Monday Night Raw TV report for 07/13/2015

Monday Night Raw TV Report for July 13th, 2015

Introduction Segment: Video Promo

Recap of the feud between Brock Lesnar and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins is shown.

Segment #2: Welcoming and Arena Promo

Michael Cole greets us from Atlanta, Georgia, then Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman enter. Paul E. talks about Lesnar being the challenger for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship this Sunday, at Battleground, against Seth Rollins. He recaps “The Beast Incarnate’s” previous times he was a challenger to a title; this included his first WWE Championship match against The Rock at SummerSlam 2002, in the U.F.C. facing Randy Couture, and at last year’s SummerSam versus John Cena for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship too.

Heyman proclaims that “Brock Lesnar will enter the ring the challenger; Brock Lesnar will not leave the ring the same way. This Sunday night, Seth Rollins, you’re going to get beat up by Brock Lesnar. You’re going to get your ass kicked by Brock Lesnar. You’re going to get F5’ed by Brock Lesnar. You’re going to be pinned by Brock Lesnar.”

As Paul goes on, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion himself walks out. Seth Rollins and Kane stand on the stage and Rollins threatens to “wipe that smile off your stupid face.” He calls Lesnar a “coward” for destroying J & J Security’s car instead of going man-to-man against him last week on Raw. Seth says the WWE Championship is his symbol and that he is “everything right about WWE” and declares that he is “going to burn Suplex City to the ground.”

Lesnar wants to bring the WWE World Heavyweight Champion to Suplex City on Raw, but Kane interrupts and announces they will instead engage in a contract signing for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match at Battleground. Kane warns Lesnar and Heyman not to mess around, but Paul E. mocks Kane about being The Undertaker’s “baby brother” (which the crowd starts chanting) and advises Rollins to not “poke the bear” with Lesnar or he will find himself in Suplex City.

Dean Ambrose will take on Bray Wyatt later tonight, and up next, Ryback and Randy Orton team up to go after Sheamus and The Big Show!


Match #1: Tag-Team – Intercontinental Champion Ryback and Randy Orton VS. Sheamus and The Big Show

(Note: The announcers make it known that Orton and Sheamus will square off at Battleground as well, and The Miz is also on commentary.) Ryback and Sheamus start off with a lockup, then Ryback backdrops Sheamus, and slingshot-splashes from the top rope to the floor on him!


Orton and Sheamus are now slugging away, with “The Viper” getting the better and whipping Sheamus hard into the corner. Randy continues to punch and kick away, but Sheamus carries him off with an inverted atomic drop. Orton hits back with a clothesline and stomps on Sheamus’ gut, then tags in the I.C. Champ. Sheamus gets control with knees, but it is quickly turned around when Ryback mudhole stomps him in the corner.

The Big Show is switched in and repeatedly stomps/bounces his foot off Ryback’s back. He slaps Ryback hard in the corner against the chest, then tags in Sheamus. Ryback picks up Sheamus and tags in Orton, who hits again at Sheamus. He backdrops him against the barricade, but is kneed in the gut as he ran off the ropes. Sheamus knees Orton again in the head and clotheslines him to the canvas.


Sheamus has Orton clamped in a rear chinlock, then drives him down with the Irish Curse Backbreaker. He switches again with Show, who walks over Randy and then sits on him twice. Big signals for the Chokeslam, but Orton hops out of it and plants him with a DDT! Both are down as Orton reaches for the hot-tag. He makes it to Ryback who cleans house on Sheamus. He Lou Thesz Presses and splashes “Mr. Money In The Bank,” then, as he goes for the Meathook Clothesline, is distracted by The Miz. Show gets involved and knocks out Ryback, then chases Miz to the back. Sheamus looks to take advantage, but Orton R.K.O.’s him instead, and Ryback rockets off the top turnbuckle with a splash and covers for the hard-earned victory!

Winners via Pinfall: Intercontinental Champion Ryback and Randy Orton

Segment #3: Office Promo

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins and Director Of Operations Kane are discussing what to do about Brock Lesnar later tonight but no real conclusion is reached.

Dean Ambrose makes his entrance for his bout against Bray Wyatt, next!


Match #2: Single – Dean Ambrose VS. Bray Wyatt

This contest doesn’t even start properly, as Roman Reigns runs out behind Wyatt during his entrance and begins a brawl. Reigns totally dominates the attack, both outside and inside of the ring. He Superman Punches Reigns, but is hit hard in the head with Bray’s lantern.

Winner: No Contest due to No Official Start


Segment #4: Arena Promo

Team Bella strut to the ring with Divas Champion Nikki talking about her accomplishments as the Division’s Champ since November 23rd, 2014. She states that herself, her sister Brie, and Alicia Fox “have the power” because of the Divas Championship.

Nikki is interrupted by Stephanie McMahon. She objects to Nikki’s report about controlling the Divas Division, as it is not just all about her or Alicia or Brie. Stephanie talks about the “revolution” that is going on with women in sports worldwide, from Soccer to UFC. She asks Paige, who has tried to start it in WWE, to join them. Paige obliges, as does two other women that Stephanie brings out. They are NXT Women Wrestlers Becky Lynch and Charlotte (daughter of Ric Flair).

Naomi and Tamina also interrupt and complains that they are not getting what they deserve. Stephanie agrees, but also introduces NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks into the fray. All women are now in the ring and challenges them to go with what she’s given them. They all have a stare-down, then brawl. The NXT Women end by locking Team Bella in their respective submissions (Figure 8 for Charlotte, Armbar by Becky, and Crossface-type with Sasha.) Paige holds up Becky and Charlotte’s arms as Sasha holds up Naomi and Tamina’s.


Match #3: Six-Man Tag-Team – The New Day (Kofi Kingston, Big E., and Xavier Woods) VS. Tag-Team Champions The Prime Time Players (Darren Young and Titus O’Neil) and Mark Henry

Before this bout, The New Day cut a promo on what went wrong with Atlanta this year, but how the city also “stayed positive.” They assert that “Prime Time is out of time” and will become the Tag-Team Champions again.

They begin fast with quick-tags by both teams until Henry and Prime Time Players empty the ring for a break.


Titus and Xavier are now going at it, with Titus getting corned by New Day. Kofi dropkicks O’Neil, then kicks him two times after running off the ropes. Big E. splashes Titus running off the ropes too, but only gets two! Woods is in and locks up O’Neil with a Cobra Clutch, which Titus gets out of and slaps Henry with the tag. It breaks down from here between the two teams, and Henry finishes it with a World’s Strongest Slam on Xavier!

Winners via Pinfall: Tag-Team Champions The Prime Time Players (Titus O’Neil and Darren Young) and Mark Henry

Segment #5: Video Promo

The same recap of Rollins/Lesnar’s rivalry from Raw’s opening is shown again.


Match #4: Single – R-Truth VS. King Barrett

An elbow-collar tie-up starts, and Truth shows Barrett up quickly. He almost gets this one with a victory-roll running off the ropes, but is booted hard in the face. Barrett dominates now with a sidewalk slam, and dives off the second rope with an elbow. He wears down R with a grounding chinlock, but Truth hits his way out. He headscissors Wade out of the corner and drives him to the mat with The Lie Detector (Jumping Flatliner) for the 1 – 2 – 3!

Winner via Pinfall: R-Truth

Post-match, Truth collects his “King What’s Up” gear from under the ring and antagonizes Barrett more.

After recalling the Dolph Ziggler/Rusev/Lana/Summer Rae feud, United States Champion John Cena will be having another U.S. Open Challenge, next!


Match #5: Single for the United States Championship – John Cena (Champion) VS. ???

The person to answer is …. Rusev! He walks out with Summer Rae and talks about how he is “the greatest United States Champion ever” and blames Lana for not being the champion anymore. Kevin Owens now walks out and wants to take on Cena. Of course, Rusev takes umbrage (thank you, Y2J – shout out to his book, Best In The World At What I have Know Idea, for that word/idea; if you haven’t read yet, READ IT!), as does Cesaro who walks out. The three challengers fight to a break.


It is now a Triple-Threat match to determine the challenger for John Cena’s U.S. Title tonight on Raw!

Match #5: Triple-Threat for the #1 Contender’s Spot to the United States Championship – Rusev (with Summer Rae) VS. Kevin Owens VS. Cesaro

(Note: Cena is also on commentary.) Cesaro suplexes Rusev, then Owens runs at Rusev in the corner, then Cesaro uppercuts Owens. “The Bulgarian Brute” also Cannonballs Owens in the corner but is uppercutted too by Cesaro. Owens climbs the turnbuckle and attempts a Senton Bomb, but Cesaro gets his knees up! Rusev picks up and gives Cesaro a spinning-backdrop for a two-count. Cesaro gains control over both Owens and Rusev, but Owens grapples him from behind in an Electric Chair Drop position. Cesaro wiggles out of it, and Rusev dives from the top turnbuckle, knocking both Kevin and Cesaro to the canvas!

Owens and Rusev strike each other back-and-forth, then Kevin attempts a German Suplex; Cesaro runs up and clutches Owens and double-German Suplexes both men! He then follows up with a running-twisting plancha-splash to the outside on both as well! Back in the ring, Cesaro wants to swing Rusev, but Owens kicks him down. He springboard-splashes Cesaro from the middle turnbuckle, but is kicked out of the ring by Rusev. “The Bulgarian Brute” tries to lock on The Accolade, but Owens breaks it up.

Kevin grabs Rusev’s head, but Rusev reverses into the Alabama Slam! He stomps on Owens’ back and holds him in The Accolade submission (Camel Clutch) Cesaro kicks Rusev, then holds him up for a stalling-suplex! All three are laying on the mat, seemingly exhausted.

Cesaro and Owens get to their feet first, and Owens punches both Rusev and Cesaro repeatedly. He yells at both “he’s mine,” referring to Cena. This infuriates Rusev and Cesaro who double-team Owens. Owens ends up leaving the ring to the back, leaving the opportunity for only Rusev and Cesaro.


Rusev and Cesaro are still wrestling, with Rusev trying to make Cesaro tap to a grounding chinlock. Cesaro works his way out and soars off the top rope with a tornado back-elbow! He hits Rusev in the corner with recurring uppercuts, but is countered and suplexed from the ring to the floor! Rusev rolls Cesaro in the ring, then points at Cena. He ascends the top turnbuckle, but is stopped by a leaping uppercut by Cesaro. He is knocked with a dropkick, but tosses Cesaro face-first to the canvas; Rusev follows with a diving headbutt but misses! Cesaro capitalizes with a Crossface submission, but Rusev reverses into a slam! 1 – 2 – Cesaro kicks out! Rusev goes for another Accolade, but Cesaro reverses into a Sharpshooter try. Rusev kicks him off and somersault-splashes him! He tries another Accolade, but Cesaro turns over and grabs Rusev’s legs to swing him around a few times! He turns this into the Sharpshooter! Rusev struggles, but manages to grab the ropes and pull himself to the floor for the break. Cesaro follows with a suicide dive, then runs Rusev into the corner barricade and hits another uppercut. Back in the ring, Rusev abruptly kicks Cesaro in the chest and suddenly takes this extremely hard-fought contest!

Winner and #1 Contender to the United States Championship: Rusev (with Summer Rae)


Match #6: Single for the United States Championship – John Cena (Champion) VS. Rusev (with Summer Rae) (Challenger)

Cena and Rusev circle each other, then Cena takes Rusev down with a side headlock. He scoop-slams him for a one-count, then suplexes him for two! Cena clamps on a bearhug, and then puts him to the canvas again. He runs at Rusev in the corner twice, then runs off the ropes with a couple of flying shoulder-blocks. Cena backdrops Rusev and hits the Five-Knuckle-Shuffle Fistdrop. Cena measures a very-worn-down Rusev and picks him up for an Attitude Adjustment, but Rusev drops out into an Accolade! Cena sells the surprise, but stands up and runs Rusev into the corner. Rusev is still to strong and falls back on Cena in The Accolade position! Kevin Owens runs back in and kicks Rusev in the head, causing a DQ.

Winner via Disqualification: Rusev (with Summer Rae) (Cena keeps the United States Championship)

Post-match, Kevin yells at Cena, “I told you. No one’s taking that title but me!”

Segment #6: Backstage Promo

Kane and Seth Rollins are chatting, with Rollins ordering Kane that their plan must work.


Segment #7: Arena Promo

WWE Hall-Of-Famer Lita is out and introduces the Tough Enough contestants.

Segment #8: Video Promo

Stardust appears on screen and prophesizes about “heroes and villains,” referring to Neville. Up next, he will be wrestling “The Man That Gravity Forgot.”


Match #7: Single – Neville VS. Stardust

Neville tries to shake hands with Stardust, but Cody refuses and clotheslines Neville instead. He dominates Neville for most of the bout, until Neville kicks him from the apron. “The New Sensation” leaps over Rhodes , but is driven to the mat with a Side Effect Slam! Stardust runs and kicks Neville in the face, then works him over with a grounding rear chinlock. Neville slides under Stardust and kicks him a few times, then forearm-smashes him in the corner. He sunset-flips him out of the corner for a near-fall, and rolls him up from behind, but Stardust reverses and holds on to Neville’s tights for the victory!

Winner via Pinfall: Stardust

Following the break, the contract signing will take place!


Segment #9: Arena Promo

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins and Director Of Operations Kane are out first. Rollins declares that he is “sick and tired” of seeing the video of Lesnar shattering the car throughout the night. Instead, he presents video of when The Authority came back together and left Lesnar laying in the ring three weeks ago on Raw. Rollins now tells us that he is “not afraid of Brock Lesnar.” “This Sunday at Battleground, I will stand in the remnants of Suplex City and I will still be the reigning and defending WWE World Heavyweight Champion.”

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman now meet Kane and Rollins in the ring. Lesnar takes a seat in the chair, as does Rollins across from him. Paul E. informs Seth that he, the fans, and Lesnar himself have wanted to tear Rollins apart for the “dastardly” deeds Rollins has done since joining Triple H and company last year. “This Sunday night, every person watching Battleground, is paying to see you get your ass kick.” Heyman reiterates from earlier tonight what will happen to Rollins at the Pay-Per-View by “the real future of the WWE, Brock Lesnar.”

Rollins puts his signatures on the paper first, then passes over to Brock, who also writes on it. Heyman notices Rollins reach under the table and calls him out, so Lesnar flips the table and pulls out a stick. He puts it back on the now-flipped-back table and sits down again. Seth quickly yanks the stick away, but then is hammered with the table! Lesnar shoulders Kane, and German suplexes Seth! Lesnar and Kane go the outside, and Lesnar catches Rollins as he tried to slingshot-plancha him! Kane boots Lesnar and then he and Seth begin the assault. Rollins holds Brock and pushes him into to Kane, who batters him with the steel steps. Rollins tries to Pedigree his challenger on the other steel steps, but Lesnar carries him into the barricade. He is almost chokeslammed by Kane, but reverses into an F-5. He runs after Rollins, who escapes through the fans.

Lesnar goes back to Kane, and drops the first set of steps onto Kane’s right ankle against the other steel steps. Lesnar holds the WWE World Heavyweight Championship high in the ring, then walks to the back with Heyman as replays of his destruction of Kane’s ankle are shown. Live again, Rollins walks back to the ring and tosses the contract signing furniture around. He takes the microphone and puts Brock on notice that he “will be forever known as ‘the man who slayed “The Beast.”’” As Kane is being checked on by the arena personnel, Rollins berates him for the failed idea. He tells him “it’s on you” then stomps on Kane’s ankle again and walks way with the WWE World Heavyweight Title to close the show.

End Of Raw.

Reporter’s Rumblings – By Moe Tapp

A fantastic, action-packed, and well-built “go-home” for Raw tonight! I really loved just about all, and am also looking forward to Battleground, as it has been hyped very well with the matches/feuds themselves. Onto the review, and then my picks for Sunday’s show:

Excellence: Promos by Heyman, Stephanie, The New Day, Stardust, and Rollins; all had a degree of passion (especially Heyman and McMahon’s) and all put over their opponents/the rivalries very well. Even Stardust/Neville has me invested, and I’m glad this looks to continue.

Barrett/Truth was surprisingly decent (although, at first, I didn’t want to see them wrestle again. Hopefully they have the final match soon and end this one.) Triple-Threat, Tag Opener (especially with Miz on commentary), and U.S. Title were awesome! Match Of The Night definitely goes to the Triple-Threat, and I can easily see these four in a Fatal-4-Way/Elimination at SummerSlam if they keep Dolph off TV for the rest of July and August. I would actually be okay with this and like to see it; then Ziggler can return and screw Rusev out of the title opportunity at SummerSlam and continue the feud after. As for Cesaro/Owens/Cena, see my predictions! (I give a nod to Jimmy Korderas, former WWE Referee and now analyst on the Canadian show Aftermath, which examines the week’s happenings after Smackdown! on Wednesday nights, for using his prediction-foreshadowing method and “hamster-on-the-wheel” [ideas])

While the contract signing was the typical fight at the end, I loved how both Lesnar and Rollins had the advantage at times and left no clear-cut winner for Sunday; it really helps boost Rollins’ credibility, as most would not consider him a decent opponent for Lesnar all because of his size. However, tonight’s actions and the ones three weeks ago, proved he belongs in the main-event and hang there.

Bogus: The segment with the Divas and NXT Women itself was done really well overall, but I wish they had waited until after Battleground. I think they should’ve gone with Paige/Naomi/Tamina VS. Team Bella at that PPV, with Tamina/Naomi turning on Paige after a loss; then have Paige miss next week while Team Bella defeats Naomi/Tamina again and assert they’ve defeated all the Divas in the division. Paige would return the following one (July 27th) with the NXT Women, either with or without Stephanie introducing – could work both ways there – and do this segment then, but without Sasha turning on NXT Women too. This would’ve been a little more proper for the build to SummerSlam..

Battleground Picks: Reigns/Wyatt No Contest and continues to SummerSlam, in a Gimmick Match; New Day reclaim the Tag-Team Titles and have one more match at SummerSlam with P.T.P. and a stipulation added; Ryback retains his I.C. Title; Sheamus to defeat Orton, continuing his push; Cesaro interferes and causes a No-Decision between Owens/Cena and this leads to the triple threat at SummerSlam for the U.S. Title, and then the final match between Owens and Cena at Night Of Champions; Rollins squeaks out and keeps his WWE World Heavyweight Championship, proving he can do it.

Until next week, where the landscape could change again, Be Excellent Wrestling-Online Readers and Wrestling Fans!


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