Monday Night Raw TV Report for 05/06/2013

Can Raw tonight follow up last week’s amazing WRESTLING show? I hope so, as we are live from Roanoke, Virginia.

How will the south-eastern fans of the U.S. take to Fandango? What is the update on WWE Champion John Cena and his (literate) achilles heel?

The Shield continue to dominate, on their way to a potential WWE Tag-Team Championship match with champions Team Hell No, so who will they take out next? Or can Kane and/or Daniel Bryan manage to stop them, even just for one night?

And the path continues to form for World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler for his Triple-Threat Ladder bout at Extreme Rules.

All this and more, so read on!

Monday Night Raw TV Report for May 6th, 2013 – “Let’s Get Extreme!”

Introduction Segment: Recap and Welcoming

Still photos of Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman vandalizing Triple H’s office at WWE Headquarters is aired, as is the main-event match and subsequent events between The Shield, Team Hell No, WWE Champion John Cena, and Ryback.

Michael Cole embraces us and the WWE Champion is out to kick off the show!

Segment #1: Arena Promo

The Champ says there are a lot of unrest and questions in WWE right now. He uses Tag-Team Champion Daniel Bryan’s method of “yes” or “no” to answer some of the inquires. He says “yes,” it was a bad idea for him to wrestle on his injured ankle, but “no” it will not keep him from defending the WWE Title at Extreme Rules.

“Yes,” he was confused about Ryback’s intentions after leaving the arena last week, then coming back at the end to smirk and stand at the top of the stage. Cena makes a few jokes, then tells Ryback that he will realize “the champ is here!”

Supervising Manager Vickie Guerrero “excuses” herself and is excited that Cena will be at Extreme Rules to go through with the contest. Since the pay-per-view will be “extreme,” she invites Ryback to the ring for the stipulation to their match. She does let Cena choose first. He makes fun of Ryback and mocks his voice, then cites that he doesn’t care what type of match they have. He just wants a chance to fight and a chance “to shut up the world’s largest complainer.”

Vickie turns to the challenger, and even though she didn’t appreciate him walking out seven days ago, she says he is very luck and will let him pick the stipulation. Ryback threatens that he will expose Cena’s personal and professional weaknesses, as he will not be able to answer the 10-count. The match will be a Last Man Standing Match!

Later tonight, Triple H will react to Heyman and Lesnar’s raid on his headquarters office, and up next, Randy Orton is in action!


Match #1: Single – “The Viper” Randy Orton VS. “The Intellectual Savior Of The Masses” Damien Sandow

Prior to the bout, Sandow irritates Randy by altering his theme song lyrics to put him down. (Note: he does have a great singing voice!)

Orton is hot at first with punches and knees. He chucks him to the outside and clotheslines Sandow to the floor. Randy backdrops Damien against the barricade. Orton tries to drop a DDT on him from the outside of the apron, but Sandow shoves Randy off. Orton gains control quickly again with a backbreaker and 10-punch in the corner. He brings him overhead with a standard suplex and continues dominance with stomps all over the mat.


Back live, Sandow has Orton in a grounding rear chinlock which Orton manages to battle out of a bit until Damien brings him down again and drops the “Elbow Of Distain” to his chest. Damien whips him into the corner, but Orton fires back with clotheslines and a powerslam. He hits a dropkick as Sandow flew off the middle rope, then plants him with the slingshot DDT. Randy “zones up” and nails the R.K.O. for the victory!

Winner via Pinfall: Randy Orton

Post-match, The Big Show blind sides Orton on the stage with a Knockout Punch, as Randy was walking to the back. Show squats over him and doesn’t say anything. Referees are now checking on Orton.

Later tonight, Alberto Del Rio will take on World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler! Up next, Fandango!


Segment #2: Arena Promo

The pyro explodes and “Y2J” Chris Jericho is back! Replays are shown from two weeks ago when he threw Fandango off the ramp and danced with Summer Rae. Jericho brings out Tons Of Funk, who are here to help “Y2J” judge Fandango’s (or the many other nicknames Jericho calls him) moves.

The reaction for Fandango is good from the fans, and he dances his way out with the brunette partner again. Sweet T., Brodus Clay, and Jericho give him a score 2, 2, and 1. Fandango disputes Jericho’s credibility, since he lost on Dancing With The Stars, then his opponent, R-Truth comes out.

Match #2: Single – Fandango (with Dancer) VS. R-Truth

Truth is all over Fandango, dropping him with a suplex-facebuster. Truth gets a perfect score and more for his moves, which irritates Fandango who walks away and is counted-out.

Winner via Count-Out: R-Truth


Segment #3: Backstage Promo

Josh Matthews is with Tag-Team Champion Daniel Bryan. Daniel says that he is fine, and says that it takes more than The Shield to put him down. He challenges Ryback to a rematch from Smackdown, but Ryback interrupts and rejects, insinuating that Bryan is too weak after The Shield’s assault. Bryan’s tag-team partner and Tag-Team Champion Kane gets in Ryback’s face and asks him if he is half the man that Ryback is. Ryback responds by telling Kane that he is not the monster he used to be.


It is announced that Guerrero made the match official, Kane will face Ryback tonight!

Match #3: Single – Alberto Del Rio VS. World Heavyweight Champion “The Show Off” Dolph Ziggler (with A.J. Lee and Big E. Langston) (Non-Title)

They circle the ring then engage in an elbow/collar tie-up. Ziggler and Del Rio break, then Alberto grabs Dolph out of a kick into a side headlock takedown. Ziggler is whipped into the ropes and a hip toss, but comes back with a smacking dropkick. Dolph hammers away in the corner, then runs at Del Rio with a splash. 1 – 2 – kickout by Alberto!

Del Rio comes back in the corner, running at Dolph with a jumping kick-to-the-arm for a near-fall. Del Rio tries a suplex, but is reversed by Ziggler. The World Heavyweight Champion punches away in the corner, but misses again and lands in a sitting position between the top and middle ropes. Alberto drops him with the backstabber, and then the drums of Jack Swagger’s music blasts. Alberto is distracted as Swagger and Zeb Colter walk to the ring, then stare down Big E.


Back live, Ziggler has Del Rio face down in a grounding facelock, but Alberto battles back a little. Dolph hits another resounding dropkick for two! He hits a series of elbow drops, also for near-falls. Ziggler runs off the ropes but gets caught in a flapjack by Alberto! He tries to hit the running enziguri, but Dolph crawls out of the way first. He reverses a headlock into a swinging neckbreaker, 1 – 2 – Del Rio kicks out! He cuts Ziggler off the top, the brings him back with a reverse suplex from the third turnbuckle!

Ziggler misses another splash in the corner and bounces off the post! Del Rio spins him around with the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker then kicks him square in the face! Alberto locks on the cross armbreaker, but A.J. hops the apron to distract the referee. Langston pulls Del Rio out and throws him into Swagger, causing the dq!

Winner via Disqualification: Alberto Del Rio (with Ricardo Rodriguez)

Post-match, Jack goes ape and takes out everyone but A.J. with a ladder he pulled from under the ring!

Segment #4: Backstage Promo

Natalya, Cameron, Naomi, The Great Khali and Divas Champion Kaitlyn discuss Kaitlyn’s secret admirer. When they walk off, The Bella Twins appear from behind a curtain, overhearing all.


Match #4: 6-Man Tag-Team – The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins) VS. The Usos (Jimmy and Jey) and United States Champion Kofi Kingston (Non-Title)

The Shield dominates this contest, with the power game and strategy. They frequently tag in and out, keeping each man fresh and corner their opponents to their side. Kofi changes the pace when he is finally tagged in, flying all over the place with crossbodies and dropkicks. He goes for move from the top, but Rollins shoves him off, allowing Ambrose to plant him with the bulldog/DDT combo for the 1 – 2 – 3!


Match #5: Single – “Long Island Iced-Z” Zack Ryder VS. Antonio Cesaro

Cesaro is stiff right away, with a couple of uppercuts and a scoop slam. He turns him over with a gutwrench suplex, then gives him fast fists in the corner. Snap suplex and quick cover from Antonio, but he gets planted with a facebuster by Ryder. “Long Island Iced-Z” hits a middle-rope dropkick, but is cut off again by another harsh uppercut and The Neutralizer to finish this one.

Winner via Pinfall: Antonio Cesaro

Post-match, Cesaro wonders if there is any more competition for him. He says that he puts the “E” in “WWE,” and goes through all of the WWE shows to say that they can’t “hold a candle to what I can do in this ring.”

Up next, we will find out the destruction that Heyman and Lesnar left behind at Triple H’s office, which has been hyped up all night.


Segment #5: Satellite Promo

Paul Heyman is here as the advocate for the “Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar. He airs the footage of Lesnar and him at WWE World Headquarters. In short, they barge through and demolish Triple H’s place. Heyman explains that he is the “voice of reason” whenever Brock goes on a rampage. However, after “The Game” dropped Paul E. with a Pedigree, Heyman will now be the “encourager” to Lesnar, particularly at Extreme Rules inside the Steel Cage! Before he can keep going, the victim interrupts and makes his way to the ring.

Triple H insults Heyman’s hairstyle to begin with, then compares his version of “extreme” to HHH’s. He reminds Paul of D-Generation X, the infamous group he founded, and his stronghold on the Attitude Era, which he ruled with an “iron fist.” HHH says that he has two offices, the one in Stamford, and the one right here, pointing down to the squared circle. Triple H puts over that office as where he grew up to “be a man,” where it has a helluva view (the fans), and where “we fight back.”


Match #6: 6-Women Tag-Team – The Bella Twins (Nikki and Brie) and A.J. VS. “The Funkadactyls” (Cameron and Naomi) and Divas Champion Kaitlyn (Non-Title)

A.J. and Cameron start, with A.J. hitting her from behind. She turns her around with two consecutive neckbreakers, and clotheslines her down. Cameron comes back with a second-rope diving crossbody, then tags in the Divas Champ. Kaitlyn slowly walks over to a downed A.J. and stares her down. A.J. slaps her then runs off, but the Bellas will not tag in. Kaitlyn measures and spears A.J. for the victory!

Winners via Pinfall: “The Funkadactyls” (Cameron and Naomi) and Divas Champion Kaitlyn


Segment #6: Arena Promo

“The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry is out and is going to face-off with Sheamus. He lists the Irishman’s usual poses, but tells us that while Sheamus will be acting, Henry will not be, as he is already tough. He replays footage of him running over Sheamus backstage from Smackdown last month, and from Raw three weeks ago. “The World’s Strongest Man” challenges Sheamus to a bout at Extreme Rules.

Sheamus responds with a montage of his own, taking out Henry from last week’s Tug-Of-War on Raw, and the Arm-Wrestling on Smackdown (again, read that fine report on this fine website). The two don’t want to put this off until Extreme Rules after all, but are interrupted by the Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett.


Match #7: Single – Sheamus VS. Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett (Non-Title)

(Note: Mark Henry is on commentary). Sheamus is locked in a grounding rear chinlock by Barrett, but comes back with a shoulder-tackle in the corner and pounds away against the ropes ten times. He runs and pushes Wade off the apron to the announce table. He chucks Barrett into Henry, then gives him the Brogue Kick as “The World’s Strongest Man” charged at him. Sheamus dives off the top rope with the Battering Ram, and goes for the Texas Cloverleaf submission, but Barrett reverses into a small package for two!

Barrett attempts Wasteland, but Sheamus counters into the Irish Curse backbreaker for a near fall. He tries the Brogue Kick, but Barrett ducks and delivers a kick and forearm of his own. Wade is gearing up for the Bullhammer Elbow, but Sheamus picks him up into White Noise and fires up for the Brogue again. He nails it for the 1 – 2 – 3!

Winner via Pinfall: Sheamus

Post-match, Henry whips Sheamus from behind with a belt, then puts him to the floor with the World’s Strongest Slam.

Up next, Ryback takes on Tag-Team Champion Kane!


It is announced that Chris Jericho will face Fandango on next week’s Raw in a “dance-off!” (This actually could be entertaining for a change, considering who’s involved!)

Match #8: Single – Tag-Team Champion and “Team Hell No” Member Kane VS. Ryback (Non-Title)

(Note: It is also made known that Ryback will be a guest on Chris Jericho’s “Highlight Reel” on this Friday’s Smackdown). They lockup and Ryback shoves Kane off. Kane sweeps Ryback down and sends him off with a side headlock. He catches Ryback with a tilt-a-whirl powerslam and covers for one. Kane signals for the Chokeslam but Ryback ducks and pushes him outside. Kane drags Ryback with him, but the new beast chucks him into the corner of the barricade.


Ryback is in firm domination, clasping Kane in a front facelock. He jumps on Kane with a Lou Thesz press and rams his head into the canvas. Ryback gears up for the Meathook Clothesline, but instead eats a big boot from Kane!

“The Big Red Machine” grabs him by the throat, but Ryback fends him off. Kane hits another boot for two and runs him back-to-back corners with clotheslines, but gets caught with a spinebuster. Ryback demands to “finish it,” and attempts the Marching Samoan Drop, but Kane reverses into a suplex.

Kane ascends the to the top rope, but Ryback meets him in the corner. Kane punches him off, but Ryback crotches him. Off the turnbuckle, Kane is position into the ShellShock for the victory by Ryback!

Winner via Pinfall: Ryback

Post-match, the megaphone theme of The Shield signals the trio’s entrance through the crowd. Kane’s partner, Daniel Bryan, enters and stands up, as does WWE Champion John Cena, who runs down too. Ryback has retreated to the announce booth, but he comes back in with a steel chair! He swings at The Shield, and Bryan follows with a suicide dive onto Rollins and Ambrose. Cena had taken out Reigns, when Ryback ambushes Cena with the weapon. He puts him face down and stands over a prone WWE Champion, declaring “Ryback rules – done!” to close the show.

End Of Raw.

Reporter’s Rumblings – By Moe Tapp

This was another fantastic Raw with many more likes than last week, and even less dislikes! Way to go and keep it up. On to the regular analysis.

Excellence: Some more great wrestling – particularly Rhodes/Orton (these two have great chemistry), Del Rio/Ziggler (beautiful in terms of abilities), Antonio/Zack (showed what Cesaro is all about), Barrett/Sheamus (good old British stiffness), and Kane/Ryback (good power game struggle). Cena’s ethic for working through an injury shows again and kudos to him for pushing on with the serious debilitation. The Last Man Standing bout will be intriguing, because it is a way to protect both stars – if they go with Ryback to win the WWE Title, well Cena’s injured so there’s an automatic excuse. If Ryback loses, then they can say he was never pinned, just put down with an “extreme” amount of foreign objects. I’m not sure who will win and I’m not sure who I want to win.

Still liking the feud between Jericho and Fandango – unique way of continuing it with the “judging,” and the psychology of throwing him off with the low scores and forcing him to walk out on the match. As said above, next week’s “dance-off” with it being “Y2J” and Fandango, this usually “lame” segment should be fun to watch! There is no clear-cut winner going into the Triple-Threat Ladder match. This is good, because it does make me/others speculate on who they will have the World Championship be wrapped around come the end of Extreme Rules. (Personally, my choice is of course Dolph for a long run!)

Ceasro’s promo – he really is good on the mike and should be re-elevated more again. I was hoping for someone new (NXT when he mentioned them) to come on out and be a new challenger/rival, but nonetheless, hopefully his speech will be a new restart.

Triple H’s passionate tirade on how he grew up in the “office” of the WWE ring and will get even more “extreme” than he has been in the past. The man does have a desire, and when he cuts talks like tonight’s, it certainly shines through.

Bogus: Big Show/Orton feud – while Randy is having great matches weekly, just not interested in these two going at it. There is no real “thing” up for grabs other than pride, and even that is not exemplifying like it should be. DO NOT CARE who Kaitlyn’s secret admirer is and the backstage segment was some really bad acting! Bad storyline – finish it soon! The Heyman/Lesnar “workplace invasion” (as Michael Cole referred to it as) was way over-hyped and just seemed too fake. No one would get into Triple H’s office that easy without proof of permission and/or security getting in the way. While Heyman commentated during it well as he always does, I feel the segment didn’t push the storyline any further.

Overall, this was another awesome show – only three “boguses,” so not bad! Continued to build Extreme Rules nicely and the flow of Raw was smooth again too. As I have been saying lately, keep it going WWE Creative! Until next week, as always, Be Excellent Wrestling-Online Readers and Wrestling Fans!

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