Brock Lesnar faces the press after UFC 200 fight


Following the UFC 200 event, Brock Lesnar talked to the media alone and was not part of the usual press conference involving everyone on the card. He talked to the press for 10 minutes and then left to “drink a Coors Light…er…Bud Light.”

The first question he was asked was if he wants to do this again, what’s the way forward? Does Vince McMahon has to sign off on it? Brock was pretty blunt in his response. “Brock Lesnar does what Brock Lesnar wants to do,” he said as the journalists chuckled. He said his next target is SummerSlam so his future up until then is clear and then after that “we’ll see what happens” but it’s way too soon to decide if he’s doing this again.

He thanked his team who got him in shape and said he’s been out of this for five years and the plan was to stick to the game plan and that’s why he won. He said his conditioning was good and never felt fatigued by remaining cool, calm, and collected. He feels like he can takedown anyone in the UFC’s heavyweight division.

Asked what was different from previous training camps, he said previous ones were depressed and he’d have to stop for a week due to his illness. He acknowledged his arsenal wasn’t the best and he has work to do, “but don’t we all?”

Brock said he wanted to finish the fight but Mark Hunt “has a coconut head.” He said there’s no bad blood between him and Mark and it was just business and both will feel each other’s shots tomorrow. One of Lesnar’s eye was swollen almost shut after taking one of Mark Hunt’s punches.

“I haven’t had that much fun in a long time,” Lesnar concluded. has the full press conference up which you can see below.