MMA fighters impressed with Brock Lesnar’s return, one issues challenge


Several MMA fighters posted how impressed they were with Lesnar and one heavyweight immediately laid out a challenge to the former champion.

“Congratulations on your victory Brock,” Junior Dos Santos wrote. “CAN I SEE YOU NOW?” he added, a dig at Lesnar’s comment from one of his early UFC fights and a clip that was used in the UFC 200 commercial. Ben Rothwell, another heavyweight wrote, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything….” The comment is probably a dig at Hunt who said that Lesnar was all juiced up and was going to punch his face in. Alexander Gustafsson added, “Hands down, @BrockLesnar is the real deal. Never seen him this good. #surprised.” Meanwhile, Josh Barnett who threw his name in to fight Brock in the first place wrote, “Brock shows good resolve & patience. Wins 29-28 solidly. Needs a lot of work on basic submissions though. Top & double wristlocks everywhere.” Barnett is Jim Ross’ broadcast partner on NJPW TV on AXS.

Brock’s next opponent, Randy Orton, also sent a congratulatory tweet. “Congrats to @BrockLesnar on the #UFC200 win. See you at #SummerSlam. #VipervsBeast”