Monday Night Raw TV report for 08/24/2015

Monday Night Raw TV Report for August 24th, 2015 – “’Bombshells Dropped!”

Introduction Segment: Video Promo

The poster of Summerslam featuring The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar is the opening shot and then we here Triple H’s voice. The WWE’s C.O.O. touts SummerSlam’s success, and says it is because of Seth Rollins, who kept his WWE World Heavyweight Championship and won the United States Championship. HHH warns Rollins, however, that he is not the “future” of WWE; he is “the man.” Triple H tells Seth that a statue for/of Rollins will be revealed tonight.

Segment #2: Welcoming and Arena Promo

The regular Raw video plays and the pyro goes off in the Barclays center; Michael Cole welcomes us to Brooklyn, New York. He announces that The Wyatt Family will take on Reigns and Ambrose once again, and there will be fallout from the Title VS. Title bout.

Brock Lesnar’s music plays and he walks out to the ring with an unpleasant expression and cuts on his face; he is followed by his manager, Paul Heyman. “Ladies and gentleman, my name is Paul Heyman, and I am the pissed off advocate of the ripped off conqueror, ‘The Beast Of Barclays,’ Brock Lesnar!” Heyman wonders how the finish from last night’s SummerSlam could’ve happened the way it did; he then puts over Lesnar’s abilities in the match and shows the end with video. Paul continues to protest against the loss and demands a rematch tonight!

They await Undertaker’s arrival, but instead get Bo Dallas. He pokes fun at Lesnar’s match, which was not wise, because moment’s later, Brock destroys him with numerous suplexes at the encouragement of Heyman. They then walk off, pleased, and with Bo prone.


Match #1: Tag-Team – The Lucha Dragons (Kalisto and Sin Cara) vs The New Day

Prior to the bout, The New Day make their entrance singing about being the new Tag-Team Champions to a famous song by the late Frank Sinatra; Woods plays a trombone during this! Kofi misses a kick running off the ropes and is rolled up for a quick-count by Cara. Kalisto is tagged in and dumps Kofi to the floor with a flip, then spin-kicks Big E. to the outside as well. He follows with a slingshot-plancha, but Big E. and Kofi catch him. Cara joins with a dive to take out E. and Kingston!


The New Day are in control, with Xavier playing them along on the trombone. Kalisto counters into a sunset-flip powerbomb, but is soon planted with the Champs’ finisher for the victory!

Winners via Pinfall: Tag-Team Champions The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Big E.) (with Xavier Woods)

As The New Day are celebrating, a sudden fireworks blast shoots from the top of the arena. In a complete surprise appearance, out walk former WWE, WCW, ECW, and TNA Tag-Team Champions The Dudley Boyz! To a raucous reaction, Bubba Ray and D-Von march out and destroy the current Tag-Team Champs and Xavier, with all their signature moves, including 3D-ing through a table!


Segment #3: Video Promo

John Cena’s work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation is featured, which is now at 500 granted wishes.

Segment #4: Office Promo

Stephanie and Triple H are admiring Seth Rollins’ statue when the WWE World Heavyweight and United States Champion himself walks in. he is elated over what they are doing for him tonight, and they are elated over him.

Roman Reigns comes out and will be teaming with Dean to take on Wyatt and Harper again, next!

Match #2: Tag-Team – Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose VS. The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper)

Ambrose and Harper begin, with “The Lunatic Fringe” taking the upper hand first on Luke and Bray. On the outside, Harper runs through the ropes with a suicide dive, but Dean hits back with a clothesline off the apron. Reigns follows with the Drive-By running front-dropkick.


Bray is now in control over Ambrose, clotheslining him hard then tagging in Harper. He slingshots Dean between the bottom and middle ropes, then switches with Bray. “The Eater Of Worlds” drives Dean with a DDT and swings him around onto his right knee. Luke is tagged back in and slingshots over the ropes with a Tope’ dive, then locks Ambrose in the Gator Roll. Dean fights back and scoop-slams Luke then Tornado DDT’s him out of the corner! He reaches for the hot-tag to Roman, who Samoan Drops an also-tagged-in Wyatt.

Roman gives Bray a big t-bone-like suplex and clotheslines him in the corner, then puts him to the mat with a backdrop. He gears up for the Superman Punch but is countered. Harper tries a distraction but is knocked off the apron; Bray one-arm slams Roman. Dean has to fight off both Harper and Wyatt, then rolls Bray back into the ring where Roman jackhammer-suplexes him. Harper is back in to stop the count and hits both Reigns and Ambrose. He picks up Reigns, but Reigns kicks Bray off and then hits Harper. Ambrose helps again, and as Roman signals for the Spear, the screen changes to the Wyatt Family video. We go back to the ring and a giant man appears standing on the apron in a black mask. He takes off the mask and is a completely new wrestler I do not recognize. He decimates Reigns and Ambrose, locking them in a reverse Cobra Clutch-type submission.


Segment #4: Arena Promo

MizTV is on the air and he welcomes Team P.C.B.; Paige, Becky, and Charlotte join him in the ring. The women insist to Miz that they are all a trio, which is why they were able to win at SummerSlam. Miz doesn’t entirely believe them and insinuates that there may be dissension. Paige denies it and the women all pinky-swear each other. They all say they will take on any female or male, and Paige declares “this is the era of the female athlete. We will not back down; we will not surrender and we will keep proving that we are just as strong, just as agile, and just as dominant as any man, any…” She is cut off by Team Bella’s music, when Divas Champion Nikki, Brie, and Alicia Fox walk out.

Nikki declares herself to be the most dominant, since she is the Divas Champion. Brie says they “we empower women all over the world.” Alicia reminds Becky that she has been in WWE for nine years, but Lynch pokes fun at that. Nikki gets in her face and predicts that she “will become the longest-reigning Divas Champion in WWE history” on Sept. 22nd. She gets in P.C.B.’s face with the title, then Miz interjects before they go further. He tells Charlotte, Paige, and Becky to copy him so they can “revolutionize WWE,” then puts them down verbally again. They don’t take kind to his remarks and put him against the ropes. Team Bella assaults from behind and then all Divas glare at each other.


Match #3: Six-Diva Tag-Team – Team P.C.B. (Paige, Becky, and Charlotte) VS. Team Bella (Divas Champion Nikki, Brie, and Alicia Fox)

Brie is kicking Becky in the corner as we come back from break. Becky reverses and flips over the Bella sister then gives her three running legdrops. Charlotte is tagged in and tries the Figure-8, but Brie kicks off and slaps hands with Nikki. The Divas champion slaps Charlotte, who pushes back and rolls her up quick. Paige is tagged and repeatedly knees Nikki through the ropes and covers for two. Becky is back in and also covers for two, then wears Nikki down with a front-facelock.

Nikki counters a wristlock into a snapmare and wristlock, which Lynch reverses into a couple roll-ups and a backslide. She wristlocks Nikki again and tags in Charlotte who locks Nikki in an armbar then tags in Paige, who snaprmares Nikki. She whips Nikki into the ropes, but the Divas Champion counters with a spinebuster. Paige regains control, giving her shoulders in the corner and kicking away. She switches with Becky, who also kicks away, then Charlotte comes in and planchas over the rope onto all of Team Bella.


Nikki now has Charlotte trapped in a half-crab, then is tossed to the outside. Nikki slams Charlotte’s left leg against the ring post, and sweeps her up onto the floor mat. She continues to work over Charlotte in the ring with her teammates. Charlotte breaks out of a leg-bending submission by Fox to get to Paige for the much-needed tag. She clotheslines Alicia again and again, then does the same with knees in the corner. Fox counters into a hard kick and leaping forearm for a near-fall! Alicia climbs the turnbuckle but Paige meets her there and jawbreaks her to the floor with the top rope. She follows with a somersault off the apron, then knocks the Twins off the apron. Paige clamps on the Paige Tap-Out to Fox, but Brie stops t with a kick. Becky comes in and tries to take her out, but she is face-busted for her efforts. Nikki hits Paige hard with a forearm, and Fox drives her with an Axe Kick for the 1 – 2 – 3!

Winners via Pinfall: Team Bella (Divas Champion Nikki, Brie, and Alicia Fox)


Match #4: Tag-Team – King Barrett and Stardust VS. ???

Before a second team is announced, Stardust attacks Wade. Neville runs out and fends him off.

Winner: No Contest due to No Official Start

Up next, SummerSlam host Jon Stewart will be out to discuss his actions at the pay-per-view.


Michael announces that The Dudley Boyz will be back on Smackdown! this week.

Segment #6: Arena Promo

Jon Stewart receives a chant of “Thank you, Stewart” to start off his explanation of betraying John Cena. He says that “in my heart, I could not let John Cena tie ‘the great’ Ric Flair for sixteen championships, because, in my mind, ‘the champ is flair.’”

In another surprise, “The Nature Boy” himself struts out! Ric Flair tells Stewart that he appreciates his intentions, but he was rotting for Cena anyway, as he wants his sixteen world championship record to be stopped by someone he respects. Stewart tries to plea his case again, but now John Cena becomes involved (due to the boisterous dismay of Brooklyn fans, at first). Cena says is ok with not tying Flair’s record but not with Seth Rollins holding the two titles now, as he nor The Authority will give wrestlers or the fans a chance. Stewart claims he respects Cena for being who he is and giving all the up-and-comers a shot at the U.S. Championship. Cena doesn’t buy much of it and decides to do something about it – he gives Jon an Attitude Adjustment!

After replays, Flair and referees help Stewart to the back.

Up next, 8-Man Tag action!


Segment #6: Backstage Promo

Rene Young asks John Cena about his actions; he is happy that he had a “talk” with Stewart, and then warns he is going to have a “talk” with Seth.

Match #5: Eight-Man Tag-Team – Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro, Randy Orton, and Intercontinental Champion Ryback (with Lana) VS. Rusev, Kevin Owens, The Big Show, and Sheamus (with Summer Rae)

Rusev and Ryback start out with a lockup. Ryback knocks him down with a shoulder block then rams him repeatedly against he canvas. He switches with Cesaro, who easily picks up Rusev and slams him down. Dolph is now in and dropkicks Rusev and goes for the leaping-DDT, but is tossed off. Ziggler puts Rusev to the outside, where Ryback pushes him. A face-off between the teams then happens.


Show and Ziggler are wrestling now, with Show big-booting Dolph. He slaps him hard in the corner then signals to the crowd to kiss his behind after they chant “Big Show sucks.” Owens comes in and suplexes Dolph into the top rope. He then shakes his rear at Ziggler, making fun of him. Sheamus is tagged and he works over Dolph with a leglock submission. He catches him off a run and drives him with the Irish Curse backbreaker.


While Rusev and Dolph wrestle, Lana sweeps up and pounds away on Summer. In the ring, Ziggler hits the Fameasser and tags in Cesaro, who cleans house on Owens with many uppercuts. He signals for the swing, but Rusev comes in and gets swung instead! Cesaro turns into a boot by Owens, then Ryback enters and slugs it out with Kevin. He is tripped into the middle turnbuckle, but moves from the Cannonball attempt! The I.C. Champ hits the Meathook Clothesline, but is soon taken down with a clothesline from Owens.

Ryback and Owens both tag in Sheamus and Orton, with Randy dominating “Mr. Money In The Bank.” He ducks from a knockout punch, that lands on Sheamus, allowing Orton to RKO Sheamus for the victory!

Winners via Pinfall: Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro, Randy Orton, and Intercontinental Champion Ryback (with Lana)

Post-match, Owens and Rusev argue with Show over the lost, then take him out. As Owens walks off, he doesn’t even bother to help Sheamus. Back in the ring, Big Show is surrounded and RKO’d as Ryback and Cesaro held him up!


Segment #8: Video Promo

“I tried to warn you Roman. I tried to tell you so long as you walk this earth, so long as there’s a heart still beating inside your chest, I would be there to put you down. Because you, you infect everything and everyone around you. Take your so-called ‘brother’ Dean Ambrose. You selfishly pulled him into our little game, and now he’s just another pawn for me to play. Last night, at SummerSlam, the world witnessed your moment of glory, and I hope you cherished it, because now, now it’s over. Tonight, you witnessed her greatest gift. I have someone I’d like you to meet. This is Braun Stowman. And he is Abigail’s ‘black sheep.’” Bray laughs menacingly as the camera pans close to Braun’s face, who has a wicked smile.

Segment #9: Backstage Promo

John Cena and The Authority meet in the hallway. Stephanie give shim props for being talked about by A.A.-ing Jon Stewart, but then calls him “a sore loser.” Cena mentions about having a chat with Rollins, but Stephanie says that won’t be happening. She calls over security to vacate him from the building.

Up next is the statue revelation!


Segment #10: Arena Promo

The Authority walks out to the ring, which is donned in a red carpet mat. The statue is in the middle, covered by a giant black sheet. First, though, Stephanie and Triple H since “Happy Birthday” to Stephanie’s father, Mr. Vince McMahon, as he has turned 70 today!

They move on to Seth Rollins, who they put over tremendously. The WWE World Heavyweight and United States Champion now joins them. He puts over the New York greats in sports and relates himself to them. Rollins uses the famous quote “heroes … but legends never die.” He claims he “became a legend” after SummerSlam, and now will “become immortal” with this statue. Seth also uses Ric Flair’s catchphrase, “to be ‘the man’, you’ve got to beat ‘the man’,” insisting that Cena was “the man” for the past decade, but now he will be after defeating Cena. He lists Andre The Giant, Bruno Sammartino, and The Ultimate Warrior as men who he will be with as a statue and in history. Rollins says he is ready for the moment, then asks the crowd.

The veil is lifted, but instead of Rollins in bronze, it is Sting! He is back and surveys The Authority, then goes after Rollins! He beats him to out of the ring, then holds up the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to the dismay and shock of Rollins, Triple H, and Stephanie to close the show.

End Of Raw.

Reporter’s Rumblings – By Moe Tapp

Following a pretty good SummerSlam, Raw was not as good, but decent. I felt other than the Divas match, the action was lacking, but the storytelling was superb. Here are my particulars:

Excellence: Heyman/Lesnar opener – as always, Paul E. was gold on the mike selling the “catastrophe” that was his client’s defeat, while Brock was a monster not to be messed with against Dallas. As mentioned above, the Divas match itself was great again, as was their promo.

I am absolutely intrigued by the new man in the Wyatt Family; I’m glad they’re expanding again, as I think Bray is better with a group than on his own. As well, the comeback of The Dudleyz was awesome and totally unexpected. I hope they are here for a while and have some more great matches; now they just need “Little” Spike Dudley!

Loved Owens ignoring a downed Sheamus post-match, as it adds even more to his fantastic “only me/I don’t care” character. Sting returning was very cool too; I’m fine with him at least having a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match, but as far as winning, I’m not absolutely sure – I will get back to you readers on that next week when the storyline forms more!

Bogus: no singles matches! Everything was a Tag-Team and mostly rushed. The one I was disappointed in the most was the rematch from SummerSlam; they just had it last night, so for those who are still paying the PPV rates, if I was one of them, that would make me mad to see it the very next night for free, and with a better result! (I was expecting a turn or a third-party on behalf of The Wyatts at SummerSlam.)

I hope Bo Dallas is soon repackaged; he’s totally lost his steam for a long while, and I think a fresh character would be best. I am also not digging Barrett; he also needs to be redone and back to the “bare-knuckle brawler” for legitimacy in him. Then I think he could have some great feuds with Neville, Ryback for the I.C., Cesaro, Owens if Barrett turns face. Pending that happening, I am not interested in him.

The crowd – when chants and actions disrupt the show (the wave or “we are awesome”) or are disrespectful (“boring” during the Divas match – come on!), then that’s where I get distracted and upset. It’s annoying and disregarding of both the work the wrestlers are performing in the ring and the viewers at home, whether it is during a promo or during a match.

All-in-all I thoroughly enjoyed Raw from the plot standpoint tonight and it has set up a few interesting new feuds! Until next week, Be Excellent Wrestling-Online Readers and Fans!

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