Monday Night Raw TV report for 02/27/2023

Arena: Van Andel Arena
City: Grand Rapids, MI

Out first Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa. Jimmy says from the outside looking in, there appears to be cracks in the Bloodline but family fight all the time. The Street Profits came out and began talking about Jey and joking about him coming from the crowd, but he did not show up. Then they get in the ring and Jimmy cuts them off and talks about already being beat down by the Bloodline. Montez then cuts Jimmy off and he hit Jimmy as Dawkins hits Solo and a fight ensued.

Jimmy Uso & Solo Sikoa VS. The Street Profits

As the Street Profits set Jimmy up for a team maneuver off the top rope, Solo recovers and pushes Montez off the top rope and superkicks Dawkins. Solo then hits Dawkins with the Samoan Spike and gets the win.

Winners: Jimmy Uso & Solo Sikoa

After the match, Jimmy and Solo continue to beat on the Profits. Solo sets Montez up in the corner with Montez down with a chair around his neck and as Solo runs toward Montez he is met with a superkick from Kevin Owens. Owens then gives Jimmy a stunner and leaves the ring.

Brock Lesnar is out next to answer the challenge of Omos from last week for a match at WrestleMania. As Lesnar enters the ring, the ring is set up for the VIP Lounge but MVP is not out here yet. Lesnar sits down on the loveseat in the ring. MVP’s music hits and he comes out. Lesnar tells MVP he apologizes for being early and welcomed him to join him in the ring, but MVP is hesitating and Lesnar says he is there to talk business. Lesnar promised MVP no suplexes tonight.

Lesnar said he wanted to hear MVP in person and wants MVP to sell him a fight. MVP says Lesnar can put his hands on anyone and F5 anyone and beat them but he won’t be able to do that to Omos. Lesnar said he accepts his challenge. They said they need to shake hands and drink to the match and MVP wanted to open champagne but Lesnar pulls out a flask and says he is just a farmer and he grows his own and takes a big drink and then makes MVP drink it and MVP spits it all over Lesnar and after helping Lesnar clean it off him, Lesnar gave MVP an F5.

Cathy Kelly interviews Lita and Becky Lynch about their Tag Team Championship match tonight against Damage Control. Lita says to walk as tag champs would be great and she has been making history for years and she is not done yet. Becky says its been a secret bucket list to be a tag team champion but she doesn’t play well with others and there is no other woman she respects more than Lita. And if Bayley gets involved they will deal with her as well.

Cody Rhodes was shown walking backstage he has a match tonight with Chad Gable.

Cody Rhodes VS. Chad Gable

Otis outside the ring is distracted looking into the audience and Gable gets bounced off the announce table and Rhodes throws Gable back in the ring. He goes over to Otis and puts his arm around Otis and they begin to talk and says yes she is pretty and Otis looks, then looks again. Otis goes after Cody only for Cody to dump him over the barricade into the crowd. Cody gets back inside, runs up the ring ropes and jumps down and hits Gable with a Cody Cutter, then Cross Rhodes for the win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

After the match, Cody gets a microphone and he says he thinks they are 33 days away from WrestleMania and he has not even stood in the same ring with his opponent and says Roman is going to be at Smackdown Friday and he is excited because he is going to be there too.

Byron Saxton interviews Baron Corbin backstage. Corbin says its no secret things have not been going his way. And Byron cuts him off and runs and finds Kevin Owens.

Byron asked if Kevin is afraid of repercussions of his actions against the Bloodline tonight. Kevin says he is not and is not going to stop until he gets what he wants and does not want any help doing it.

The Judgement Day and Dominik says Rey is a horrible wrestler and father and he is going to be there again Friday to have a heart to heart with him as Rhea will take on Liv Morgan Friday. Rhea says she didn’t have to say a word to Charlotte and she is going to beat her at WrestleMania. Balor says to Edge it is not over until he says it’s over. Balor challenges Edge to a match at WrestleMania.

Otis is approached by Maxine Dupri, and asked Otis if he thought about their offer and she wanted to see Otis in a match and Otis says he can do that and starts yelling for Adam Pearce and Adam says yes they can do that.

Asuka VS. Carmella

After several reversals Asuka locked in the Asuka lock and Carmella had no choice but to tap out.

Winner: Asuka

Asuka gets a microphone and calls out Bianca Belair who comes to the ring. Bianca tells Asuka she doesn’t know what she said but hopes it is that they are going to tear the house down at WrestleMania because you can’t spell WrestleMania without EST. As both Asuka and Bianca are looking at the WrestleMania sign, Carmella attacks Asuka from behind causing her to go headfirst into the jaw of Bianca.

Piper Niven VS. Candace LeRae

Nikki Cross follows Candace out to ringside.

As Candace goes to the top rope, Niven pushes her off and Candace falls to the floor. Niven throws Candace back in the ring and turns and sees Nikki and grabs Nikki by her hair and slams her against the barricade. Niven rolls back in the ring and looks out at Nikki and smiles and Candace rolls Niven up and gets the pin.

Winner; Candace LeRae

Byron interviews Johnny Gargano who will have a match with Otis tonight. As Johnny talks, the Judgement Day show up and Johnny says Byron is interviewing a grown up not a bunch of people going through a goth phase. Balor says if Otis doesn’t gobble you up tonight, I will finish the job next week and Johnny says sounds delicious see you next week.

Out next The Miz for Miz TV. He says he will reveal what the note Maryse gave him last week. The Miz brings out the Host of WrestleMania and introduces himself as the host of WrestleMania. As he goes over some of the matches and says he is excited about hosting WrestleMania, he gets interrupted by Seth “Freakin” Rollins. The crowd continued to sing Seth’s song and Miz tried to quiet the crowd which did not work and asks Seth what he is doing here.

Seth says he just came out to congratulate him and not rain on his parade and Miz said you have been raining on my parade for the past three weeks. Seth says he stomped him last week because he was being a bit of a B-hole. The Miz said I am a B-nothing I am an A lister so Seth says so you’re an A-. The Miz stopped him and Seth said look I just wanted you to do me a favor and get a hold of Logan Paul for him. Seth says no because Logan is his problem not his and he is going to WrestleMania not him because Seth is just a goof in a stupid jacket and Seth superkicks the Miz.

So Seth picks up the Miz’s phone which flew out of his hand after the superkick. Seth goes over and puts the phone up to the Miz’s face and unlocks the phone and Seth is making a call and Logan says Miz stop calling me and Seth says sorry but the Miz is a little out of commission. Seth says to show up next week and go face to face with Seth “Freakin” Rollins and Logan says sounds good. Seth says one more thing “Bye, Bye Bitch” Seth then stomps the Miz.

Cathy Kelly in the back and finds Damage Control and Bayley says Becky and Lita does not stand a chance against Damage Control.

Austin Theory walks up to Cathy Kelly and he is shocked no one is talking about him and his achievements, but they are talking about John Cena coming back next week. Austin says next week he is going to look John Cena in the face and give him all the respect he deserves and just hopes Cena does the same to him.

Bobby Lashley VS. Elias

Elias was getting the upper hand while the fight was going on outside the ring, But Bobby throws Elias back in the ring and hit the flatliner, a spear and locked in the Hurt Lock and Elias immediately tapped out.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

After the match, Lashley said he dominated Brock Lesnar and now he gets Bray Wyatt and his little kid games and Lashley said he doesn’t play games and tells Wyatt to keep his name out of his mouth.

Bray is shown on the screen and a song of doing a muscle man dance which had Lashley pictured several times then it turns dark and says You should run.

Lashley just looked and walked in the back.

Chelsea Green in Adam Pearce’s office and Chelsea is still complaining about travel issues and Adam says he has a phone call to take and Carmella walks in and Adam says yes you can get your hands on Bianca next week and leaves and Carmella and Chelsea start talking.

Otis VS. Johnny Gargano

As the action spills out of the ring the Maximum Male Models went after Gargano and Dexter Lumis dressed in Black grabs Mace’ and pulls him as Gargano superkicks Mansoor. Gargano then kicks Otis and jumps in over the rope and hits his DDT on Otis for the win.

Winner: Johnny Gargano

Cathy Kelly in the back gets to interview Paul Heyman who says this is his favorite time of year. Paul says that Cody is coming to confront Roman Reigns and Cathy says he never actually said that he just said he was going to be there too. Paul says lets up the ante and says Cody Rhodes is coming to Friday Night Smackdown to confront Roman Reigns or Cody Rhodes will be confronted by Roman Reigns.

Iyo Sky & Dakota Kai VS. Lita & Becky Lynch for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship

As Becky is getting worked over in the ring and is in bad need of a tag, Bayley slides one of the titles in the ring and pulls Lita off the apron onto the floor. Iyo and Dakota did not get a chance to use the title but did a double team move on Becky but Becky kicks out.

As Damage Control all look frustrated some familiar music starts to play and Hall of Famer Trish Stratus arrives and runs down the aisle and immediately jumps on Bayley. Trish knocks out Bayley and runs over and hugs Lita and Lita climbs back up on the apron as Iyo tags Dakota back in. Becky gets up and drops Dakota chin first on her head and tags in Lita.

Iyo back in Lita going up for a moonsault but Iyo pulls her off the ropes and goes to the top rope herself. Lita moves and Iyo misses her moonsault. Lita climbs the ropes, but Bayley is back up and Trish again pulls Bayley down and delivers a chick kick. Dakota comes over to try and pull Lita down but Becky stops her and locks her in an armbar lock on the apron. Lita finishers her climb and hits the moonsault and gets the pin.

Winners and New WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions: Lita & Becky Lynch

Trish comes in to celebrate with the new champions as Raw goes off the air.

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Joe Adams
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