Monday Night Raw TV report for 08/18/2014

As almost-always, I have managed to avoid results from SummerSlam and excited to watch Raw tonight. The card for the annual show looked great, so hopefully WWE pulled of an excellent Pay-Per-View!

Who walked out with the various championships that were on the line – John Cena, Brock Lesnar, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, A.J. Lee, or Paige? Was Seth Rollins able to overcome Dean Ambrose, or did the now-wild wrestler defeat his former “brother?” In another Divas war, did Brie Bella get her revenge for the torment Stephanie McMahon and The Authority placed on her? Or did “The Billion Dollar Princess” act up again with shenanigans and old tricks? Which microphone/psychology (and wrestling) expert prevailed in the ring – Bray Wyatt or Chris Jericho? Lastly, was it Roman Reigns or Randy Orton who won?

All these answers are found below, so read on to see what went down at SummerSlam, and what will happen tonight in “Sin City!”

Monday Night Raw TV Report for August 18th, 2014 – “Smashing New Champions!”

Introduction Segment: Video Promo

A movie-style video recapping SummerSlam starts out. It reveals that Reigns, Wyatt, Rollins, McMahon, and Lesnar all won; with Brock capturing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Segment #2: Arena Promo

The music of a man we have not seen in a while plays, bringing the Las Vegas crowd to their feet and chanting “Yes, Yes, Yes!” However, instead of Daniel Bryan, it is Stephanie McMahon, who jaunts out like Bryan and sporting a T-Shirt that reads “Steph! Steph! Steph!” instead of “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

McMahon puts herself over first, then talks about SummerSlam and its success. She revels in Lesnar’s domination of John Cena and becoming the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Stephanie announces he will be awarded a new title. Stephanie continues to go over SummerSlam, and plugs the WWE Network “for just $9.99.” Stephanie then gives props to her man, C.O.O. Triple H, and rips apart Daniel Bryan for “cheating” on his wife Brie. She then brings out Nikki Bella, who did the heel-turn on her sister.

Nikki walks down the ramp (amid dropping a shoe!) and then also tears apart her flesh and blood verbally. Nikki says it was always Brie putting her down in life, and she and Stephanie engage in a conversation about Brie and Bryan.

Brie soon marches out, glaring at Nikki and Steph. She wants an answer and wants to forgive her, but Nikki responds with a hard slap. “I will never forgive you!”

Up next, The Wyatt Family of Erik Rowan and Luke Harper will face The Big Show and Mark Henry!


Match #1: Tag-Team – The Wyatt Family (Erik Rowan and Luke Harper) VS. The Big Show and “The World’s Strongest Man,” Mark Henry

Rowan and Henry begin, both slugging it out. Mark clotheslines Rowan, and controls Harper when he’s tagged in, then switches with Show. He also dominates Luke until the break, tossing him to the outside.


Big is staring at Harper, who is still on the floor. Luke uses the ropes to jawbreak Show, then dropkicks him to the outside following a distraction by Rowan. Back in the ring, Erik kicks away at Big, then tags in Luke. Both Wyatt Family men double-team Show, and almost take this after a semi-superkick by Harper on Big! Luke clutches on the Gator Roll and continues to wear down the 7-foot giant. Big Show musters strength and counters with a backdrop, but is taken down by Rowan quickly. Impressively, Erik scoop-slams Show and again, almost gets the duke!

Rowan goes for a second slam, which Show reverses into a DDT this time! Big makes the crawl and gets the hot-tag to “The World’s Strongest Man.” He takes apart Rowan until Harper boots him for a near-fall! Show comes back in and nails two Knockout Punches, then Henry finishes with The World’s Strongest Slam on Erik!

Winners via Pinfall: The Big Show and “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry

Michael Cole announces that NEW Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler will take on The Miz in a rematch from last night. (Wow, I’m surprised they gave the title to Dolph, considering he was dominating the feud, and The Miz has a fresh, new personality.)

Also, Randy Orton will team with Rybaxel to face Roman Reign, Rob Van Dam, and United States Champion.


Segment #3: Locker Room Promo

Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler is with “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, who tells him “you’re on a roll, brother.”. His challenger, The Miz walks in, telling Dolph that he doesn’t deserve to have the title, and it should be around the waist of an “A-Lister.”. Ziggler replies, “You’re not an ‘A-Lister’ Miz, you’re just an ‘A-Hole.!’”

Segment #4: Backstage Promo

Rene Young is with “Mr. Money In The Bank,” Seth Rollins. He is gloating over his SummerSlam win, when a bucket of water/ice is dumped on him. Rollins turns around to see it is his rival, Dean Ambrose, who quips “What? It’s for charity!” (which is absolutely true.) The two engage in a brawl and have to be separated by referees and agents.


Segment #5: Office Promo

C.O.O. Triple H and Director Of Operations Kane are talking things over when Seth Rollins bursts in. he is enraged with Dean Ambrose, so HHH relieves him and makes another rematch for tonight. Rollins and Ambrose will square off again, with the WWE Universe (fans) being able to vote for the stipulation. Triple H wants Seth to “finish off Dean Ambrose for good.”

Match #2: Single – Natalya VS. Divas Champion Paige

Some great back-and-forth mat-wrestling action begins between the two women. Paige kicks her way out of a backslide, then crawls over Natalya and headbutts her. A.J. Lee’s music now plays and she skips down to and around the ring; distracting Paige and allowing Natalya to roll her up for the 1 – 2 – 3!

Winner via Pinfall: Natalya

Post-match, A.J. gives Paige her own promo, back telling Paige that she also respects her and loves her. A.J. wants to shake her hand after dedicating her life to her, but the Divas Champion rolls out of the ring and backs off.

Cole lets us know about the stipulation choices for Rollins/Ambrose, which are “No Holds Barred,” “Falls Count Anywhere,” or “No Disqualification.”

Up next, Brock Lesnar will be given his new WWE World Heavyweight Championship!


Segment #6: Arena Promo

The Authority is out, with the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship undercover in the middle of the ring. After putting over Stephanie and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at SummerSlam, Triple H and Steph unveil the new championship. It is basically the same as the WWE Championship, only with the new WWE logo in the middle. (Kind of a let down, as I was thinking another entirely new title; but it does look nice.)

“The Game” asks for Brock Lesnar to come on out and receive his new championship. “The Beast Incarnate” obliges, followed by his advocate, Paul Heyman. Everyone poses in the ring with the title, allowing the fans to get the picture opportunity.

Stephanie and Triple H then leave, giving the microphone to Paul Heyman. “Ladies and gentleman … my name is Paul Heyman. And I’m ‘the one’ behind ‘the one’ who conquered ‘the one’ who thought he was ‘the one’ to beat ‘the one’ in twenty-one-and-one.” He is all to pleased to tell us who he and Brock Lesnar are. Heyman gladly gloats about Lesnar’s domination and annihilation of John Cena at SummerSlam, then goes over the top stars (The Rock, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin) who John Cena outlasted (time-wise), before being controlled by Lesnar.

Paul E. does give Cena credit for taking the beating of his life, and would even make him a “Paul Heyman Guy.” However, Heyman declares that whoever does face Lesnar, their career “dies at the hands of Brock Lesnar.” “My client is ‘The Beast,’ and this ‘beast’ will lay wreckage to any man that tries to take that title away from him.” Heyman goes over the method that Brock destroyed Cena with at SummerSlam, which was “eat, sleep, suplex, repeat.”

Cole, John “Bradshaw” Layfield, and Jerry “The King” Lawler recap Brie/Nikki/Steph’s confrontation and Ambrose/Rollins, as well as the upcoming 6-man.

Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler’s music plays and the new titleholder makes his entrance. He will be wrestling, next!


Match #3: Single for the Intercontinental Championship – The Miz (Challenger) VS. Dolph Ziggler (Champion)

(Note: Justin Roberts does proper in-ring introductions; nice touch!) Lockup and waistlock by Ziggler, which Miz turns into a standing side headlock. Dolph gets Miz in a headlock of his own, then Miz rolls him up for two! Dolph leapfrogs Miz, but lands hard on his leg and hurts his knee. Miz takes advantage and works over the left knee, including ramming it against the steel ring post.


Ziggler has Miz in a sunset flip for a near-fall! He almost gets it again with both a backslide and the leaping-DDT! Dolph tries a kick but Miz catches him and clamps on a Figure-4 Leglock, which “The Show Off” struggles through but manages to get the ropes for the break. He falls to the outside, but uses the middle rope to jawbreak Miz. They battle on the apron, and Ziggler ends up not making it back in the ring, losing.

Winner via Count-Out: The Miz

Post-match, while Dolph Ziggler retains his I.C. Title, Miz takes umbrage and tries to attack him, but Ziggler gets the best, dropping Miz with the Zig-Zag neckbreaker.

Segment #7: Backstage Promo

Rene Young welcomes Jack Swagger, who lost to Rusev in the Flag Match at SummerSlam. Zeb Colter is not with him, because he got kicked by Rusev at the Pay-Per-View. Swagger gives an American-pride type promo, and will be wrestling next!


Match #5: Single – Cesaro VS. “The Real American,” Jack Swagger

Cesaro completely dominates this bout, wearing Swagger down and working over his chest/rib area, since it is wrapped up. Jack makes a comeback with a boot-to-the-face and a Swaggerbomb corner splash but Cesaro quickly turns it around again. He goes for a boot of his own, but Swagger catches him on the apron and turns it into the Patriot Lock. The referee forces him to break the hold, twice, because of the ropes. Cesaro counters again and takes this one after The Neutralizer.

Winner via Pinfall: Cesaro

Post-match, Bo Dallas makes his presence known and tries to encourage Swagger to “Bo-lieve” from the stage.

Segment #8: Backstage Promo

Chris Jericho is now being interviewed by Rene Young, who asks what his feelings are after losing to Bray Wyatt at SummerSlam. Jericho says that he has faced dozens of Hall Of Famers, but has not seen anyone like Bray before. He puts him over for how “unique” he is, but also puts over all the support he has from his fans.

Up next, 6-Man Tag-Team!


Match #6: Six-Man Tag-Team – Rybaxel (Ryback and Curtis Axel) and “The Viper” Randy Orton VS. United States Champion “The Celtic Warrior” Sheamus, Rob Van Dam, and Roman Reigns

Axel and Sheamus begin, with Sheamus giving Curtis a shoulder block and clothesline to drop him. Orton is tagged in and works over Sheamus. He tries a backbreaker, but Sheamus reverses into a Fireman’s Carry rollover. Van Dam tagged himself in and follows up with Rolling Thunder.


Sheamus gives “10 Beats Of The Bowron” to both Axel and Ryback, but Orton gets in and takes control. Remembering that Ryback is from Vegas, the crowd gets loud and wants their hometown dude to be in. Randy happily obliges and tags in Ryback. He dominates Sheamus to the pleasure of the fans. He switches with Orton, who is taken down by Sheamus. Both crawl to their corners and make tags. Reigns and Axel in, with Reigns cleaning house. He hits the floor-to-apron running front-dropkick on Curtis, then follows with the Superman Punch on both members of Rybaxel.

Reigns calls for the spear, but Orton slides and gives him the backbreaker. Roman makes the tag for Van Dam, who dives off the ropes with a crossbody on Axel. He legscissor-rolls Curtis for two, and the same with the split-legged moonsault, but Ryback saves. Sheamus Brogue Kicks Ryback, and Randy R.K.O.’s Sheamus! Van Dam back in and hits Orton with a kick, setting up Reigns to spear a dizzy “Viper!” After a Five-Star Frogsplash on Axel (who ran Roman into the ring post), Sheamus, Van Dam, and Reigns get the hard-earned victory!

Winners via Pinfall: United States Champion “The Celtic Warrior,” Sheamus, Rob Van Dam, and Roman Reigns


Segment #9: Backstage Promo

Randy Orton is walking through the hall when Ric Flair talks to him. Orton doesn’t want to hear it, and threatens Flair to leave him alone or he will “find out why they used to call me ‘The Legend Killer.’”

Segment #10: Video Promo

Bray Wyatt appears on screen. “Last night, at SummerSlam, a pale horse was coming for you Chris. And the rider, his name was Wyatt. Now, I warned you, I told you this would happen. And after all, I am a man of my word. Jericho claims he looked into my eyes last night and he says that he say ‘nothing,’ ‘emptiness.’ And I got to thinking, ‘well Chris, maybe you’re right. Maybe I don’t have a soul. Maybe my only place on this earth is to collect them; and they’re merely playthings to me.’ But once thing is for certain Chris. That you will never, ever, ever, truly be able to comprehend what I am. Behold, the ‘new face of salvation.’ Follow the buzzards.”

Tag-Team Champions The Usos make their entrance and will be wrestling, next.


Match #7: Tag-Team – Tag-Team Champions The Usos (Jimmy and Jey) VS. Goldust and Stardust (Non-Title)

Goldust begins with Jey, and they feel each other out for a bit. Jey holds Goldust while Jimmy comes in a gives a top-rope axe-handle smash to Goldust’s arm. The Usos work over Goldust, particularly his left arm with armbars and armlocks. Goldust manages to tag in Stardust, who tries to get momentum, but is quickly stopped again by The Usos. Stardust tries to leap over Jey, but turns it into a sunset flip for the sudden 1 – 2 – 3!

Winners via Pinfall: Goldust and Stardust


It is announced that Rob Van Dam will take on Randy Orton this week on Smackdown!

Segment #11: Arena Promo

“The Ravishing Russian,” Lana and “The Super Athlete,” Rusev walk out in happiness after SummerSlam. Lana has the microphone and boasts in Russia’s pride for Rusev’s victory over Swagger. Before she can go further, “The World’s Strongest Man” interrupts and marches out. The two behemoths stare each other down, then Henry talks about his American pride. He cites his two Olympic appearances, but was irked when the Russian flag was raised in Los Angels last night. Lana tries to say something, but Henry shuts her up. He gets closer to Rusev and wants to give him a “personal, guided tour into the Hall Of Pain.” Both men glare, then punch at each other. Henry plants Rusev with the World’s Strongest Slam and the World’s Strongest Splash, amid “U.S.A.” chants.


Cole announces that John Cena will be back next week to talk about his SummerSlam match with (now) WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar.

Match #8: Single (Falls Count Anywhere) – Dean Ambrose VS. “Mr. Money In The Bank” Seth Rollins

(Note: Prior to the bout, “The King” revealed the results and “Falls Count Anywhere” dominated with 41%.)

Both punch away right off the bat, with Ambrose pressing and mount-punching Rollins on the canvas. Seth controls for a little bit, then Dean comes back with a front-dropkick and takes this to the arena floor. They battle through the crowd and end up on the stage. Ambrose attempts a suplex, which Rollins blocks. He tries a powerbomb, but Dean lands on his feet and gives Rollins that suplex. 1 – 2 – Seth kicks out! Back around the ring, Dean pulls out a bunch of chairs and a kendo stick. He scoop-slams Rollins with the chair attached, but is run into a chair in the corner shortly after.


Rollins now has control, whacking Ambrose with the kendo stick multiple times. He goes for another big shot, but Ambrose catches him and punches back. Ambrose ducks a clothesline and tries one of his own, but Seth counters with a spin-kick. Rollins tries running at Dean with a chair in the corner, but Ambrose cuts him off and spins him around with a Tornado DDT! 1 – 2 – Rollins kicks out! Both go for big moves, but each counter the other’s.

Dean yanks an abundance of chairs from under the ring and sets up Rollins on the turnbuckle. He wants to suplex Seth onto the pile of chairs, but Rollins gets out of it and powerbombs Ambrose onto them instead! 1 – 2 – Ambrose gets the shoulder up!

Director Of Operations Kane now walks out and takes a seat by the timekeeper’s area. Rollins leaves the ring and pulls a table from beneath. He places Ambrose face-first on the table and ascends the turnbuckle. Dean cuts him off and instead suplexes Rollins through it! Kane tries a distraction, but Ambrose shoves him back to the floor, as well as Seth. He follows up with a suicide dive on both, then nails a harsh clothesline on Ambrose in the ring. He follows with the Dirty Deeds front-face DDT, but Kane pulls him out before he can get the count.

Kane hits at Ambrose, but Dean counters and drop-toeholds him into the steel steps. Ambrose chucks Rollins over the barricade. He soars over himself, but brings him back to the main area. He rips the cover off the announce table, and tries to give Dirty Deeds to Rollins through it, but Kane catches him and Chokeslams him on it! Rollins follows up with the Curb Stomp! He orders Kane to finish the job, so “The Big Red Machine” takes off the timekeeper’s table, exposing concrete blocks. Rollins runs from the announce table and smashes Dean’s head through those blocks with the Curb Stop!

Charles Robinson, the referee, calls for medical help and stops this match, saying Rollins and Kane have “gone too far.” He declares Rollins the victor.

Winner via Referee Stoppage: “Mr. Money In The Bank,” Seth Rollins

Post-match, Rollins and Kane celebrate while medical technicians check and referee Robinson attend to Ambrose to close the show.

End Of Raw.

Reporter’s Rumblings – By Moe Tapp

This was a very promo-heavy and I though so-so Raw, which is not too great following what seemed to be a big Pay-Per-View. Onto the particulars for more!

Excellence: Tag-Team of Henry/Show, and the Tag-Team bout with them and The Wyatts. I think Henry/Show have great chemistry, and they should be the next Tag-Team Champions, then have The Ascension from NXT make the main roster and challenge them.

Very happy that Paige is the Divas Champ again. I already know this run will be better than her first one, because she is engaged in an entertaining feud with A.J., I’m loving the heel side to her and these two women also have great chemistry. Glad Paige isn’t being treated as a push-over anymore; this is the type of Paige we needed to see from the get-go – dominant like she was on NXT!

As with most-times, both Paul Heyman’s and Bray Wyatt’s promos were superb! It will be interesting to see who, after Cena, will be the next challenger(s) for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. I can also see Lesnar keeping the belt for a long time.

Action-packed six-man, and it was kind of cool to see Ryback get some hometown face chants! I’m also intrigued to see where Randy Orton’s conversation with Ric Flair will go, as it looks like “The Viper” is now done with Reigns.

Absolutely loved the confrontations (especially the Ice Bucket Challenge for A.L.S./Lou Gehrig’s Disease awareness) and match between Rollins and Ambrose. These guys can (and probably will be) keep going for a while and it won’t get boring! Dean has really stepped up in singles, both personality and physicality-wise. Way to go! Nice way to include a promo for charity cause that is making its way through the media and bringing awareness to a disease!

Bogus: Opening Promo. While Stephanie was great, Nikki is horrible on the microphone and it sounded so fake/rehearsed. It almost looked like Stephanie had to remind her/coach her through the oratory. Brie was better, but I though this was not an opening segment. This should’ve been middle-of-the-show, and Raw should’ve started with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship celebration.

Really surprised (and disappointed) that had Rusev win. I really like the resurgence of Jack Swagger and thought he was moving up in the card again nicely; and the SummerSlam win would’ve solidified him again even more. Also confused as to why it was Mark Henry who planted Rusev, when he is already involved in a Tag-Team with Big Show?

Also surprised that The Miz is no longer I.C. Champ. I like Ziggler a lot, but really thought that with Miz’s new character, he would’ve been given a big run with the championship. At least he is staying in the picture and still feuding with Dolph.

Was pretty bored by the Stardust/Goldust/Usos bout; the win came out of nowhere, in a way.

I’m sitting on the fence of Wyatt/Jericho. I still think their promo work could’ve been much better (more interaction between the two in the ring on the mike) and I’m just going to wait and see what’s next for them before liking/disliking the feud overall.

All-in-all, an okay Raw, but could’ve been much better following one of their “4 big ones.” Until two weeks from now, as I am on vacation tomorrow for a week (missing next week’s Raw, therefore) Be Excellent Wrestling-Online Readers and Wrestling Fans!

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