Monday Night Raw TV report for 02/20/2023

Arena: Canadian Tire Center
City: Ottawa, ON, Canada

Raw opens with a recap of the Elimination Chamber’s Undisputed WWE Universal championship match.

Sami Zayn comes out to the ring first to a standing ovation. Sami says there is a lot of emotions but foremost is gratitude and thanks the WWE Universe. Sami says he also feels guilty for letting everyone down for not winning at the Elimination Chamber. There is one person he needs to talk to tonight before anybody else and he calls out Kevin Owens.

Sami tells Kevin there are a lot of things he wanted to say to him but he wanted to say thank you and sorry. Sami says Kevin made it a mission to take down the Bloodline and he couldn’t do it alone and Sami couldn’t do it alone, but together they could do it.

Kevin said he has been fighting the Bloodline alone and he will continue to do it that way and he did what he did at the Elimination Chamber was for his family and he meant when he said he was done with him. If he wants help taking down the Bloodline, he should go ask his buddy Jey.

While Sami is standing by the entrance looking at the crowd, he is attacked by Baron Corbin.

Corbin gets a microphone and says he is the last one to beat Roman Reigns and Sami is a failure and his story is over.

Adam Pearce looked at Sami who is now back on his feet and says go and Sami rushed the ring and takes down Corbin then clotheslines him over the top rope. A referee is now in the ring and gets everything ready to go and rings the bell.

Sami Zayn VS. Baron Corbin

As Corbin goes to throw Sami into the corner, Sami reverses and surprises Corbin with a Helluva Kick and gets the win.

Winner: Sami Zayn

Byron Saxton interviews Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio. Byron tried to ask about the Elimination Chamber loss and Dominik says if you keep asking dumb questions you are going to find out what I did to people who asked dumb questions when I was locked up. Rhea goes on to say she plans to beat Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania. Byron asks what we should expect when you go face to face with Charlotte Friday on Smackdown. Rhea says you will just have to watch and see. Dominik says I believe my worthless father has a match Friday, maybe I will tag along with you and wish him good luck. Rhea says good idea and tells Byron they are done here.

A recap of Elimination Chamber’s United States championship match is shown.

Cathy Kelly then interviews the United States Champion Austin Theory and his thoughts on defending tonight against Hall of Famer Edge. He starts complaining about not being in the headlines and complaining that the headlines say John Cena is coming back in two weeks and it should say who cares. Austin continued by saying he is going to beat Edge in his own country tonight and is never going to lose the United States Championship.

Dolph Ziggler VS. Mustafa Ali

Dolph goes for the finisher but Ali prevents himself from taking the blow by holding his arms out and as Dolph is sitting on the mat, Ali catches Dolph in a crucifix hold and pulls him over for the pin.

Winner: Mustafa Ali

Cathy Kelly interviews The Miz and she gets The Miz to talk about his match with Seth “Freakin” Rollins tonight. Maryse is there and Miz keeps trying to kiss her after handing him a Golden envelope that Miz says he is saving until next week to reveal.

Out to the ring next is “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes. Cody says So…and is interrupted by Paul Heyman. Paul is wearing a neck brace and Cody asked him where he was and Paul says backstage and Cody tells him to just come on out to the ring and Paul says he cannot. Paul says he is as close to face to face as he feels comfortable to be and he says that Cody cannot beat Roman Reigns. Paul starts telling Cody that if by some miracle he wins the match at WrestleMania he would only have about 60 days off for his family and asks if that is something he wants for his wife and kid. He tells Cody that he’ll be happy to keep his wife warm while he is not home.

Cody is visibly mad and tells Roman that he is the best champion in history, but Cody has to finish the story and he will beat Roman at WrestleMania.

Asuka VS. Nikki Cross

Asuka wins with an Asuka lock.

Winner: Asuka

After the match Bianca Belair comes to the ring and stares down Asuka. Belair holds the title up and they both point to the WrestleMania sign. Asuka then acts like she is choking and blue liquid just rolls out of her mouth. Belair looks confused as Asuka laughs.

In the back, Cathy Kelly interviews Carmella and she says Asuka is in for it because Mella is Money.

Cathy then catches Seth “Freakin” Rollins who says Logan Paul may not be familiar with that side of Seth Rollins and he is going to find Logan Paul and hurt Logan Paul and since Logan is not here, the one who is claiming responsability for Logan’s success is here and he is going to make him suffer.

MVP is shown and calls Brock Lesnar a coward for getting disqualified at Elimination Chamber and now Omos is challenging Brock to a match at WrestleMania and if he has testicular fortitude, he should come to Raw next week and accept the challenge.

The Miz VS. Seth “Freakin” Rollins

As Miz was giving his kicks to Seth’s chest, he hesitates and says Logan Paul and when he went for the next kick, Seth grabbed his leg and gave him several forearm smashes to the face. He then turned the Miz like he was going to do a neck breaker but forearmed him to the back of his neck knocking The Miz down. Seth hits a stomp and looked out at the crowd. Seth then hits the Miz with another stomp. Seth was setting up for a third stomp and the referee tried to tell him not to do it. But Miz started to get up and Seth ran past the referee and stomped The Miz a third time and the referee stopped the match.

Winner by Referee stoppage: Seth “Freakin” Rollins

Carmella is talking to Adam Pearce and Adam tells Carmella if she wants a match with Asuka next week, consider it official. Pearce’s phone rings and its Chelsea Green complaining about travel getting messed up and she is in Illinois and Pearce says we are there next week anyway and he will call travel and see what happened. As Chelsea continued, Adam says he had a bad connection and then hung up and begins to walk and sees the Alpha Academy looking in two mirrors. Gable says any idiot can model and Bronson Reed walks up and asks if this is how they get ready for a match. Gable says he is an Olympian and getting ready to launch a modeling career and Bronson tells him to get ready to model a full body cast. Otis says no one talks to Master Gable that way and Bronson stares at Otis, laughs and walks away.

Ding, Dong, Hello! segment with host Bayley and special guests Damage Control.

As Damage Control talked about being the greatest tag team champions, Becky Lynch comes out and says there are cobwebs since you last defended them. Becky then says she thinks she wants to take those tag team titles into WrestleMania and Bayley says with who? Her daughter? Becky says the WWE Universe is not ready for that level of awesomeness but she was thinking of someone and Lita comes out.

Bayley yells at them to use the door. Lita tells Iyo and Dakota that this is an official challenge. Becky asked if they were scared and Bayley screams that they accept and Becky and Lita grab the titles off Iyo and Dakota and held them in the air and then threw them back at the champions knocking them and Bayley down with them.

In the back Candace LeRae is interviewed by Byron Saxton and he asked about Johnny Gargano and she says that he is banged up and Nikki Cross is seen and Candace grabs her and says why are you following me? She has a match with Piper Niven next week to worry about and can’t worry about her popping up everywhere and Nikki apparently whispers all her friends are gone and she is alone. Candice looked sad.

Chad Gable VS. Bronson Reed

During the match, Maxine Dupri is out at ringside getting the attention of Otis. Gable back suplex to Reed and almost got the pin but Reed kicked out and Gable saw Maxine talking to Otis and Gable tried to get Otis’s attention but Reed splashed Gable into the corner then gives him a powerslam, then splash off the top rope for the win.

Winner: Bronson Reed

Elias is in the ring. Rick Boogs is shown watching and taking notes. Elias says he is the best and says who wants to walk with Elias and Bobby Lashley comes out. Lashley beats up Elias and locks him in the hurt lock and Elias tapped out and Lashley throws him down.

Lashley says no one in that locker room breaks the hurt lock and Brock had to give him a low blow to get out of it. And from now on no one disrespects him and if they do he is going to put them down.

Byron interviews Edge and Edge says Austin Theory has all the tools to help the next two generations of WWE superstars but not the mental toughness and Edge is going to show this. He hasn’t held a title in WWE in many years and his window of holding another championship is closing but he is ready tonight and never say never.

Austin Theory VS. Edge for the United States Championship

A great match is concluded by Finn Balor arriving and Edge knocks him off the apron then rolls up Theory only to get a 2 count. Balor kicks Edge who turns into an A-Town Down for the win for Theory.

Winner and Still United States Champion: Austin Theory

After the match: Balor continued to beat down Edge along with hitting his Coup de Grace three times.

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