Monday Night Raw TV report for 10/24/2016

Introduction Segment: Welcoming

The regular Raw video plays, the pyro explodes in the arena of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and we are greeted by Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves. They announce that Brock Lesnar will be in the building to answer Goldberg’s challenge for a match. As well, there will be a Triple-Threat Match between Chris Jericho, Seth Rollins, and Universal Champion Kevin Owens, albeit non-title.

Segment #2: Arena Promo

Chris Jericho walks out, and Cole says that Enzo Amore VS. Karl Anderson was to start off Raw. Jericho is in a dark mood tonight, as the triple threat match has been cancelled. This is due to the absence of “The List.” Chris’ many-weeks of jotting down who has offended him has gone. He vows not to let Raw go on until it is returned.

Universal Champion Kevin Owens joins him. At first, he says he “doesn’t care” about “The List,” but will stand by Jericho anyway. Commissioner Stephanie McMahon struts out; she sympathizes but needs the main-event to happen. Seth Rollins now saunters out, with his left arm behind his back. Jericho and Kevin yell at him to give “The List” back, and after Seth plays a couple of games, he reveals it. Rollins tries to cause tension between Chris, Stephanie, and Owens by saying that both McMahon and Kevin are on Jericho’s “List.” The trio in the ring don’t fall for it, but Seth moves on anyway;


Segment #3: Backstage Promo

Stephanie and Seth argue about the list and the potential loss of the triple threat match tonight.

Match #1: Single – Enzo Amore (with Big Cass) VS. Karl Anderson (with Luke Gallows)

(Note: Enzo and Cass try their usual intro, but Anderson and Gallows cut their microphones off. Cass and Amore do it anyway with the help of the fans!)

Karl kicks Enzo right away and then elbows him off of a run. He punches away in the corner, but Enzo turns him around and rapidly delivers some fists to Anderson’s gut. Enzo climbs the top turnbuckle but is distracted by Luke, and then dives off into a spinebuster by Anderson!


Karl is still in control with a couple of vicious kicks. He is bleeding himself from his nose, but continues to work over Amore. He runs in the corner but Enzo pushes him away; Amore punches and ducks a clothesline, and then lands on top with a crossbody off of the ropes. Karl tries a suplex, but Amore hops down. Anderson rolls up Enzo, but both Cass and Gallows are on the apron. The referee goes over to Luke, allowing Big to boot Anderson. Amore punches and covers to receive the victory!

Winner via Pinfall: Enzo Amore (with Big Cass)


Segment #4: Video Promo

Rusev warns United States Champion Roman Reigns what will happen to Reigns at Hell In A Cell this Sunday when they meet for the Championship inside the Hell In The Cell.


Match #2: Tag Team – Tag Team Champions The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Big E.) (with Tag-Team Champion/New Day member Xavier Woods) VS. Cesaro and Sheamus

Kofi and Cesaro begin, trading twists until Cesaro uppercuts Kingston. The Tag-Team Champion leaps into Cesaro’s arms and is planted with a powerslam! Cesaro switches with Sheamus, and both double-elbow Kofi! Sheamus gives Kingston an uppercut and then throws him into the turnbuckle. He follows but Kofi moves and kicks Sheamus from the apron. Kingston puts Sheamus into The New Day’s corner and they double-team him with the Unicorn Stampede.


Cesaro and Sheamus are now dominating, double-teaming Kingston in the corner. Kofi works his way out into a roll-up, but only gets two! Sheamus holds Kingston on the apron and delivers “10 Beats of the Baron.” Sheamus tries to suplex or pickup Kofi, but the New Day member reverses into a small-package for a near-fall! Both Kingston and Sheamus tag-out, and Big E. slams Sheamus in the ring. the referee counts anyway, both for and against Sheamus, however neither get a three.

Sheamus jawbreaks Big with the ropes and then both Cesaro and Kofi are back in. They impressively counter each others moves and almost get falls out of them! Big and Sheamus conclude this; after Big tosses Kofi over the ropes, Cesaro counters Kofi with an uppercut, and in the ring, Sheamus Brogue Kicks Big E. to finish!

Winners via Pinfall: Cesaro and Sheamus

Segment #5: Locker Room Promo

Chris Jericho is still looking for “The List,” asking The Shining Stars (Epico and Primo), Titus O’Neil, and Jinder Mahal where it is. He doesn’t get a response, so walks away angrily.


Match #3: Single – Dana Brooke VS. Bayley

Prior to the bout, Dana has taken umbrage with “The WWE Universe” calling her win over Bayley on last week’s Raw an “upset.” She is happy that she got a rematch, but changes it to an arm-wrestling match.

Match #3: Arm-Wrestling – Dana Brooke VS. Bayley

Brooke beats Bayley soundly, as Bayley has a hurt right shoulder.

Winner via Slamming: Dana Brooke

Post-match, Dana challenges Bayley again and quickly slugs her with a forearm. Bayley fights back with a Bayley-To-Belly Suplex.

Segment #6: Backstage Promo

Jericho is still searching for his “List;” Stephanie meets him and forces him to wrestle, or he will be suspended, whether or not he gets his “List.”


Match #4: Single – Curtis Axel VS. Bo Dallas

Before this, Curtis Axel claims he has been “reborn” and goes back to acknowledging his heritage. He cites his grandfather – Larry “The Axe” Hennig – and his late father, Curt Hennig, and their roots in Minnesota. He claims that he will show Bo Dallas what they are/were all about.

Curtis is aggressive early but Bo gets an upperhand. Axel reverses Dallas’ move into the Perfect Plex, a tribute to Curt Henning. 1 – 2 – Bo just kicks out. Dallas tries to shortcut, but Curtis fires himself back up. He uses another of his late-great father’s moves with the necksnap-snapmare and then knees Bo against the middle rope. Dallas quickly counters into a roll-up for the 1 – 2 – 3!

Winner via Pinfall: Bo Dallas

Segment #7: Video Promo

Highlights of the Cruiserweight Division are shown. Later tonight, Rich Swann will wrestle Brian Kendrick!


Segment #8: Backstage Promo

An assistant tells Jericho that he has seen someone with “The List;” it is true, but in the hands of Braun Strowman. The big man does give it over, but wants Chris to put Sami Zayn on it. Jericho also adds Braun, since he had his property.

Segment #9: Video Promo

United States Champion Roman Reigns tells us what he will do to Rusev at Hell In A Cell and what the experience is like.


Match #5: Tag-Team – The Golden Truth (Goldust and R-Truth) (with Mark Henry) VS. The Shining Stars (Primo and Epico) (with Titus O’Neil)

This is an even bout for a bit until Titus gets involved. He and Henry face-off on the outside, and in the ring, Golden Truth pick this up after a double-flapjack onto Primo!

Winners via Pinfall: The Golden Truth (with Mark Henry)

Up next, the Women’s Championship Hell In The Cell Match contract signing will take place!


Segment #10: Arena Promo

General Manager Mick Foley is in the ring and puts over the prestige of the Women’s Hell In The Cell Match. He brings out Charlotte first and then Women’s Champion Sasha Banks. The GM puts over the significance of Sasha and Charlotte’s HIAC Match and asks them to put pen-to-paper. Both agree to do so, but Charlotte is more demanding in her approach. Foley takes over and cautions them what having this match will do to them.

“Look at me, look at me and understand the future you both might be looking at. Because it’s me! I walked in a man and I walked out a shell of the person I had been. You see I walk, you see how difficult it is for me getting around, you see the look of pity that the superstars – both male and female – have. And you know why I walk that why? Because it hurts. Because it hurts! Every step I take hurts; and there’s no matter of weight I can lose, no exercise that I can do that can make up for the fact that I’ve got no hip-socket. That it’s just a bone grinding on bone; that there’s no build to cure a curvature of my spine. And so I suffer because of the decisions I made; because of the things that that structure did to me. So make no mistake about it when you look at me; you’re looking at your future.”

“Charlotte, I’ve known you since you were a little girl. At your 1991 little playhouse; matching suits with your brother. You know the history that’s gone on between you (really meaning him) and your dad, and there’s not one thing in this world that we can agree on except our belief in you. Sasha, my children took a photo of Eddie Guerrero signed to them, and gave it to you, because they knew how much it would mean to you. And now that photo has a place in your home. You’re part of Eddie’s legacy now; it’d mean so much to him to know how much he inspired you, and it means so much to me. I was a chained-cynical fan, and then the two of you – the Women’s Revolution – took me, and reminded me, about what I loved about WWE. So before I make you sign this, before you sign away the better part of your life, I need you both to look me, look me in the eye, look me in the eye, and let me know that you know the risks that go hand-in-hand with making history this Sunday night at Hell In The Cell.”

Charlotte signs and tells Banks, “see ya in Boston.” Sasha does the same and proclaims “and I’ll see you at Hell.”


Segment #11: Video Promo

Still-pictures of Emmalina are shown, and her “makeover” will be here soon.

Match #6: Single – Brian Kendrick VS. Rich Swann

(Note: Cruiserweight Champion T.J. Perkins is on commentary.)

Brian slows it down with a kick and standing side-headlock. Rich quickens up and 450-leaps over and then hits a smacking-dropkick!


Kendrick is now wearing down Swann, but Rich battles back. He ducks a clothesline and hits a couple of his own. He jumps from a run off the ropes with a double-stomp, but is kicked as he ran to Brian in the turnbuckle. Swann comes back with a Tiger-Bomb into a Jackknife cover for two. Kendrick goes for his Captain’s Hook submission, but Rich wiggles out of it, and reverses into an Oklahoma-pin to surprisingly take this!

Winner via Pinfall: Rich Swann

Segment #12: Backstage Promo

Tom Phillips is with Universal Champion Kevin Owens. The Champion talks about tonight’s main-event and Hell In A Cell this Sunday. “Chris and I are on the same page, and together we will break Seth Rollins tonight. And then whatever’s left of Seth Rollins will hobble into Hell In The Cell and make a pathetic attempt at taking my WWE Universal Title.

I heard Seth talk about how this is my first time inside Hell In A Cell, like he thinks he’s got some sort of advantage on me, but… You see the truth is, I’ve been waiting for that moment for twenty years. Ever since I saw that first Hell In A Cell Match, and thought ‘man, that was the craziest thing I have ever seen.’ I’ve wanted to be a part of it, because as daunting and dangerous that structure is, it’s still very exciting to be a part of that. That’s why, that’s why Charlotte and Sasha practically begged to be put inside Hell In A Cell.

But after Sunday, let me tell you this, there will not be any kids talking about how ‘cool’ Hell In A Cell is. There won’t be any aspiring superstars dreaming of their first Hell In A Cell Match because they’re going to see what happens to Seth Rollins inside that cell. I am going to dismantle ‘The Architect’ piece-by-piece. I am going to put Seth Rollins through the kind of ‘hell’ that people talk about twenty years from now. I am going to leave a ‘permanent scar’ on Seth Rollins and anybody watching. Because, in case people haven’t noticed, it doesn’t matter what anybody says or thinks about me. The only thing that matters to me is this – the WWE Universal Title – and there is nothing I won’t do to keep it. On Sunday, Seth and I are going to Hell together, but I’m the only one coming back.”

Up next, Braun Strowman meets Sami Zayn!


Match #7: Single – Braun Strowman VS. Sami Zayn

Before this starts, Strowman dismisses Zayn as “real competition” and walks away, but Sami hits him in the back. He follows with a slap, and then runs out of the ring as Braun charged. They run around the ring, and then Sami hits a couple of dropkicks before being caught and hurled into the crowd barrier. Strowman goes to the back.

Winner: None due to No Official Start

Post-match, Sami climbs back in the ring and looks ready to go again, but Braun walks up the ramp.

Segment #13: Locker Room Promo

Brian Kendrick and Cruiserweight Champion T.J. Perkins talk about their Cruiserweight Championship Match at Hell In A Cell. Brian mopes that he needs this and wants Perkins to give him the win.

Paul Heyman knocks on Brock Lesnar’s locker room door; they will be out next!


Segment #14: Arena Promo

Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar make their way to the ring. Heyman does all the talking but becomes frustrated with the fans’ decisions on choosing both Goldberg and Lesnar. He flips the mike, and he and Brock leave.

Segment #15: Backstage Promo

Owens and Jericho talk about their match with Rollins, and their relationship with each other.

Seth Rollins makes his entrance and the triple threat main event is after the break!


Match #8: Triple-Threat – Seth Rollins VS. Chris Jericho VS. Universal Champion Kevin Owens ((Non-Title)

All three square-off, and then Owens leaves. Jericho follows and they talk. Rollins tries to take them both on, but this soon turns into Kevin and Chris double-teaming Seth for a long while. Rollins manages a small comeback until Chris drives him with the Codebreaker. 1 – 2 – Seth raises his shoulder!

Jericho tosses Owens into Rollins in the corner with a Cannonball Splash. They both setup for a double-suplex from the turnbuckle but Seth reverses into a double-roll-up for the victory!

Winner via Pinfall: Seth Rollins

Post-match, Jericho and Owens attack Rollins with punches and then a chuck into the steel steps. “Security” runs out and separates Chris, Kevin, and Seth. Team Kevin and Chris back up the ramp in happiness as “security” helps Rollins up. Seth pushes “security” away, runs up the ramp, and launches himself onto Owens! They brawl with “security” attempting to hold them back but Kevin is able to powerbomb Rollins onto the ring apron! He marches back, yelling “you want to see who ‘the man’ is” and holds his Championship high on the turnbuckle as referees tend to Rollins.

End of Raw.

Reporter’s Rumblings

This was a pretty-good Raw in building Hell In A Cell; there were only a few moments I found it lagged, but overall flowed well-enough. Onto the particulars:

Excellence: promos by Jericho, Owens, Rollins, Amore, Cass, Rusev, Dana, Axel, Foley, Sasha, Charlotte, and Strowman.

Matches between Enzo/Karl, New Day/Cesaro & Sheamus, Dallas/Axel, and the Triple-Threat

Bogus: promos by Emmalina, Kendrick, and Heyman.

Matches between Golden Truth/Shining Stars, and Kendrick/Swann (should’ve been longer.)

Hell In A Cell Predictions: Reigns over Rusev to retain his United States Championship; Enzo/Cass to beat Anderson/Gallows; Kendrick wins the Cruiserweight Championship; Cesaro and Sheamus take the Tag-Team Championship; Owens keeps his Universal Championship; Sasha and Charlotte main-event, and Sasha just gets the victory to hold onto the Women’s Championship

Until Smackdown! Live tomorrow night, Be Excellent Wrestling-Online Readers and Fans!

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