del Rio already. I’m a big believer that if two guys/girls haven’t faced off ever yet, DO NOT have them wrestle on free TV before their big match on Pay-Per-view. Kind of kills the mystery of how they will work together, especially since R.V.D. was so dominate tonight, plus why would your spend your money when they give it away just under three weeks prior? (This happened way too much recently with Christian/Del Rio, to the point where I fast-forwarded their Smackdown matches because I didn’t need to see them wrestle three times in a week, it seemed!)

Would’ve liked to see Daniel Bryan run the entire gauntlet, then get the beat-down at the end. It was just a messy finish.

All in all, a nice Raw and most of has kept me intrigued for another week! Until then, Be Excellent Wrestling-Online Readers and Wrestling Fans!

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